Where To Find Breasts #10

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If it were a movie, this would be the scene where everything would go into slow motion. The smile on her face, the applause from the board members and the faux show of support from Jaiye.

She had gotten the CEO seat by undisputed votes from the board. She was happy, but only over the fact that she had taken back what rightfully belonged to Leonel. Kyenpia didn’t look forward to maintaining the seat for a long time. All she wanted was to push Jaiye and his minions out. The instant she was done with that, she would hand over to someone more capable, and return to her simple life. She was already overwhelmed with phone calls, emails, and invitations for interviews from the press and appointments from fellow business moguls. She had avoided the members of the high society in the past, but she knew she couldn’t hide now.

“You need a stylist, a makeup artist and yeah, a hairstylist too,” Anna told her once they were in her office. “I have almost ten fashion designers pleading to style you.”

“What does that mean?”

“You’ll become a brand ambassador for them. They’ll give you free clothes.”

Kyenpia rolled her eyes lazily.

“You could cut a deal with all of them.”

“Or I could just shop online as I usually do and buy my clothes without having to be a walking billboard for anyone.”

Anna hugged her iPad. “I know you’re not used to this, but you have to upgrade your image. And yes, you also need an official photographer.”

“For what nau? I hate taking pictures.”

“If you don’t get one, people would take unflattering pictures of you and share them online, and that would be all everyone would see.”

Kyenpia dumped her head on the table. She lifted it up again and asked, “Did your boss do all of this?”


“How did I not know?”

“He knew how to keep this life away from the life he shared with you.”

“Were you part of this other life life?”

Anna gave no answer. There was a single knock on the door and Jaiye walked in.

“Oh, sorry, ladies. Hope I’m not interrupting?”

“No,” Kyenpia answered.

“Hello Anna. Looking good this morning,” he commented as he strode past her. She stayed mute. “I’d like to speak to your madam alone, please.”

Kyenpia acceded to his request with a nod. Anna gave them privacy.

“Sit down, Jaiye.”

“No need. Just here to congratulate you.”

“Thank you.”

“We should celebrate it over dinner tonight.”


“Nothing serious. We can have it up at the rooftop, if you don’t want something public. You know how people will start wagging their tongues if they see you and I…”

“Jaiye?” Kyenpia called, arms crossed.

“Yes, Kyenpia.”

“I’m not going to have dinner with you. Not tonight or any other night. I want what we have here to be strictly professional.”

“It is. It’s just dinner. Like I told you on Saturday, Leo and I hung out a lot. It never affected work.”

“And Leonel was your cousin. But I am not. I don’t have dinner with men I’m not romantically involved with or those who aren’t investing in my business.”


“Good. So, let’s stay professional in this space. Tomorrow, the auditing firm you chased away is returning here to start their work. I require cooperation from your end.”

“But we run audits at the end of the year or sometimes, midyear.”

“I want one run now.”

“We’re not even prepared for them.”

“Well, go prepare.”

He looked like he had more to object to, but he said nothing further. “Alright, ma’am.”

“Have a good day.”


He found his way out as Anna returned.

“Leo’s account manager is waiting to see you.”

“Let her in.”

“After that, you have the meeting at Sheraton.”

Kyenpia stared at her watch. “Would I make it back to the island on time? Tell the assistant GM to represent me, please.”


“Call the accountant in.”

“Oh, before I forget. There’s a lady here to see you. She said her name is Thioro.”

“Um…ask her to come in first.”

Anna hurried out, and soon Thioro came in. Dressed in a white blouse and black skirt, she looked nothing like the woman that had walked into Kyenpia’s house two days ago.

“Hi Thio.”

“Good morning, Kyenpia.”

“You’re looking good. Sit down.”

Thioro sat. Kyenpia was glad to see her. Yesterday, she had made breakfast for her and talked her into doing something more decent with her life. Thioro had explained that she wanted to pursue a career in secretarial management, but it would be difficult to leave Zia because she owed her a huge amount of money.

“How much?” Kyenpia had asked.

“Four hundred thousand.”

“That’s nothing, but only if you agree to leave her.”

“Will you talk to her for me? I’m afraid of her. She can make me disappear.”

Thus, Kyenpia reached out to Zia and placed a bid on Thioro’s virginity.

“That’s high, Kay. You’re sure you don’t have a thing for my girl?”

“Are you taking it or not?”

“Okay. I accept. But the only thing you’re doing is popping her cherry. She still belongs to me.”

“I’ll top the 400k she owes you.”

“Still not enough. I took her from Senegal and brought her here. She owes me huge.”

“What if I give you Ishi’s new phone number and house address?”

Zia was quiet for a bit. “Good enough.”


 Thioro was staring at Kyenpia now, expecting good news.

“You’re free from Zia.”

“Really?” She smiled, showing all teeth.

“Yes. I have an apartment you can move into. It’s at The Refuge. It’s my old, old apartment. During the week, I’ll take you to see my cousin. She needs a new personal assistant. I think you would do well with what I saw in your CV.”

Thioro, eyes filled with tears, left her chair and fell on her knees.

“Please, don’t do that. Get up, girl.”

“Thank you.”

“Get up, Thio. Up, up, up. No kneeling. It’s all girl power here. We uplift each other.”

Thioro rose up.

“You have to impress my cousin, though. She’s brutal when it comes to her work. She needs your A-game. Can you do that?”

“Yes. I will do my best.”

“Good. You can go. We’ll talk later.”

“I’m coming tonight?”

“No. Our thing is over.”

Thioro’s face went sad. “Did I not make you happy?”

“No, no. You did great. It’s just that I’m fine now.”

But that wasn’t the truth. Kyenpia didn’t want her feeling like her job of cuddling her was payment for what she was getting from her. Her second reason, which might even be the first, was that Thioro didn’t give her the same comfort that Ishi did.

She would have to call Zia for a replacement, although she doubted that she’d be satisfied with her.

“You can go now.”

“God bless you.”

“You too, Thio.”

Thioro walked out. Leonel’s accountant walked in.


