Novocaine Knights #10

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80 Responses

  1. Gina_cres says:

    Don’t do this Nick! You’re gonna regret it later. I tell you.

  2. Olamide says:

    Ha! And it has happened! Evil Genesis! Sally, I don’t like this suspense oh….. Hope there would be another episode tomorrow? :D.

  3. sade says:

    Dont do it Nick! Sally evil genesis must not succeed on this assignment o ehn ehn. Chai this suspense too much fa. Thumbs up for you Sally


    Anty Sally am loving loving this.keeps me wnting more. Love Mahmood n Wura that kin love,I hate u but love u kin love.

  5. toyin says:

    Thanks sally lovely as usual. Saturdays are so far apart now I ve to wait 7 whole days.

  6. DoubleDee says:

    Ohhhh, this was too short. Just when I was getting ready to relax and enjoy the story, the episode ended abruptly. Anyways, nice one Sally, keep ’em coming!

  7. adefunke says:

    Lo Ba Tan, Dominic is falling oo. Dt Lexus girl don spoil finish, making advances at a man lyk dt, shooo. Weldone ma

  8. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Nyc one Sally. I was so wishing Dominic wouldn’t fall for Genesis bt we r all human. I just pray he doesn’t get BURNT.

    Patiently waiting for Saturday to come.

  9. Chinny says:

    Oh Sally! Genesis must not succeed on this her MamaIwota mission o. Begining to like d Wura and Mymood combination *inFunkeAkindele’svoice*.

    • Sally says:

      *in Flavour’s voice* Chinny baby when are you coming, chinny baby…

      Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself
      Thanks for dropping a line.

      Quick question: do people sing this song to you?

      • Chinny says:

        Lol, U too? Get a lot of it. I was forced to google Chinny Baby + Song, when some particular group of male friends will go off singing it any time I say something.

  10. Johnson Ayodele says:

    Abeg give us bonus episode tomorrow **wink** good work dear have a great weekend

  11. Miss B says:

    Noooooooo nick my man don’t do that to me

  12. Queen Bee says:

    Sigh! Mr Dominic Ditorusin, u just helped Genesis open the gates she couldn’t open before. Sigh and sigh again!

  13. Sami Sanusi says:

    Finally, Nick don enter d spider’s web… o ma se o

  14. Tsakani says:

    Thank you Sally… Mofe has a man*did nt see that one coming* and Genesis oh Genesis… Dominic has made his bed…hope he can lay in it…Bonus episode pleaaaaaaaase…

  15. drunkpixie says:

    Lmao, they done did it

  16. Adewunmi says:

    Sallly Am a ghost Reader! Suspense got me to comment! Ahhhhh. Kai. Yet Great Jobs and Most wonderful thoughts and imagination

  17. Tsakani says:

    I feel sorry for Lexus, to enjoy being ‘sick’ because of the attention? What an empty life… All that money and no happiness… Such a pity… I thought she and Kasi might work out…oh well

  18. harshabie says:

    Lovin dis piece lik….

  19. temi says:

    ………it is well….., so many fundamentally messed up pple in dis world, may the grace of God abide on dominic and save him from this thing that has befallen him.

  20. @gladys says:

    Chai…what a pity.domi finally falls into geni’s liar….as for mofe,I tink its just a set up sha.she loves domi….nice work as usual ma’am….plssss post another episode na tomorrow…nxt saturday is so far.

    • Sally says:

      🙁 I know. Far away saturday
      Why not come back again today
      And take all our boredom away

      Oh well…I’ll see if I can make that happen 😉

  21. Hormowale says:

    chai madam sally, dis suspense too much oo. Hope Nicky doesnt fall for dis evil Genesis oo. Pls ow do i get d password for Fish Brain Games??

  22. Timayin says:

    Wow!!! Really impulsive.

  23. olah says:

    I look forward to this series every saturday. And that’s the truth. :).

  24. Beebah says:


  25. Tomilola says:

    RMD had better not insert his thing into that fat woman’s lady business. Not that I care about Mofe the mechanic but I feel Deuteronomy is equivalent to one thing; Jonathan regime which we all know means only one thing, pure disaster.

  26. Dan Auta says:

    hmmmm. I doubt it if oga Don will do Gene. I really doubt it.
    Btw, nice suspense aunty Sally.

  27. Jennifer K. says:

    O noooooo… Dominic ur reasoning faculties better start functioning quick o before u start regretting. Thank u Sally for making my saturdays.

