Novocaine Knights #7

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45 Responses

  1. tunlexxx says:

    wagbayi walahi

  2. kenny says:

    It’s getting delicious and serious now,we are now getting into the business

  3. Olamide says:

    Sally to baaaaad gaaaan! It’s getting more interesting!

  4. Jennifer K. says:

    It seems Dominic has offended many people o nd they’re out to destroy him.Hope he doesn’t fall for Genesis sha. Let’s wait to see wat Sally has up her sleeves.

  5. ugo says:

    Haaaaa d suspense is killing me. Sat is TOO FAR.

  6. Prince says:

    Always on point sally, very very NICE

  7. pelumi says:

    Please leave dominic oooo. Hes my favourite character

  8. debbie says:

    Thumbs up sally baby,countin down 2 saturday.jus pray dominic don’t fall 4 dat witch.

  9. Johnson Ayodele says:

    Good job dear more ink to your pen

  10. mavise says:

    Sally your the your work so,have U ever thought making this a movie ?

    • Sally says:

      Thank you, Mavise.
      Thing is I’m just a writer. Making movies is a whole new ballgame. I hope those who are up there will discover us soon.

  11. mariam says:

    God vs mammy water spirits. Great job Sally. Waiting for the next episode…….

  12. yeanqa says:

    And the plot thickens… Good work Sally, as usual

  13. brytnex says:

    thank you very much Sally ,for this update. Pls i want to know when fish brain games will continue. I was enjoying the story.

    • Sally says:

      Hello, Brytnex.
      Fish brain clan has an ebook already and it’d be better if you downloaded it and read the whole thing. Like I told you on the other blog, I withdrew it because I wasn’t getting feedback. No comments, no shares. People were just reading, enjoying it and I was stressing myself with all the back work. Nobody enjoys working like that.
      So please download the book.

  14. Bim says:

    Really enjoyed this episode sally, looking frwd to more of Muhammad & Wura

  15. Isaacola AA says:

    Genesis raped by multiple partner for falling in love by her mami water mentor or tormentor!

    Dominic placed under some hypnotic spell, umm this is getting wierder!

  16. Ronnie says:

    Hi Sally, fantastic write up n storyline as usual nice 1 …pls I need help with viewing episode 22,23,24 of Immortal code..kindly assist

  17. joy says:

    NOooooooooo nobody touches my dominic!!! Sally plssss dnt let those evil pple/devil’s children lay their hands on my novocaine knights crush… Nice episode,God bless u sally

    • Sally says:

      Novocaine Knights crush lol.
      I hear u. I’ll send ur message and hopefully send them back to sender.
      God bless u too, dear

  18. chreez chreez says:

    1. am i sure i’m still permitted to make comments this late?
    2. would my comment get any attention and it’s follow u rely?
    well, that aside, Mami Sally (not mami wata) this piece is so serious. i think i’m feeling you siritually so here is my YEAH YEAH!!!. would Domnic still be as strong as me? make em no fall my hands oh!!!

  19. yougeecash says:

    So Mahmud really looks like he’s for real. That’s nice. Something about these kinda bets unnerve me. Wura will try so hard to win that she’ll unwittingly lose.
    When I first met B and we started hanging out, one of the first things I said to him was “don’t fall in love with me o.” and he echoed the warning to me too. Three weeks later and we were madly in love. Sometimes it’s best to not indulge in all these defenses sef. Ha
    Genesis will be ruthless now. I really feel sorry for Dominic. I hope Lexus gets better soon. I love her character. Crazy girl with a good heart.
    Kudos Sally. I’m enjoying this.

  20. Grace says:

    Madam sally,u r on point as usual. U do kno ur stuff o, getting more interesting. Buh u r yet to give me password to access the Fish brain games novel. Tnx

    • Sally says:

      My dear, fish brain will remain in its ebook format until later. Please download the book for now. It’s not available on any of my blogs.
      Thank you

  21. mario says:

    Hmmm………. I think its really making sense now. Dominic and wura, hope dis 2 people won’t get bitten twice? Cos i don’t want 2 believe mahmud is as real as he claim 2 be… Well can’t wait for the next episode sha.. Tanx aunty Sally, Gracias

  22. Tsakani says:

    Sally my love, you have a talent… Wow…that genesis part is just freaky…had to read it twice…Wow

  23. Seye Seye says:

    Omo!!! Dominic haff enter his own o!
    Darkness never wins through and through sha. So I wait for a few more hours…

  24. Yakori says:

    You painted a heart wrenching scene of Lexus’s critical condition, though it’s contained. I feel so sorry that she’s always involved in one predicament or the other but this one is the most sensitive of all. I believe, it’ll somehow harmonize the relationship between her and her parents as it’s strained.
    Also looking forward to a calm, mannered but queer Lexus after her recovery.

    Dominic be very very observant. You’re going to settle down with Eyimofe soon, Lexus is ill and you ought to be thinking of mending your father-daughter bond that’s severed. You already have enough on your hands. Be careful don’t let Genesis consume you.
    That’s all I have to tell you for now.

    Those lovers will be hoisting on a strong tide that’ll test their level of tolerance and perception of another. As both of them have diverse personalities, especially Wura’s, whose past was deplorable.
    However, I like it that Tokunbo is daring to date her despite that and not using the past to judge her. But inadvertently incidences might arise that’ll be a cause of conflict. They should learn to accept each other’s differences and love one another unconditionally. With that they can weather the storm happily. Let’s see how they’ll resolve this tiny conflict that arose..

    Now the icy part of this episode. I didn’t see this springing at all.
    Is Mother mad? How could she reproach Genesis, through rape? That’s utterly vicious and indifferent. Not really surprised she can do that as she operates a stealth and repulsive faction although in a prudent and proficient manner.
    And the irony in her method of reproaching is that, Genesis is her favorite so why the harshness? I see a revolt by Genesis on Mother, as the series blossoms. Wonder how she’ll prove to Mother she isn’t in-love with Nick and how she’ll execute her mission as the clock is ticking.

    Sally, want to know more of Eyimofe’s character and what she’s upto. Hopefully, she’s in the next installment.
    More blessings to you dear, xoxo.


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