Yenkat sneezed for the seventh time in one minute. This was the hardest of them all. It made her head feel like it was about to split. Snot ran down her nose and she pressed a crumpled tissue over it.

“God,” she muttered, covering her teary eyes with her arm.

“Maybe the flowers need to be taken outside. You could be allergic to pollen.”

Yenkat let her arm down and looked at Omar who had just walked in. He was alone today. She wished he had brought Polaris along, so that she could find a reason to ignore him. Yesterday, she had been cold to him without meaning to. It was the only way she knew to keep him away. When Clarence showed up in the evening, she explained to him in Hausa that her man had come and they needed the room to themselves. He respected her wishes and took Polaris home. Now, he was here again, and she didn’t have any clever tricks with which to do away with him.

“I have a cold. A bad one,” she explained to him. “How is Polar?”

“She’s great. She’s at Aunty Kyenpia’s with Eliana.”

“Was it Kyenpia who called you and told you what your mom did?”

“Yes. And I took the first flight out to Lagos.”

“I appreciate it, Omar, but…” Yenkat sneezed.

“But you don’t want me here. I know. I just came to see how you’re doing, and ask if you have any idea where my mom could be.”

“Your mom?” Yenkat drew out a tissue from a box on her bed.

“Yeah. In her crazy moment on Friday night, did she mention that she’d be going anywhere?”

“You can’t find her?”

“No. My dad went to her house on Saturday after he spoke to you on the phone because he couldn’t reach her. He met Polar awake, crying.”

“Was Aanu there?”

“Yes. She spoke with him, he scolded her, took Polar and left. Her gateman said some guy came in a black Jeep and they left the house together.”

“She has a gateman?”

“Apparently. He couldn’t give me details.”

“Wait, you’re saying that no one has seen Aanu since Saturday?”

“Yup. When I got in, I went to the house first thing. It was a mess. She wasn’t there.”

“Did you call her?”

“I couldn’t reach her, but Dad got a text from her, saying that she was fine.”


“Yesterday. He thinks she’s okay, but I haven’t been able to reach her phone since then. I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Tobi, quickly go and report to the police. And that gateman, he needs to go with you to give a proper statement. Did he describe the guy that came and took her? Maybe I know him. It could be one of her men.”

“He said he was tall and dark and wore a jacket. ‘Coat’ was what he called it.”

“Vague description. It could be anyone.”

“Exactly. And I don’t want to put the gateman in trouble.”

“Are you alright? Take him along. He may be lying for all we know.”


“Go! Quickly.”

“The flowers… Take them out. They’re too many.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just go.”

Yenkat was genuinely concerned for Aanu. It wouldn’t be the first time for her silly friend to disappear this way, but she always told Yenkat whenever she wanted to go off grid. Something didn’t feel right about this.

Yenkat sneezed again. She stared at the flowers that had arrived early this morning from an anonymous well-wisher. She suspected it was Omar. Which other male knew she was in the hospital?

Doctor Eunice breezed in. “And how is my favorite patient this morning?”

“You already know. Didn’t you check on me like two hours ago?”

“And I’m here again. I like you.” She giggled. “Nurse Anselm told me you had a cold. I came to see how bad it is.”


“Yeah. You already sound like a baby. Poor you. How frequent is the sneezing?”

Yenkat sneezed in reply.

“Okay very frequent. Any cough? Headache? Sore throat? Runny nose? Burning eyes?”

“All, except the cough.”

She placed a hand on Yenkat’s head and neck. “You’re burning up.”

“I’ll have the nurse come take your vitals and then prescribe something for you, okay? Pele.”

“Thank you. Please, can you take the flowers away?”

“You don’t like them?”

“I think they might be worsening the cold.”

“True, true. Let me help you with them.” She hummed as she went for the flowers. “My office is going to smell very nice, because me-nice.” She laughed at her humor. “Did you get that?”

“Get what?” Yenkat tried not to roll her eyes.

“Only Kyenpia will get the joke. We have this thing going on. You won’t understand.”

Another sneeze attacked Yenkat.

“Sorry.” Doctor Eunice had her hands full. “Thank you for the flowers.”

She hummed her way out. Yenkat’s thoughts returned to Aanu. She didn’t trust the police to take the case seriously. A single mother, living alone, that had a man who visited her and took her away didn’t seem like something they would break their heads over. Especially since she sent her ex a text, stating that she was okay.

Yenkat picked her phone and called Kyenpia. She had the means and the kind of men that could find Aanu in a wink. But when she called her number, she got Anna on the line.

“She’s not available to speak right now. You could leave a message and I’ll pass it on it her.”

“Tell her to call me back, Anna.”

“Sure, Yenkat.”

An hour and two passed and Kyenpia didn’t return the call. Yenkat tried again.

“She’s still not available.”

“You can just walk into her office and she’ll take my call.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Anna, this is an emergency.”

“I’ll tell her to call you back.”


Two more hours went by before Kyenpia called.

“So sorry, boo. How are you?”

“I have a cold.”

“Eiya. I can hear it in your voice. Have you taken anything for it or do I have to come and slap Eunice?”

“I’ve taken something.”

“Toh, mama na, I’ll come and see you after work. It’s mad out here.”

“You don’t have to, Kay. Why do you keep forgetting that you’re pregnant? Go home and rest, please. I’ll be fine.”

“You’re sure?”

“Very sure.”

“Okay, darling.”

“I need your help, though.”


“It’s Aanu. I think she might be missing.”


Yenkat gave her details of Aanu’s disappearance. Kyenpia was quiet until she was through.

“So, you want me to…?”

“You have the means to find her. Please, help.”

“I should help?”


“I’m sorry, I can’t do that. If she’s missing, it’s good for everyone.”

“Haba, Kay.”

“I can’t waste my resources on such a person.”

“Just help me.”

“I won’t. She deserves it. Remember I told you that she needed to be taught a lesson. I think this fits her.”

“Kyenpia, please nau.”

“See, I have a meeting I have to dash in for. I can’t talk right now…”


“I’ll call you back. I love you. Muah!”

