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  1. The King says:

    Sally, you went and touched a sensitive topic. I like your angle on this and how you balanced it on both sides. What ticks me off about we Christians is how mean we can be to non-believers without really looking in to see our own sins. Some people are gonna hate you for this but keep it up. We need to be more honest around here. tired of all the hypocrisy.

    • moskeda says:

      Thanks, The King.
      i know some people will hate me after this post but i don’t care. the problem of intolerance and hatred is why we have soldiers in the boko haram army today. just becos one doesn’t arm himself with a bomb or gun doesn’t mean he’s not capable of hate. it all starts in the heart. i have decided to do things differently.
      throwing stones has left me with heavy hands. i’m tired

  2. P says:

    Sally, so if i get you right, you’re condoning homosexuality? so we should now accept it as way of life here?

    • moskeda says:

      Wow, P,thanks for your comment but did you read what i wrote?
      1. i am not gay and i do not believe in homosexuality
      2. i am a CHRISTian. Christ there is emphasized because of his teachings about love. i love gay people even when i don’t feel like it because i cannot be a true Christian without love.
      3. Who am i to condemn someone to death or hell when i am not God and i cannot see into eternity?
      4. When has the message ‘die, sinner, die!’ changed anyone.
      5. If anyone i love, anyone close to me becomes gay, do i stop loving them?
      there is nothing you would do to stop homosexuality, so deal with it in love!

  3. emaginette says:

    Can’t read a word. You might want to look at that. 🙂

  4. kaycee says:

    I am not gay. But I can be.
    I have not raped but I can. There is a train load of crimes that I can commit but I haven’t.
    I am just grateful to God that I haven’t done any of these, and I pray he keeps me on the right part.
    If you think you can’t be gay, dare yourself.

    • moskeda says:

      You get my point exactly! Never believed I could kiss a girl and like it but I did. After all we’re just humans. God is the one who helps us.

  5. su'eddie says:

    You have carried your message well. I think this is the way we should really take on most of these. Several people would shoot you for this but really it’s their take. You have spoken and you have spoken well. I can’t say what the heavens would feel of this but oh well, well done. Cheers!

  6. persiux5 says:

    Thank you for writing this article. I had always wanted to write a piece on this topic…God save us all.

  7. Mo'Rain says:

    Ask me, I’ll say anyone who ‘shoots’ you for this post has a problem understanding very simple English, more so, a good piece straight from a well functioning and intellectual head. The points are well stated and in simple diction, should not be misunderstood by a good brain. You haven’t condemned any party, you have just clearly expressed your take on the issue and it really shouldn’t make everyone happy. Your opinion, your choice! By the way, kissing a girl, eeeewwww. I’d rather dare to touch her boobs than saliva exchange, Lols.


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