Novocaine Knights #5

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41 Responses

  1. jumai says:

    Mouth sealed for now.Welldone Sally…

  2. Tomilola says:

    This Genesis should carry her over bleached toto elsewhere biko. I’m glad my Lexus is fine and I’m more excited about her stupid boyfriend being given the treatment he deserves.

  3. adefunke says:

    the seductress. Bad girl

  4. Ustyno says:

    Good work,the story is hotting up by the day,welldone Sally

  5. bola says:

    Hottie hottie…..welldone Sally,u never disappoint me

  6. kenny says:

    The heat wan consume me… is definitely getting hotter

  7. mariam says:

    Good job as always Sally. I’m still trying to figure the characters out.

  8. Walter says:

    I’m not sure I like this Genesis. Hmmph!

  9. chika says:

    Sally tuale.your imaginations are too good.keep it coming .

  10. chreez chreez says:

    Genesis, I think I don’t like you too. You and Mofe, just find somewhere and die, somewhere cool. But Sally ehn, I still find it hard to believe u’re married, there’re so much jonsing girlie stuffs in ur head. Abi you were once a jonsing girl? Thankya Sally, my source of inspiration…

    • Sally says:

      Me, once a jonsing girl *straight face* I have no idea what you are talking about
      It’s an honor to know I inspire you in some way.
      Thank you, Chreez

  11. Sally says:

    Lol. You and me both

  12. Yahaya says:

    Finally drawn level.

    Exhilarating stuff! Where’s this one going, Sally?
    More please 🙂

  13. nanju says:

    Yay!! This genesis babe is just an ashana..and I have this feeling lexus and kasi are gonna end up together..well done sally

  14. Lillie says:

    Good job Sally!

  15. Oladayo says:

    Hmmmm. Getting to gear 2

  16. sade says:

    Dominic Dominic Dominic how many times I call you eh, hian let that “boy” of better stay down around genesis biko, nnugo!

  17. Tii says:

    i love this. PDA hahhahahhahahah. really nice episode. thumbs up!!!

  18. Isaacola AA says:

    Sally your plotting is dangerously wicked. Good job as usual.

  19. Yakori says:

    The move by Genesis to be the manager at Novo, has been planned from the onset. There’s more to her than meets the eye, she springs trouble.
    I wonder who the client is, what’s their mission and what Nick did to deserve this? Nick is slowly falling into a trap designed by Genesis and her mother. Careful, don’t be consumed by the embers of pleasure, hence getting submerged in a pool of revenge.

    Hopefully, this is the needed incident I earlier suggested that’ll rebrand Lexus off her bad lifestyle. Kasi is truly a real friend. Wish him and Lexus can be together. Let’s see how events pan out.

    Want to know more of Ehi’s story.

    Mofe is out to keep her man but I prefer her former self and she can incorporate her sensuality through another means, though i’m enjoying the novelty in her disposition at the moment. Will keep enjoying to see where that leads her. Perhaps that might get Nick back to his senses.

    Countdown to next week begins. An engaging read as usual of you.
    More wisdom to you dear.

  20. phransea says:

    Genesis’ ministry is slowly but surely moving into exodus she wants to ‘chimarya’ nick in a dangerous way! Totally unrelated question, pls when is fish brain vows coming out? That teaser has been doing things to my dreams 🙁

  21. itheword says:

    My guy, Dominic, don’t listen to lil John. Lil John isn’t thinking straight. Hell, Lil John never thinks. He just nods and … well shoots lol. Stay away from that evil bitch, Genesis! She is truly the genesis of all things evil

  22. Mercy says:

    Very interestin love ur work sally

  23. Olamide says:

    I love dis,Gene is demonic……. Dominic b careful.


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