The line went dead. Yenkat exhaled, feeling the effect of the cold medicine she took hours ago coming down on her. She had stayed awake just to reach Kyenpia. Now, she couldn’t fight it. She soon found herself dozing off.

She got up in the evening, feeling a little better, but still nursing a headache. She noticed that she had a few missed calls. Mostly from Omar. She called him back.

“I went to the police and filed a missing person’s report.”


“They said she didn’t seem to be missing since she locked the door herself and willingly followed the man out and texted my dad that she was fine.”


“But they said that if we didn’t hear from her tonight, they’ll start their investigation tomorrow.”

“I knew they’d do this. How is Polar?”

“She’s good. We’re on our way home. You’re good?”

“Yeah. Are you?”

“I’m great.”

“We’ll find her, Omar.”

“I hope so. I gotta go. I’m driving.”


He hung up. Yenkat lifted her head, eyes on the door. She had heard a knock. She knew it was Clarence. She pressed her palms over her unruly nipples. The weather was a little too cold for them.

“Come in.”

He walked in. Tall, dark, and wearing a blazer…

A bell went off in Yenkat’s head.

“Hi,” he greeted. No smiles. She had never seen him smile. He fit the perfect picture of a dangerous man. A man that went around with guns and threatened people or did things no one should know.


“This is not me doing my boss’ bidding. I’m here on my own to check on you. Is that…okay?”

“Yeah. Come in and sit. But wait…Can I ask a favor?”


“I have this terrible cold and I want to take a lot of lozenges.”


“Yes. Could you help me buy some?”


“Thank you.”

Clarence made his way out and Yenkat picked her phone. She tried Kyenpia’s number. It rang, Kyenpia answered.

“Swear to God that you’re not behind Aanu’s kidnapping.”

“Swearing is for lowlifes.”

“Okay, just tell me that you’re not behind it.”

“I’m not behind it.”

“Be serious.”

“You said I should say I’m not behind it.”

“Are you behind it?”

“Am I behind it?”


“Why would I do something like that?”

“Because you believe Aanu deserves it.”

“She does deserve it.”

“So, did you ask Clarence to kidnap her?”

“What type of person would I be if I did that?”

“The type of person who loves her cousin so much, she hates to see her get hurt. A sweet person.”

“I am sweet, actually. So, yes, I did it.”

“I knew it!”

“And she’ll be missing for one whole week so that she can learn her lesson.”

“Please, don’t.”

“Don’t beg me. I’m not letting her go.”

“Kay, Omar is worried. I’m worried too.”

“She is fine. Nobody is beating her or raping her. In fact, she’s chilling. Eating good food and drinking lots of soda.”

“She needs to come back home.”

“She needs to learn her lesson.”

“Kyenpia, please.”

“Shut up, sick person. Stop begging me. You’re family, and we Igwes know how to take care of our own.”

“I’m begging you.”

“Goodnight. And if you try to call me, I will block you. I love you, by the way.”


The call was terminated. Yenkat looked at her phone, not stunned at her cousin’s behavior. She put it away and managed out of the bed. In the restroom, she took a pee before checking her reflection in the mirror. She was pale and lean. Her ears stuck out. She washed her face while leaning on her walking stick. She had had a bath in the morning, but she was dying for another because she smelled of drugs and sickness. But she was cold and in pain.

She returned to the room. Clarence was back, bearing an entire pack of lozenges.

“Thank you.”

“You shouldn’t be walking around.”

“I’m good.”

He helped her onto the bed. She thought he smelled nice. She wished he could kidnap her and take her home, so that she wouldn’t have to stay one more minute in the hospital.

“So, tell me about yourself,” she requested. “Who are you when you’re not protecting my cousin?”

Her question caught him off guard. He smiled. She saw a dimple that disappeared as quickly as the smile.

“Can I open one of these for you?” He shook the pack of lozenges.

“Yes, please.”


I need to be alone

Ishi’s text had not made sense to Kyenpia, even though she read it three times. She had texted him, telling him she was on her way to see him. The reply she got wasn’t one she was comfortable with. She ignored it and instructed her chauffeur to take her to his home. Something was wrong. She needed to know what was going on.

The house was dark when she got there. The power was out, and normally the generator would be running, but everything was quiet. Ishi’s cars were in the compound. His gateman, who was also an armed guard, greeted her as she stepped down from the car.

“He’s not around,” he informed her.

“Where did he go?”

“He didn’t say. He just walked out.”

“Did he tell you when he’ll be coming back?”


Kyenpia sat in the car. She called Ishi’s phone, but it rang unanswered. She thought it best to wait for him.

“Should we go home?” her chauffeur asked. Clarence would not ask. He sensed knew what she wanted without being told.

“We’ll wait.”

Her patience paid off. Ishi came home in the company of his bodyguard. He stopped beside Kyenpia’s car.

“This is not a good time.”

“This is the best time for me to be here, Ishi.”

He started towards the house and she followed him. By the time they got in, the generator had been switched on. Ishi took off his shirt and was left with a t-shirt underneath. He sat on the couch, thrust out his legs and inclined his back to rest.

“Ish, what’s wrong? Talk to me.”

He was silent.


He took off his glasses and brought his weight forward. “My mom…”

Kyenpia swallowed. She knew it was bad news.

“She died last night.” His voice was strained. Kyenpia barely heard it.

“Oh God.”

“Well, she’s resting now. I know she’s been sick for years, but she was getting better, Kay. She was getting better until that shit happened. She just got worse. Still, I was hoping that she’d be the silver lining that would come out of all of this, that she’d be the miracle, you know?”

Kyenpia took his hand. “I’m so sorry, Ishi.”

“All my prayers through the years were a waste of time. I prayed for my family every single day, Kyenpia. Every single day. All I wanted was for God to keep them alive so that I’ll bring them to Christ. When Leah became born again, I was hopeful. To me, it was a won battle. But they all died. Just like that! And it didn’t matter that they died as atheists. It was all about losing the people I loved, and I didn’t think God understood that. Or even if he did, he didn’t care. One of the things that is paining me about this thing is that I didn’t see it coming, Kyen. You know me and my premonitions.”

Kyenpia nodded.

