No Heart Feelings #3

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61 Responses

  1. eluanza says:

    Na wa o …I tot she was a victim last week not knwing shez a con artist a grifter

  2. Aklo says:

    i knw it….diz marie was a professional crook.
    But Sally u really knw how to write o. I luv d twist and suspense.

  3. kenny says:

    Na wa o Marie na she devil o.I said it last week that she is a lier.Sally dear tnks for today’s episode

  4. yougeecash says:

    Wow. I. Said it. I. Didn’t think she was a victim at all. But this, this is just the ultimate scam o. Kai. How can anyone be this heartless? It’s not fair na. All these people never did anything to hurt her.
    Amazing twists Sally. I’m totally roped in! Can’t wait for next week! Great job

  5. t4temi says:

    I said it now. I jx knew she’s a hustling fraudster. Choi! I pity jimi gan, to fall in love with d worst kind of woman, d one dat is cheating on you, defrauding u and giving u someone else’s child as yours…………..poor man. Well done, sally

  6. Mankind says:

    hmm by d look of tns on ep2 i thought marie ws bein blackmailed. She get heart o. Nice 1 Sally, u sabi jor

  7. theinkheart says:

    *clears throat, sips red wine and clears throat again* Marie, Chi-Chi, Ariya; I don’t even knw which one to call her again sef. The babe is a snake!! God help men looking for “angels”
    Aunty Sally is just like a bottle of red-wine, she gets better and smoother with age :)…. Your jar of ink will never run dry

  8. Oladayo01 says:

    Lovely as usual. Whats happening ti Immortals code?

  9. Ustyn says:

    I never had any doubt abt Marie being a she-devil,but it obvious that she might be bitting more than she can chew….she and her cohorts wont end well…nyc work Sally

  10. Ada ifedi says:

    I can’t believe Marie is a criminal!!! Poor Jimi and Luiz!!! Can’t wait to read next week’s episode

  11. Amaka says:

    Hmmmm……d twist is just great. Great job sweets

  12. flurfyheart says:

    I love this. Great job. Marie iz something elz

  13. patience says:

    OMG..! I (??.?????) dis!!!! Y is she Evil na?

  14. itheword says:

    No Heart Feelings just bitched slapped Fish Brain as Sally’s number one, in my book. Three episodes. Three thrilling, heart pounding episodes. I want more. Now. Well impressed.
    That Marie bitch needs to get what’s coming to her, soon! Damnit, I can’t wait till next Saturday to read the next episode, man!!!

  15. Lolade says:

    I knew it!

  16. Isaacola AA says:

    Unbelievable stony n heartless heart!

  17. haryoka says:

    She izz jst an ungrateful bitch

  18. niniola says:

    Interesting one… Thumbs up

  19. pgent1 says:

    hmmm,no heart feelings….now am starting to see d pictures clearly,marie is too heartless,she’s dat type of woman dat don’t deserve 2 be forgiven….nice one sally

  20. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Sally, Sally, Sally!

  21. Toyinfabs says:

    WOW! Brilliant. Okay, I am short of words. Tis is more than beautiful

  22. oscarpoems oscarpoems says:

    This na serious sontin o. Marie, Ariya, Chi Chi (abi na shin shin)…hmmmm.
    This is turning out to be 1 series that has every episode very interesting. Twists and turns and what have you…
    God one here again Sally. May your ink not run dry

  23. Dr Erhumu says:

    Poor Luiz. Good story, guess you’ve lived a while in the north?

  24. faith says:

    Evil gal,bad ass,nd 2 tink dear Jimi fell for her,gud work Sally!

  25. chisom says:

    U r highly versatile, u inspire 2 read I mean it. Lyk my best food , u make me long 4 each next episode. 4rm to tame a virgin to no heart feelings. It woaws me. Nice piece of work, can’t wait 2 resume school lemme gist everyone W@ has really been keeping me company and introduce dem 2, I know dey would love it. You make my days in dis annoying strike worthwhile. I have even 4gotyn my reg no ……. Hehehe. Tanx Sally

  26. ajokesogo says:

    Wow!! thought Marie was the victim here. How wrong i was! Nice work Sally. I want to be like u when i grow up #winking#

  27. Yakori says:

    I’ll love to someday watch a movie by you. You’re a natural dear…

  28. Yahaya says:

    Just finished catching up. Wow!!! Deeply absorbing story. Where is it taking us abeg?

  29. Miss b says:

    Kai,this Marie is mean,@Sally I can only go WOW.keep writing,may ur ink never go dry.good work.

  30. nai says:

    sally ooo I just jammed this new series on air,didnt know something new was cooking up,ur good.but its not good for guys to b too shy o, see wetin woman don do am.kai

  31. Vunderkind says:

    Moskeda. You. Have. won. my. heart.

  32. sheuny says:

    Eewoo. sigh. Lemme hold my stomach and move to the next one.

  33. Ruth says:

    Sally d perfect writer and I am d perfect guesser cos I told u in episode 2 when u asked that question that Marie is d Villain

  34. Joyce says:

    Christ maria or whatever her name is shld go to hell cos dat where heartless pple like her are


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