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  1. Uche says:


  2. Emmanuel chux. says:

    Here u have come again with an Amos Tutuola kind – PALMWINE DRINKARD- a kind of Ben Okri‘s STARBOOK. This is a magical tale of fantasy, usually found in Gabriel Garcia Marquez‘ ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE and often labelled Magical realism.

    This is stretching the imagination beyond the physical. It passes into the meta-physical milieu. I love this kind of traditional imaginative thriller.

  3. Dottaraphels says:

    The absolute brilliance of a child and her awesome mind…..This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve read lately Sal…I’m lost with Adesuwa in her wonderful transient world. Perhaps transient is not the word…how does one disconnect from utopia? This is brilliant!

  4. nene says:

    Nice one, i love d ghost part,pple scampering for dia live

  5. pgent says:

    seriously am thrilled with these…it’s been a long time since i red something like dis

  6. oscarpoems oscarpoems says:

    Sally!!! This is just to wooooooooooow!
    I loved it every step of the way. It made me draw pictures in my head the way all your stories I read do.
    May your ink keep flowing

  7. Dupe says:

    Ahahhahaha, Adesuwa really caused a commotion. Nice write up

  8. Joyce says:

    thank you for this write up awesome story

  9. imotolab2014 says:

    i got to utopia myself.

  10. Mariam says:

    Hahahhehehehehe. I’m still laughing at Adesuwa’s antics. See how she caused chaos and simply went about her business. Lwkmd!!!!!!

  1. May 11, 2013

    […] Yes. That would have to be Adesuwa  […]


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