“But Kay, I had no forewarning. Nothing! Not even a dream. How is it that I can see for other people and not for myself? How? Even in my mom’s case? Even with her?”

Ishi bounded up and walked away from Kyenpia, wiping his eyes with his t-shirt. He sniffled and sat on the armrest of a single-sitter couch.

“You wanted me to talk to you this whole time, but I couldn’t. That was because I didn’t even understand how I felt. It started out with me feeling betrayed by God. There had been no sign or warning before my life fell apart in one night. I know you can relate to that. But for me, it was more like where’s the love? I serve you, I have this deep relationship with you, I talk to you, you say you’re my friend, my father, my God, but then you go and rip apart the earth from underneath me and you watch me fall. Okay, fine! It’s life! Shit happens! But you could have told me first! Prepare me, at least! But you stayed silent!”

Kyenpia couldn’t stop the sobs that shook her.

“Okay, it has happened! I’m broken and confused! My world has fallen apart! I come to you to ask you why! I need you to talk to me, to console me, to show your face! But you go AWOL at the time I need you most! I’m not supposed to be running after you, yet I do! I’m looking for you everywhere! But you’re nowhere to be found! Who does that to their son? What loving father walks away when they’re needed?”

Ishi wiped his eyes a second time. He went quiet for a moment, staring down. When he spoke again, his voice was mellower, raspier.

“I searched deep inside me, wondering if I had done any wrong or fallen into any sin to have my family obliterated like that in a blink. But no answers or comfort came. Just emptiness. I didn’t set out to walk away from the faith, Kay. It wasn’t done consciously. It just happened that things stopped making sense to me. To stay strong, I numbed my heart. And in numbing, I stopped believing. I just decided to face life and live one day at a time. But to be honest, I did not see this next blow coming. You think you’ve been through the worst, and you’re just there, waiting for sunshine to break through, but God comes and knocks you down again. Who next would he take from me? Eliana?”

“No, please.”

“You? I’d rather he take me, Kay.” Ishi looked at Kyenpia through glistening eyes. “If I lose you or Ellie, I’ll die. He should just take me instead. It’s all worthless anyway.”

“Don’t talk like that.”

“It’s worthless.” He went up on his feet. Kyenpia stood up as well, and stationed herself in front of him.

“Ishi, I’m sorry for all you’re going through right now. I know that no words I’ll say would make you feel better, so I’ll say nothing. I’ll just be here.” She held both of his hands and laid her head on his chest. “Maybe one day, we’ll make sense of why this all happened. Maybe not. Maybe we’ll never be okay or heal from it. Maybe we will. But for now, there’s me and you and Ellie.”

She felt the weight of his chin on her head and his arms enclosing her in.

“I wanted God to prove himself to me through my mom.”

“She was tired, Ishi.”

“I know.”

They remained in that position until Kyenpia told him her legs ached. She instructed her chauffeur to go home. Ishi made his bed for her and gave her a t-shirt to sleep in. She lay in a fetal position underneath the blanket and cried herself to sleep. Sometime in the night, when she usually woke up to take her first pee, she felt Ishi climbing into bed. She awoke and saw him lying on his back, looking up, his arm over his face. Soothing music was playing from the sound system.

Kyenpia went into the bathroom and slipped back underneath the blanket. A short while after, she felt the heat of his body behind hers. She didn’t push his hand away when it gently touched her tummy. He made circles around her navel with his finger that traveled down to the juncture of her thighs. She shivered. He stopped.

“I want to be so deep inside you right now, but only if you want me to. If you want this as much as I do.”

“I want you, Ishi.” Kyenpia didn’t have many words with which to explain her need for him. Ishi filled an emptiness inside that nothing else could.

“I can’t stop thinking about how good you feel.”

She lost her breath as his finger brushed over her most delicate spot.

“The sounds you made last time I was inside you made me so weak.”

She removed his hand from between her thighs, and turned around to kiss him.

“I so love the way your mouth tastes,” he said. “But I want to taste other places too.”

“What’s stopping you?”

He kissed her as his finger returned to her lower lips. She was wet already, not because she was aroused, but because of the hike in her hormones. Some days she changed her underwear three times. This was one of those days. It would make no sense for her to say no to Ishi, because all day, she had wanted so badly to be touched by him. It was why she came here.

She gasped as his finger went lower, causing her to shiver a second time. She breathed over his lips in a silent moan, but when he slid his finger inside her, she plunged her tongue into his mouth. She kissed him fiercely, pressing her thighs over his hand. When he eased in a second finger, Kyenpia broke the kiss and moaned out.

Ishi laughed silently. “Why were you running away from this, sweetie?”

“I don’t know.”

Her knees began to buckle, but Ishi withdrew his fingers. He lifted himself from his position and worked his way along her body, starting from her breasts. She had taken off the t-shirt she was wearing, and had begun to tug at his shorts, but he stopped her. He wasn’t in a hurry. He took his time with her breasts, teasing her sensitive nipples until they ached impatiently. When he gave them rest and continued down, Kyenpia felt like she was losing her mind. The moment his breath touched her thigh, a tremor shook her. He kissed his way down to her wetness and gave her a few strokes that set of a firecracker of pleasure within her.

“Calm down, Kay. I just started.”

Ishi took her on a whole new journey to bliss. A tortuous, secret journey, discovering her with his tongue and lips. She hadn’t expected this much pleasure from him – this feral, intimate kiss that resurrected memories of her husband and the things he used to do to her. She shut her eyes in pleasure and she saw his face.

Damn you, Leonel. Not now.

“Ishi…” she moaned. She could feel herself getting to the edge. She could see Leonel’s face, smiling at her naughtily. “Fuck…” she moaned louder as she squeezed the pillow underneath her head, bit her lips to keep from screaming and allowed the tremors of ecstasy shake her body. She convulsed in uncontrollable, shuddering contractions for a while. Her body eventually went still and she opened her eyes to find Ishi staring at her intensely.

“There’s no way I’ll believe that you learned to do that before you became celibate,” she told him. “You’ve been doing this thing steady, Ish.”