  28. Jay says:

    As 4rm Today I Pledge To Stay Away 4rm The Ghost Reader’s Community, So Help Meee Baba God! Aunty Sally Sannu da aiki o 4 2day’s Episode

  29. Ustyn says:

    Am i the only one thinkin Eyimofe doesnt hav a man?She is just doin it to scare Dom,meanwhile Sally you like twisting story,pls b kiaful madam twister

  30. Muyiwa says:

    Wow..can’t wait till nxt week..madam how about another episode tomorrow pleeeeeeeeeeaaaasssssseee * in my puppy like face*

  31. modupe says:

    O Ga Dim ma,,

  32. Beulah says:

    Nawa for Dominic o, Se that one na for revenge or what? Really enjoying this. Well-done ma.

  33. chreez chreez says:

    Sally don’t tell me that Dominic is in for real fried spicy shit and that Lexus is really falling for her type, Ehi and that Mofe is about to test Dominic… Tell me something that’d look believable oh. Hmmmmm

    • Sally says:

      Chreez, are you sleep-reading? *pouring cold water on you* oya re-read the story cos I don’t see where Lexus is falling for her type, Ehi.
      And the rest…
      I’m confused :s

  34. mariam says:

    Don’t know why but I suspect Dominic will not go through with it. Anyways, I’m waiting for you next week. Good job as always Sally!

  35. the inkheart says:

    Mahmud is like me o… Can’t function without chaos especially my bed. You must see all types of mags and books on it.
    Kasi and Lexus, hmmmmm. Dominic has finally fallen 🙁

  36. Marvey says:

    Yes dedicated to me :p

  37. Enny says:

    I knew Dominic wl eventually indulge. Rme’… Nice piece. Hey Sal my lofa! I don’t get email notifications again frm u na, plsss am still a huge fan, trust me, and promise not to b a ghost reader again *winks*… I got dis link off twitter o. Pls hook a gal’s email up again. Thainx. Love u.

  38. Yougeecash says:

    Ghen ghen ghen! I have a feeling Genesis will fall for Dominic. I wonder what he could really be hiding from Mofe anyways. Plus I really feel bad for her. To have gone through so much and now discover skeletons just as she was beginning to settle down can’t be easy. I hope she makes it through sha. Well done Sally. I’m definitely enjoying this ride 😀

  39. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Nick, DO it!!!

  40. Yakori says:

    I’m not surprised with the sensual stint that erupted between Kasi and Lexus. Though, it’ll definitely cause a strain in their friendship. But, hopefully that’ll elevate them to be more than friends.
    I’m glad she opened up to him on feigning amnesia. He knows her too well not to glean her. Let’s see how they’ll cement this rocky terrain they’ve set on.

    Wura and Tokunbo will keep having conflicted misunderstandings, every now and then till they’ve exhausted all plausibilities. It’s only believable for this to be happening. That’ll add flavor to their characters.
    Looking forward to when they’ll caution themselves and be ready to take the bold step.

    Mofe is only mad at Nick. That man only faked being her partner but it’s all an act. They’ll resolve their differences though Mofe’s adamant mindset will almost bring down the roof. Hence, making Nick vulnerable to the claws of Gene and Mother’s trap.

    Now to the dicey characters.
    Gene and Nick. I just don’t want to believe the fiery desires burning within them will be extinguished in the next episode. Something will interrupt their steamy session or Nick’s conscience will demur his actions. And if he ends up in the dungeons pleasure zone. Then I’ll lay back and enjoy the poignant period he’ll be in while Gene will be much more vulnerable. However, she’ll deviate from this mission or end up not executing it perfectly. Something will definetly spring and be a cause of worry between Mother and her.
    Please and please don’t let Nick be consumed by her spell.

    On to the next one.

  41. yeanqa says:

    my comment on the last one still applies …”curiouser and curiouser”. Good One Sal, looking forward to the next

  42. joy says:

    chai! Wura nd mymood love is sweeting me. Lexus and kasi own is crazy and am loving dem both alredy. As for my dominic,why evils?*sad face*

  43. Seye Seye says:

    Lucky me. 3 episodes today alone. Totally worth the wait.
    Now oga Dominic has been sorta pushed into Genesis’ ‘waiting’ arms. Only 1 wish: the tables be turned against evil…*opening next episode*

  44. Walter says:

    And he finally caved to Genesis’s charms. Typical.
    In other news, Mahmud’s structured chaos? Sounds like my kind of man.

  45. mandy says:

    Sally but why? Did he have to fall?


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