Novocaine Knights #8

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20 Responses

  1. Ronnie says:

    Sally…my Dominic must not fall oooooo biko!

  2. ayodele Johnson says:

    Nice one dear keep it up

  3. Olamide says:

    Na wah o. Dominic would fall into Genesis’ trap soon. Sally and the way she twists stories… I have a feeling the memory card Mofe found wld contain sth about Dominic. Next week is almost here. We shall see….

  4. Kenny says:

    Really scared for Dominic and Genesis.They both seem to a d same enemy

  5. toyin says:

    Nice one again. But Sally make this thing 2 a week nah. Yhe suspense is to much chei.

  6. toyin says:

    2ice a week. I mean

  7. Bee says:

    Hmmmm,sally this episode really got me thinking a lot! What would I do if I were in Mofe’s situation n my man comes to me with his weakness,would I do the same she did or would I do differently?

  8. pgent1 says:

    woahh,like seriously woah,dis episode bam gan,i didn’t want it 2 end…i really feel 4 mofe,she’s been thru a lot of hard time,i just wish dominic won’t make her suffer…i guess dominic mind is divided over mofe&genesis,which will he choose?..hope 2 see dat in subsequent episode……mami sally a big tuale 4 u

  9. Beulah says:

    Interesting. More power to your elbow.

  10. Oladayo says:

    This is great storytelling. Episode 8, character developments are done. We emphatize with all the major players and yet there is that elusive something. Kinda like walking into an abandoned house, knowing there will be webs, groping but not feeling them yet. You know you are on the cusp of an eruption in the story, you anticipate, you wait and hope Sally takes you in next episode.

  11. deby says:

    Suspense filled, wel done Sally.

  12. Ustyn says:

    Its getting interesting by the day,good work Sal,still waiting for the second part as u promised last nite

  13. Walter says:

    Still not sure I like Genesis, even though this episode revealed a softer more vulnerable side to her. She’s just too femme fatale for my comfort. Dominic, thou shalt resist!

  14. modupe says:

    I dey siddon look as torry dey unfold ma.

  15. Beebah says:

    Hmm….nice one Sally, can hardly wait for Ep.9….what if Jibo didn’t die? Shebi Mofe could only pick out his jacket*coversface* Dominic must not fall into that evil girl’s trap o…mshww!! Genesis kor Romans ni

    • DoubleDee says:

      I had the same thought when I read that part…Jibo might prolly be laying low somewhere oo *Fingers crossed*

  16. Tii says:

    this has been amazing. the lust, the feelings, the anger and resentment. thumbs up, Sally.

  17. Yakori says:

    You dived deeper into Mofe’s character and that made me to understand why she lives a secluded lifestyle. After going through a traumatic time in prison and loosing her hubby who hid his shady means. I’ll want her to make her feelings visible to Nick and stop pretending.
    She needs to swim in the pool of love once again so she can heal from her past ordeal. Holding on to hurt will cause more anguish than peace. Will love to see them both in the stream of love.

    A casual but serious manner did Nick shove Gene’s seductive tactics. I’m happy that he is man enough to open up to Mofe about his lust for her. This will make their arranged union of convenience free of doubts and full of trust and understanding. Let him try and make Mofe fall inlove with him, with that he can enjoy his union with her. I feel he’s determined to make their union work, so he should employ his heart along with his astuteness to earn her love and trust.
    She’s a strong-willed creature but also fragile. Want to see love brewing between both of them and I trust you to manifest that.

    I really feel bad for Gene, even though she’s on a mission to cause havoc, she doesn’t deserve to be treated in such an inhumane way. This is a pointer for her to turn a new leaf and start afresh. She needs to be free from Mother’s grip. I’m watching out for the incident that’ll cause a strain in her and Mother’s relationship.
    It was generous of Nick to provide an accommodation for the girls. What’s with Eva, she’s blowing her frustration on the girls because she’s lost the club and perhaps she’s sensed Gene is a threat to Nick..

    I really enjoyed this episode. A revealing episode.
    More wisdom to you dear, Sally.

  18. Seye Seye says:

    This just draws me to the whole series afresh. Ish is Dominic is wrestling against forces beyond flesh and blood.
    I just wish Lexus would recover and get back to being her old self but Brain surgery dey get as e be noni.
    More ink Sally, blessings

  19. jessie says:

    Mofe has a mission I won’t b surprise if she is more dangerous dan genesis


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