“I had an ex that wouldn’t let me do anything to her if I didn’t do this. She made me enjoy it. If there’s anything I missed about sex while I was celibate, it was this. Penetrative sex is basic to me. My pleasure is in seeing a woman get her own pleasure.”

It was eerie that he sounded like Leonel. She tried not to remember that Leonel had been in her head some seconds ago. She wanted Ishi alone right now, and she wasn’t ashamed to tell him.

“I thought you wanted to rest,” he said, touching her lower lip. His finger and breath smelled of her and she loved it. When she reached for his shorts a second time, he stopped her. “You’re not allowed to do anything tonight, Kay, except take everything I give you. So, just tell me how you want it served.”

“Oshey, waiter.”

He kissed her. “You can have the most unsexy mouth during sex.”

“Allow my mouth show you how sexy it can be.”

“Not tonight.” His eyes wandered away, and for a second, she thought she saw a sad thought register in them. But he looked down at her again, took her lips one more time, before ordering her to lie on her side.

When he moved smoothly into her, he was gentle, almost as if he didn’t want her to feel it. But it was impossible not to feel his entire length and thickness. She sighed as she arched backwards to take in every inch of him. He maintained his tenderness when he began to move. He didn’t want to hurt her, but Kyenpia told herself that if she was going to go through a phase of guilt after this, just like the first time, she might as well get the best out of it. So, she writhed against his thighs and sucked his fingers to show how intensely she wanted him to go.

Ishi obeyed her prompting and turned the heat up, moving faster and deeper, breathing in her ear in short, ragged gasps. When she began to moan, she couldn’t stop. She bit his fingers sometimes because screaming out his name wasn’t just enough at those moments. Anyone outside could hear her, but neither she nor Ishi cared. He spoke dirty to her. Dirty and utterly nasty.

“You want to go on all fours for me?”

She turned and pulled the pillow, resting her head over it as her eyes focused on a painting on the wall. It was of a giant tree with deep green leaves and pink flowers. She thought she saw the leaves move when Ishi entered her a second time. She closed her eyes as he went deeper, causing a tickling sensation that went from her upper arms to her fingertips. He paused, but she felt him throbbing within her. He groaned.

“I apologize, Kay. This isn’t going to last long. You feel soooo good.”

“Then you better make the best out of the next fifty seconds.”

He began to move, and say things to her again. This time, he was less nasty. It was more about his feelings, about how much his world would suck without her. And she found it passionate, because it was as emotional as it was sexual. The moment became more intense when he bent over her completely and whispered in her ear that he loved her while kneading her breast. He suspended his movement, and kissed her neck and shoulder before he pulled back and lost himself in her through wild movements.

He lied about not going on for long, though. He managed through an entire song before he spent himself within her. They collapsed beside each other and stayed that way for a while before he went into the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water. She joined him and he helped her into the tub. She rested her body against his as they spoke about his plans for the coming days. He was flying to the US the following morning to meet his elder brother who had been at his mother’s side as she passed. They would bring her home for her funeral, which would take place the following week.

“I’ll miss you,” he said. “You don’t have to tell me you’ll miss me back.”

“I wasn’t going to, but I’ll miss you too.”

“Take things easy, Kay. You work too hard. Stop coming home late.”

“I’ll stop.”

The water began to turn cold. Ishi reached for a towel. He helped her out of the tub and wrapped her in it. They made the bed together and snuggled under the blanket. Kyenpia dozed off soon after in a soothing night’s rest. The best she had had in months. She was awaken by her phone in the morning. It was Clarence calling to know if he should come for her.

“Please, do.”

She tossed the phone aside and looked around, realizing she was alone. On Ishi’s side of the bed was a sketchbook. She picked it and saw a rough but beautiful pencil drawing of her peacefully sleeping. On it were written the words:

I didn’t want to wake you up because every queen deserves her beauty sleep. On my way to the airport. My phone will be off, don’t bother calling.


Kyenpia got off the bed, made herself a bowl of cereal and waited for Clarence.

®Sally Kenneth Dadzie @moskedapages

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  1. Sally

    Hi guys,

    Sorry, this episode is coming late. Had some tech issues yesterday on the site and again today on my laptop.

    This episode is shorter because the original version was too long and I have decided to make them a little shorter than they used to be.

    I hope you enjoyed it. Please, drop your comments. I read everything and I appreciate it.

    Have a good week ahead!

  2. Sally oooo!

    *fanning myself.

    This episode is too hawt abeg. I don’t like those two together but warraheck! Warra actual heck! Leo they have carry your wife finish. Pastor haff carry her 🙆🏾‍♀️

    Lemme just be going 🚶🏾‍♀️sorry for your tech issues

    • Sally

      Warraheck 😂😂😂

    • WhyAminah

      Me too. I want more… But seriously, Leo might kill Ishi when he comes back.

      • I think think right now I am Ishi. I remember in 2011 asking God this same questions when I lost my dad and my sister in a space of four months. My faith never recovered from that. Ishi has always been my man and it’s good to find out he’s that bad guy…

      • I so knew he was Ishi. He’s too cute not to be him. Wow. Kay and Ishi, I’m scared for you guys. Aanu I so pity you but what do we do about you? Do u really deserve it? Did you over react? Wel, enjoy you solitude for now. Yeni, get well soon. What is it with you in all of these? Omar or Clarance? My hands are folded. Thanks Sally. Love you. More ink to your pen.

        • Sally

          Amen. Thank you, Mibolla

  3. Hi, Sally. Beautiful as always, well done!

    Biko, I’m not sure I like this Kyenpia /Ishi collabo. I’m a strong Leonel loyalist. So, #bringbackLeonel

    • Sally

      I hear ya. He’ll be back 😁

    • Fehintola

      Kyenpia and Ishi be making me have naughty thoughts in my mind…..I love this episode….I want a cousin like kyenpia ,someone that can treat people’s fuck up on my behalf. I wonder where Aanu is what what kyenpia is doing to her….Mr Clarence is shooting his shot…..Thanks Sally, I really enjoyed this.

