No Heart Feelings #11

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54 Responses

  1. Tomilola says:

    So Sally,lemme tell you what I think of this episode,it is you painting a picture from guess whose dream?Terdoo! Terdoo is dreaming and in reality Jimi and Marie are never going to be separated.
    If they born you well, mess with their love. #antiJimi&Terdoo #TeamJimi&Marie 🙂

  2. Terdoo should please open up nd say what he truely wants, i really want her to be with liam, his family have already paid enough for what they did to Terdoo nd her mother. She shld just forget everything nd go make family with liam. Nice one my genius, i luv ds thank u very much

  3. Terdoo should please open up nd say what she truely wants, i really want her to be with liam, his family have already paid enough for what they did to Terdoo nd her mother. She shld just forget everything nd go make family with liam. Nice one my genius, i luv ds thank u very much

  4. mariam says:

    I like the twist. As for me Marie doesn’t deserve Jimi. Good job Sally.

  5. vivian ejogo says:

    Ok o!!! This kinda love is to be avoided o. Especially as the yeye jimi doesn’t know wat he wants! Ode! And my dear terdoo, pls, pls, run away from this kinda turbulent feelings o. It aint worth it. Good one sally.

  6. Ustyno says:

    Marie deserve,doesnt deserve Jimi,Liam deserve,doesnt deserve Terdoo and all….u guys should know life doesnt exactly give us what we want or deserve but rather we take what life dishes 4 us…Sal pls ride on,its getting hot in here…….nice episode

    • Tomilola says:

      My point exactly. If it was by who/what we deserve, some of us wouldn’t even be breathing, not to talk of finding love.

    • Sally says:

      I love your analysis of this, Ustyno. Love the way you look at things. You seem to know what’s in my head. WHY?!!!!!

      • Ustyno says:

        WHY??hmm,i don’t know what is in your head o,in life we have ideal situatn and real situatn,people always opt 4 d ideal when we ought to be realistic in our xpectatns……fav lady

  7. Sally Bonn says:

    All I can say is waoh, Sally pls which secret does marie have again, abeg she should stay out and keep out. As for Terdoo I want her to be with Liam and Jimi, is there anyway this can happen don’t mind me ojare, can’t wait for the next episode, good job.

  8. angel says:

    If I were in teddy’s shoes I’d b confused dunno who she sld go 4. Waitin 4 d nxt episode. #lovely#

  9. ROY says:

    Ii just hope she won’t get pregnant nd d already complicated rtps won’t get over complicated.
    Jimi doesn’t knw what he wants nd is he completely over marie? Terdoo is confused nd not sure of her feelings for Liam nd Jimi, Liam loves jeff that’s vivid to see but does he loves Terdoo as much as he thinks he does?..and finally when is marie going to make her come back to the story?…yu er simply the best sally though yu ve given me one big headache wt all this if yu brought up. Av a wonderful wkend dear..

  10. t4temi says:

    Sally o, dis is a very complicated something o….what will we do now? i’m anxious for d next episode…well done.

  11. tunlexxx says:

    hmmmmmn lovly piece nd Hapi bday to ur special 1(mumcy) … U knw u shuld giv us 2episode 4 dis DAY naoooo

  12. The King says:

    You guys are all missing it o. Terdoo never showed that she have feelings for Liam. She loves Jimi but she just want him to love her bk and daz why she lied about liam
    Abi sally, I dey lie?

  13. chreez chreez says:

    Sally! Sally!! Sally!!! I held my breath till the end. it was difficult but i accomplished it. next i’d be in guiness book. Now i feel Terdoo’s world crumbling. Pls auntie Sally, don’t let i happen. Dont let her lose the two men. i’m so confused foe her…
    Sally truly speaking, you are all my role models summed up together. Please Sally i don’t know how to ask. I just wish instead and i wish so dearly that you visit my blog. I’ts
    Love you Auntie Sally. Love no heart Feelings

  14. isaacola AA says:

    Enough to keep you on edge asking for more. Who is more complicated now, Teddy, Liam, Marie or Jimi? Waiting….

