Novocaine Knights #3

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30 Responses

  1. mariam says:

    Interesting episode today Sally. I hope Wura will not regret telling Mahmud the truth. The part about Lexus abuse sheds light on her attitude. I pray she realises her worth @ the end of it all.

  2. Ustyno says:

    My fav’ u got me with this line……..u have a habit of being overly spiritual without being true to yourself’…..That was the best ,goodwork as usual,cant really add anything for now cos the story is stil very young

  3. Toyin says:

    Nice one…feel so sorry for Wura and Lexus. They’ve really gone thru a lot.

  4. nanju says:

    Sally..u’re doing a great job..u keep me glued to my phone every saturday..

  5. @bertokoji says:

    Hmmmmm,Getting me all worked up and confused! Beautiful piece, poor Wura but dias notin as being truthful in a R/ship. You have done it again. Thumbs Up ma’am

  6. Yakori says:

    Engaging as usual of you. Loving Lexus and Wura’s characters so much. Where’s Eyimofe? Want to know what’s happening to her.
    Keep them coming and Gods showers on you always.

  7. modupe says:

    Dis tokunbo/mahmud shd take it easy,sally abeg tell d guy to cool down for Jesus oooo.hunnnnn,dis episode got me thinking,esp wen d abused falls in love with the abuser,

  8. Essence CJ says:

    Wuraola ur situation touches my very being..Aunty sally i will just say tnx 4 ds piece

  9. Timayin says:

    Aeesome piece. Incumbus hmmmmmm. Plenty revelations in one move. Wow!!!

  10. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Sally, well done! I”m glad you’re back again. As usual, you’ve got me gripped from the very first word.

  11. yougeecash says:

    Hmmn. See as I turn lastma for this one. Well, I’m mighty glad I’m on board now.
    Ehen, Sally has resumed with her amazing twists that leave u spinning and badly craving some more.
    Jordan is so annoying and so full of himself. I detest guys like that. Lexus needs some serious counselling. The babe has suffered a lot and it’s a pity that warped, twisted stuff seem normal to her.
    Good thing Wura was honest. Even if not 100% As much as I believe in being open with anyone who has a tendency to tiff your heart, it’s also not wise to go spill all at the beginning. Now he has sufficient info to run with. If he chooses to stay, fine, if not. Too bad
    Although I feel he might not be up to any good. But it’s Sally writing so we never can tell.
    Good stuff sis. Totally hooked. Plus I love all the themes I can see playing out here. Kudos!

  12. Omobolaji says:

    Hmmm….so how does the blue room guy become the incubus? *confused* Lexus should please get a grip of herself and stop trying to justify her ‘madness’ we know people that have gone through stuff and turned out way better than she is. In fact Sally, please can it be daily because this suspense is killing…sometimes…

  13. Lizzie odaro says:

    i just feel so sorry 4 wura n lexus.Umm… Sally, shey u know u alwys keep me glued to my phone.More plsss…

  14. mandy says:

    The funny thing is you can relate with all these characters,either u’ve been in their shoes or you know someone who has. Sally thank u for making work a lot more interesting.

  15. Walter says:

    This series is so charged with sex-tosterone. 🙂 I like.

  16. itheword says:

    Feel bad for Wura. Sometimes, honesty gets you the short end of the stick. But she was right to tell the truth. Lexus needs serious help. In fact, the characters in this series are just amazing. And so unique. Man, we should make a movie out of this.


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