      • Sally

        Thank you for reading. Have a great day

  4. Those Ishi’s questions to God are questions I’ve asked myself. Sometimes God seems so far away and sometimes he seems silent. My heart goes out to Ishi, it’s almost as if I know him (I understand his pain though). As for Aanu, she needs to stew a bit. Kyenpia is a bad ass chick oh. Lol! Thanks Sally for the marathon.

    • Sally

      Thanks for your insight on this, Mariam

    • Thanks you so much for this ms Sally. My God will bless you over and over again. May He enhance you more in knowledge and understanding. I heart you big. These past week has been so so busy with work for me. Though fulfilling… So l look forward to reading from you to ease off.. 🤗🙌

      • Sally

        Glad I can help ease the stress in my little way, Adeola

  5. faoziyyah

    Ishi should know that God will test our faith with trials,may God gives us the patience to overcome it.Thanks Sally,I wasn’t expecting another episode.

  6. I’ve been refreshing the page since. Never a dull moment. Please make Ishi find his faith again.

    • Sally

      Let’s see how it goes…

  7. Ah. The Igwe family be behaving like Mafians that you can’t just treat anyhow and walk away.

    Clarence, Omar. Yenkat, just make a choice already!

    Ishi and Kyen. I don’t know where you guys are heading with this ooo but I ain’t feeling too comfortable, people will surely get hurt.

    Thank you Aunty Sally for this, and sorry about your tech issues.

  8. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  9. Am I the only one that doesn’t not have issues with Ishi and kay? And this is from some one who is a big fan or Leo. My reason is that this is life. Is very easy for us to know how everybody should hold onto faith when they are down but isihi is just being human abeg. He came from atheist family, do you think it’s easy to follow God in that type of family? And then he lost everyone and we all expect him to be normal about it? Haba, where’s our sympathy? To me o, thy should continue until Leo comes back. It’s not easy abeg. Kay herself is trying. If sex makes them feel, I will not judge them. Nobody is perfect abeg. Nobody holy pass and if it is holiness, Ishi was there at the top, so let him fall he will rise again. It is life, we all go through it. Free them.
    Sally thank you for the reality of this story. I like this episode not for the sex but because of the way you make people flawed and real. It can happen to the best of us.

    • Sally

      Rida, you’ve made a lot of sense here. It’s never easy, and I believe falling is part of our journey of faith. I don’t think we always have figured out.
      Thank you for this viewpoint

  10. Hi Sally I have followed u from 360nobs.com this is my first comment am sorry but u r amazing just thot u should know!thank u for ur amazing stories

    • Sally

      Bless you, Yasmin

      Slapping my cymbal for your first comment 💃🏿

        • Ifeanyi Onochie

          Jaiye is definitely cooking up a storm in that potlike head of his. Hahaha.

  11. Sally can u match Omar with thioro pls and yenkat with clarence, less drama for all involved

    • Sally

      Where would be the fun without drama? Una no go even read am.

      Thank you, Olaide

    • This was amazing I love love love it, I feel for ishi but I know he will be fine. Life hurts sometimes and it’s unfair but GOD is ever faithful.
      He sha should leave Kyenpia alone cos Leo will kill him.
      They should enjoy it while it lasts. As gorgeous Omar and his mother I really don’t know what to say. Last last them go dey alright.

      • Sally

        They have to be, my dear. Thank you

    • Lol, warris this life without a lirru drama?

  12. Teeghurl

    As much as i’m a lazy reader, i always find your work captivating that i find it hard to stop once i start reader. Kudos to you Mama❤

  13. Sally, the emotions I am feeling ehen…. All hot, all steamy, all drolling.
    I love Leo but Ishi seems to be winning me over these days.

  14. Something keeps bugging about Kyenpia and Ishi. Kay’s pregnancy with Leo and Her having sex with Ishi. It feels like an abomination. But i still like them together.

    Kyenpia dealing with Aanu is kinda funny sha. Lol.

    Thanks Sally ❤

  15. I’m not liking this Kyenpia and Ishi romance.
    I almost can’t wait for the middle of the book to find out how butter babe came back and won Kyenpia back.
    I sort of wish Aanu was sufferien a bit and not eating good food while drinking soda .

  16. Lola Ajala

    Wow another great write up hmmm Ishi and Kyenpa steaming something and Kyenpa kidnapping Aanu going to far if I may say but fingers crossed as the drama unfolds.

  17. Oluwakemi

    Life, sometimes serving us the unexpected !

    I feel for Ishi, he is really in a bad place and I sincerely wish he finds faith again. Its difficult actually but God is still all that we need. This story hits really close, like really close.
    At first, I didn’t like Omar and Yenkat together but now I am looking forward to both of them.
    Kyenpia and Ishi, i hope someone wont get hurt.

    Thank you Sally for adding color to my weekend. I really enjoyed the Marathon. Does it continue tomorrow?😁😁😁

  18. WhyAminah

    It just crossed my mind that since Jaiye knows a lot about Leo’s business, when Spirit comes back and start accessing his offshore account, Jaiye might know find out about if. To get back at Kyenpia, he might be the one to bring Spirit/ Leo back.

  19. Sallyyyy oooo. I have decided to repent and comment today. Chai… Sallyyyy ooo. This episode got me feeling all hot and hot. Ishi, my guy. I love cool guys who are bad when it is needed.winks. Good job ma’am. God bless you. You are verrrrryyyyyy talented. Chop kiss.

  20. Phransea

    Please I’m judging Kay and ishi, Stop already. wazalldis ?🙄 the sex is now even very hot and sweet, got me all hot and bothered. Lemme go and tell boo to sare wa gba… This thing cannot weist. 💃💃💃💃💑💑💑

    That aanu, no words abeg but I totally understand her. What if what she accused Kat of was really true? We would have all been applauding her for being a badass mum. It’s the people closest to us that molests our kids so I gerrit.

    Chai, hot hot episode…

  21. I need me a Friend /cousin like Kyenpia. Rogue baby. Rogue. No time. The last part had me hoooootttttt!!!!! Great one Sally

  22. Carah🌸

    U already know how i feel about ur work sally .
    I completely agree with Rida ( the lady whose comment is up). We dont even know how things will go from here considering what captain is planning.

