No Heart Feelings #5

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  1. t4temi says:

    Terdoo’s backside huhn? Issokay! Jimi is getting over his phobia small small. Sally o, shebi marie and jimi will meet at jos, i need him to get over d yeye girl. I love the way u shape stories and bring characters to life. Thank you and well done, sally.

  2. che-koh! says:

    Yesssssss!!!!! Dats more like it!!!!

  3. nene says:

    Breastfeeding anoda womans child??!!! Pls can. Dat happen in reallife? Nice one by d way.

    • moskeda says:

      Lol! It happens sweetie, more than you know. Even women who have never been mothers can breastfeed. God’s wonders but omo, lemme catch the woman that will put her breasts in my baby’s mouth
      Thanks for reading dear

  4. Amaka says:

    I just luv u, Sal.

  5. Isaacola AA says:

    This is taking a critical twisting! Sally why now!

    Need more

  6. kenny says:

    Just trying to see the surprise on Marie’s face wen she sees Jimi,if na mi ehn I go too kill her.Sally this suspense carry over load ooo

  7. Dennis Abel says:

    Sally! I just love the way you write. Looking forward to the next thing in Jos

  8. tunlexxx says:

    hmmmm… God bless Sally.. u go teach me hw 2 bcom a writer

  9. pgent1 says:

    i forsee jimi&marie meeting in j town…..aunty sally,u no dey tire 4 suspence? as in u just have a way of getting me hook on ur story

  10. Irene says:

    Counting down till next week saturday…it so interesting

  11. oscarpoems oscarpoems says:

    We meet in Jos next episode…

  12. sheuny says:

    Hayy. This is unfair. This is just unfair. The story has not ended, love is not restored and I will die from the suspense. What have I done to deserve this treatment? :'(

  13. koffie says:

    Mscteeeew. She chose Jos of all places in Naija to hide, such guts.
    My grandma breastfed my aunt’s child and raised her as her own and today, I know the ‘child’ as my mum’s immediate younger sister so yes, its possible to breastfeed sommeone’s else’s child if the situation demands it. After a while, ur bobbie sends signal to ur brain that milk is needed in that area. Hehehehe
    Sally Sally, nice shaping of this story.

  14. Yakori says:

    Sally can’t wait for the next episode..
    So intriguing..

  15. itheword says:

    This Sally will kill me before my time with all this suspense and tension…. WHY?!?!!?

  16. Uche says:

    Okay! I had to marathon read this series and like the others i have read on this blog, it is a masterpiece!

    Marie is a CONniving B!£$€, she has her sweet spots though, Jimi? I am waiting to see him expose his other nature… Ermm although it is said that a woman can breastfeed another’s child and knowing Sally i am beginning to suspect that Terdoo is more than just a wet nurse to Kiki…

    Thank you for your beautiful mind Sally!

  17. Anavami says:

    Intresting, cnt wait 4 d next episode and thanks Sally.

  18. Marylyn says:

    Lool,,,it’s nice ASUU strike was also involved! I just knew dis Marie or wtsova she’s cald had sum skeletons in her cupboard,,,won’t blame her doh,,it’s how she was brut up,,,I just feel so sory 4 olujimi….nice piece Sally! I rily hope dey meet in jos doh!

  19. funke says:

    Pls when is d nxt episode coming out?

  20. Major Danny says:

    Sally… I cant stop luvin dis. Hw can i kip abreast wf ur stories???

  21. Winicares says:

    u don start oooo Sally why u come mention us for ur tori(Jehovah’s witnesses) and u dont know us well cos we always go in twos and we all carry bags so if one person carry bag n d other doesnt, definitely they are not witnesses. Nice write up though

  22. Joyce says:

    thanks sally keep it up

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