  15. itheword says:

    Kai. Women can be really wicked sometimes. Sleep with a man who loves you and then tell him you’re marrying someone else. He shouldn’t call. He shouldn’t text. He shouldn’t visit. I feel for my hommie, Jimi. Don’t worry. All you have to do is find another babe and rub it in Terdoo’s fat face!

  16. Walter says:

    Jimi is confused. Marie is confused. Terdoo is confused. Apparently only Liam (the one I didn’t like before) knows what he wants. Go figure.

  17. wumi says:

    Terdoo!!! Hmmmmmm!! Ok o! Just match Terdoo and Liam o and Jimi should grow up, Terdoo has been playing nanny all along. She should get herself a good life, even if she won’t marry Liam @ least she will enjoy small. I think Marie and Jimi fit better.

  18. sade says:

    Hian wahala dey o, this one na in short I bind every spirit of confusion. Weldone aunty Sally. I still remain team Terjim though lol

  19. Ibilola says:

    Confusion o……..terdoo of life

  20. PJ says:

    This is #SimplyComplicated!!!!. Shikena.

  21. pgent1 says:

    dis terdoo chick too get issues abeg,wetin dey worry her self,she seems not 2 know what she wants but wait o,did i just hear u say marie is coming back?…aunty sally u’re just too good ma,ur ink will never run dry

  22. Marylyn says:

    Lovely piece! Anoda great twist! Sally!!! And to think i actually judged Liam sha: # It’s terdoo’s moda’s curse dats affecting him,,I just luv terdoo, just sumtin abt her character dts rily interesting,,hmmm,,,dis Marie’s return ehnn,, can’t wait!! Thumbs up my favorite blogger!

  23. yougeecash says:

    Jimi is a learner! Psssh. Shebi he thinks the whole world revolves around him? He should grow up already jor. Terdoo deserves to be happy. Whom did she offend na? As for Marie, I love her but I’d rather she remained dead o, biko. Liam should move on already. He should stop trying to bring further maths to Jimi and Terdoo’s chemistry. No one likes Further Maths. Jimi should get a grip, really. If he grows up, he can let himself feel what his heart really feels for Terdoo and stop running on logic. Logic hasn’t really helped.
    Great job sisteh! You inspire me greatly!

  24. Sally says:

    Further maths into chemistry. Learnt new one today. Lwkmd. By the way, sisteh. Saturday’s post is dedicated to you. Won’t tell you why now. You’ll find out on that day. Thank you for reading, dear

  25. oluwakemi says:

    Na teddy n liam make sense pass! Jimi has too much issues joor! N terdo has gone tru enough already. Make she go b herself. Get her confidence n b somboday. She n liam may not start of immediately. Infact, dey shldnt. She shld get her honour bak n decide wat she wants. Jimi can’t love her lik she wants. He still worships marie!
    Great job sally. C u nxt wk.

  26. Seye Seye says:

    Complex, very complex ish fa.
    Terdoo confused, Jimi more confused.
    Liam, sharp badt guy
    Marie…1 bloody recurring decimal
    The stage is ever set for something really interesting and engaging.
    One factor that makes everything more complex is the kids. Without Liam re-appearing, it wouldn’t have been much of an issue. Now he has and has made Jeff know his father. That way, Jimi will never be Daddy as far as Jeff is concerned.
    Each of the men are about themselves but Terdoo has spared her child some thought, while not totally forgetting the one she has become a mother to.
    Good work Sally. Again, I doff my fila for you

  27. Yakori says:

    I wonder how you do it. Counting down for the next episode…

  28. Rakiya says:

    Kai,sally za ki kashe mu this point i had to comment cos you are such a genuis!

  29. ijeoma says:

    Suspence…. Marie & Jimi makes sense more joor

  30. Winicares says:

    Jimi is so indicisive abeg. let him try n figure out what his problem is

  31. Joyce says:

    oh sally u are too much


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