  23. Why Ishi? I don’t understand his current state of mind but i hope he pulls through. He’ll be fine. But what is going on between Ishi and Kyenpia? Is it love?. Is kyenpia using him? Isn’t that unfair. Maybe they are using each other.

    This episode is short oh.

    Should we expect more tomorrow? Pretty please?

  24. Muhammed Mubarak

    Leo do and come back o, me I don’t like this thing going on between Kyen and Ishi fa. Leo is my G. Nice work Sally. Thanks for making our weekend good.

  25. Cheeyormah

    Sally ehn,thank you very very much. Both for uploading and for giving me this kyenshi hastens,oh lawd oh lawd. I just want to inform you that if you decide to bring leonel to ruin a romance I have been waiting for for so long, I will just give kyenpia blue eye biko.

  26. Wow Sally!!!! First of all, you made my weekend. Second of all, I’m feeling one kind in this weather…thanks to you😉😉

    I liked the Omar and Yenkat vibe(yes I said it). E dey happen! Aanu should be made to eat humble pie when she realizes her accusations were off.

    Kay and Ishi…finding comfort with eachother…my only fear is, Leo is still out there and Ishi has suffered enough!

    Anyways, thank you ALWAYS Sally❤🤗 Back to another 6 day wait🙄🤦🏼

  27. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  28. Bookunmie

    I really feel for ishi… Things that make you ask if God is truly your Father. I wish he finds his faith back regardless of all.

    Kay and ishi.. Don’t really like them together.

    Thanks for the marathon Sal 💞

    • Sally

      My pleasure. God bless!

  29. Aunty Sally. Once again I still fail to find fault in your writing. The way you carry us through every episode with so much detail it feels like we’re actually in the book. God bless you and keep you happy. I totally understand Ishi’s feelings. I doubt a lot. My faith waned. Even though I haven’t lost people that close but death makes you wonder and question if the supernatural is real. Thanks Aunt Sally. Earnestly waiting for more

    • Sally

      Thank you, Peter.
      God bless you

  30. Funmilola Adekola

    Unquestionable! Sometimes we just wanna ask questions but He knows His answers will not satisfy our frail minds. All things work together for good! Ishikawa, you’re gonna rise again! God is not constrained by time, He’s never late!

    • Thanks you so much for this ms Sally. My God will bless you over and over again. May He enhance you more in knowledge and understanding. I heart you big. These past week has been so so busy with work for me. Though fulfilling… So l look forward to reading from you to ease off.. 🤗🙌

      Now my thoughts on this episode..

      I am all for Ishi and kyepia. Real I want them both together. But this romance between them when she’s still preggy is bothering my mind. You know, in Yoruba land, it’s a taboo you don’t top up a pregnancy that is not yours, it’s a curse on any man that does that…I pray ishi will not be lost forever. I understand his fears…

      As for yenkat n omar, I don’t think it will work out. Same way I don’t think yenkat n Clarence will work. However, still waiting for feedback on omar baby mama and yenkat brother’s girlfriend/sidekick.

      Kyepia should watch her back, jaiye is not going to accept defeat. He is dangerous. I hope Igwe knows what he is doing sha.

      Ya a badass writer ms Sally. That sex is “la hot”. Oosheey!

  31. Thanks Sally for this incredible marathon.

    Hmmm, I honestly want Ishi and Kyenpia’s love story to contine despite my love for Butter babe

    Ishi’s struggle with his faith ehn, he is only human and that is alot. Anyway i God will lead me through.

    Aanu ohhh, as much as I like Yenkat and what Kyenpia did to Aanu, can anyone blame her for reacting that way, it is alot for any mother to accept oh.

    Anyways thanks Sally for keeping me glued my phone as usual.

    • Sally

      Thank you, TY

      I honestly can’t blame Aanu. i don’t know how I’d react too.

  32. Remilekun

    The sex part got me horny and wishing i had a man of my own. To think i read it on third mainland bridge this morning 😂😂. You are a genius ma’am and i am in awe🤗🤗.

    • Sally

      Hahaha! Your man will come and do all of that for you and more

  33. Yea, i enjoyed every bit of it, late than never,

  34. I think Ishi and Kay are just helping each other heal.. no crime in that. Ishi’s rantings though, I can so relate with everyday life and my journey with God. Well-done Sally

  35. Sally, this episode is mindblowing. I just keep loving Kyenpia daily, yes I also think Aanu should be taught a lesson.I really feel for Ishi, I can understand that feeling like God has forsaken you, buy I know all things will work out for his good eventually.

  36. I reason with Aanu I don’t think she did anything bad we will all overreact if given the chance. I still love her and always will, cos I will never support my son to be with my friend NEVER! I miss butterbabe

    • Sally

      We all miss him too. Thanks Yoka

  37. Thanks sally for making this morning awesome. See heee this Ishi and Kay’s something, i am totally not in support ooooo. I’m sha hoping butterbabe will come back soonest, give Ishi black eye and have flings with other girls to make Kay jealous. I just can’t get over the fact that when butterbabe comes back, things will get bloody and people will be hurt which may include Ishi and maybe Anna. And Kay kidnapping Anu is a big thumbs up because she needs to learn her lesson jare. Kat/Omar/Clarence, my fingers are crossed….. Onve again sally, you’re awesome

    • Sally

      But you know that they have no idea that he’s alive, so they are not deserving of being hurt by him if he returns. They are just coping the best way they know they can.

      Thank you, Beebee

  38. Haleemah

    Omar, please forgerabout mummy Yenkat ehn, let her concentrate on Clarence or someone else.

    Kay and Ishi… not liking this their alliance o. Leo will be back soon, ehen!
    But Captain is so cruel, haba! Hurting your twin sister so much all because to do your evil bidding.

    Great episode ma’am 😊. Thanks

  39. Chic/omarizworld

    You r very deep spiritually sal.
    Let kyenpia take each day as it comes o. 😁😁
    Thanks, i enjoyed every bit of it.

  40. Wow. Thanks Sally. The sex scene sha…be making sombori….

  41. Glowingkosnie

    Hawt, Steamy,Sensual!

    This Romance between Kay and Ishi will result in a lot of people getting hurt

    Thanks Sally…Interesting as always

  42. Ishi is going to get hurt and Kyen will get mad, but she needs to rest more tho.

    As for Aanu good for her, she needs to be taught a lesson in humility.

    Thanks Sally, totally enjoyed it.

    • Sally

      I’m glad you did. Thank you

  43. Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!
    Thank you for the steady back to back you gave us! I
    This episode was sizzling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel Ishi’s pain
    This walk with God will leave you with more questions than answers sometimes and that’s really okay. It is absolutely difficult to keep trusting in moments like this especially when all the things that mattered to you have been taken from you. You’ll even question your own existence.
    Be that as it may, I am happy with the way things are going with Kay. They’re bringing mutual healing to each other and there is nothing more soothing than having someone who can feel your pain just be present in that season. I love love love that they are there for each other.
    As for Aanu, I really hope they deal with her. That one will just be raving mad like a wild animal.
    I hope something sparks between Clarence and Yenkat. Would be nice to see him unravel.
    Well done Sal!
    Las las, you sabi the work die!!

  44. This episode is short but hawt. Ishi pain and questions are understandable, he needs to be strong. Me love kyenpia and ishi combo. Just pity his heart cos all go scatter last last.

  45. Delayed gratification isn’t easy but I got it done. I was reading in bits, more like a binge.

    Kyen is showing what a person can become by being an Igwe. Who woulda thought she’s behind Aanu’s disappearance. Let’s see what Aanu will return with though. I’m interested in that.

    There are things that shouldn’t just happen. Best bet like some of us who like to be careful is to run. By this I’m talking about Yenkat and Omar. I feel Yenkat should just avoid the whole drama. The friendship with Aanu that has spanned years is better than whatever the thing with Omar can bring.

    Yes, and a big salute to Kyen for bringing Thioro out of Zia’s ‘prison’. Of course, I want to see what Jaiye will do as Kyen is really bursting his bubble and clipping his wings in a way. No unnecessary familiarity.

    Life deals with us in ways we can never imagine. Like Ishi, many of us have questions that remain unanswered after years. We see people who are either non-religious or not as ‘God-inclined’ as us seemingly do better while we feel we have the short end of the stick. Hopefully, the blank Ness will lead to answers and he will find himself again. That thing with Kyenpia seems to me like two people who are using one another to heal. Let’s also not forget that they never stopped feeling affectionate for one another. It was a steamy one though, the kind that makes both parties ‘forgetting chargers’ with one another so that they can have a reason to go back.
    Thank you for blessing us with your gift Sally. Your ink will never stop flowing and your mind will be constantly refreshed to bring more beautiful stories. Blessings

    • I agree with you on Yenkat and Omar completely!
      I feel Omar is so much more trouble than he is worth.
      I know how difficult it is to subdue your feelings in these sort of forbidden scenarios, but fammmm.
      Point is, it’s wayyyyy more trouble than it’s worth and she should just run.

  46. Sally, you are a darling but this episode got me in tears. At times, truly it’s as if God is deaf but he hears & listens while we go through the whole grieving process of loved ones.
    Losing someone is not an easy journey to deal with, Ishi may never heal & he may heal. Grieving takes stages & time. He’s still in shock, denial & angry stage, once he can pass through that stage & enter acceptance stage then his healing will begin….it will take time & lots of patience.
    I understand what Ishi & Kay are going through bcuz it’s not easy to bury loved ones. I still cry myself to sleep sometimes, & even as I am typing still in tears, that shit called death hurts.

  47. Rikitava

    Why is Aanu eating and drinking soda in captivity? The best punishment would have been to subject her to military grade work out..every day.

    This Ishi and Kay thing eehn….no words o

    • iamhollarmii

      I need a cousin like kye abeg to treat up’s on my behalf 😂 ,Annu will learn her lesson sha Bt am still figuring out my reaction if am in her shoe sha. Clearance be making move wiv Yeni, hopefully it ends well..
      Ishi, I pray he finds his faith once more. I so much love d 🔥 heat btw bth adult, they r both trying to heal each other. The sex part was making me wet Bt boo no dey around now 😢 what am I to do this night 😢.
      Sally thanks for making my wknd

  48. Sally Sally… And you did it yet again…. I just love the way you put things together, this gives me confidence knowing that we’re human and life should be taken one day at a time… There’s nothing here walahi…. But I still remain a loyal fan of Leonel… And honestly this book as a whole is really making me horny,….lol
    Thanks for the good work

  49. First time here. I’m following this series back to back

  50. iamhollarmii

    I need a cousin like kye abeg to treat up’s on my behalf 😂 ,Annu will learn her lesson sha Bt am still figuring out my reaction if am in her shoe sha. Clearance be making move wiv Yeni, hopefully it ends well..
    Ishi, I pray he finds his faith once more. I so much love d 🔥 heat btw bth adult, they r both trying to heal each other. The sex part was making me wet Bt boo no dey around now 😢 what am I to do this night 😢.
    Sally thanks for making my wknd

  51. Thank you, Sally. I look forward to the next episode.

  52. hacolyte

    Anua disappearance has everything Kaynish inside cause she the one that knew she deserved to be punished and Clearance was the man that went for her. Hoped she would became changed person when she is released.
    God was testing Pastor Ishi about his faithfulness to Him with all these unwanted happening in his live and he should just take solace in God for his redemption before he sink deeper into his abysm. Everything is for a reason though it may be something difficult for us to easily comprehend.
    Omar should forget about Yenkat and really focused on his life and let Clarence come into her life o jawie.
    Jaiye should pack well so as for Kay to be able to restored Leon Hotel and Suites back to where it belongs. He shouldn’t double-crossed Kay so as not to see the wrath of a woman in pains.

  53. OmaiGod!!! I just started binge reading this series and this episode is so deep. I feel so sad for Ishi. I’ve been off moskedapages for a while not but I’m finally back. Well done Aunty Sally

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