Novocaine Knights #11

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  1. Queen Bee says:

    Phew! Speechless for now. Ill come back when I can speak.

  2. the inkheart says:

    Sally, I love you… It will be selfish of me to ask you to post everyday *sigh*

  3. @gladys says:

    Sighs….domi why did you have to eat frm d forbidden tree nau?now uve had a bite and you’ll only go deeper…and that gene sef…I don’t like her ni aunt sally.wura nd ‘mymood’,its going to be a tough fight but I’ve learnt love conquers all…nice wrk ma’am…happy sunday.abundant grease to your elbows

  4. toyin says:

    Yippee thank you sally. Im loving the turn of events. Have a fantastic day dear

  5. Miss Jay says:

    Atleast Dominic is not stupid…. Supporting Wura’s decision buh 4 how long will she be able 2 stand against her Siblingz..??? Sally thank yhu o

  6. DoubleDee says:

    Chei, it’s getting hot in here….

  7. ugo says:

    *sighs* can next wkend jt begin 2moro. Babe I still dey look for d word to describe u as a wonderful writer. U too much.

  8. Muyiwa says:

    Wura don Enta am…Dominic na Don..Genesis neva kno..3 Gbosa for madam sally..GBosa!GBOsa!!GBOSA!!!..You rock ma..God bless you

  9. mavise says:

    i think WURA should follow her heart. As ƒ?? Domi i feel for you

  10. Olamide says:

    This is one hot episode *fans self*. Dominic has done the “do” and he is hooked *phew*. Wura is going to get pregnant for this Mahmud guy and that would be a big problem. Genesis is still evil! Thanks Sally for this awesome episode. I can’t wait till next week.

  11. Dan Auta says:

    One thing i seriously need to find out is; who is this client that paid ‘mamisi’ to ruin oga dominic’s life nau.?
    Abegi aunty Sally answer me.

  12. Tomilola says:

    Gheuns! Wura and Tokunbo are about to does it. Hehehe. Tokunbo should get her preggers and let’s see if that her family and Sister Kate Middleton won’t calm the fuck down.

  13. Sally Bonn says:

    Sally oooooo. I dont even know the character I like again, they are all interesting. Anyway I got this in my mail so I am subscribed to this blog.. *smiling*

  14. darkiebussie says:

    Being in wura’s situation is quite difficult. Having to choose between love and religion. I hope to learn a few things from her situation.

    Aunt Sally, thanks for today’s episode. You shd have seen me jump with elation when I got the notification. Good work sis!

  15. Johnson Ayodele says:

    You are great dear tanx for d bonus episode God bless u do have a blessed Sunday

  16. Tii says:

    Wura !!! they are about to make good on the bet. WOW!!!

  17. debbie says:

    Tanx sally,enjoiyed every bit of it.saturday wher art thou.mor ink 2 your pen sally baby

  18. Enny says:

    *chop knuckle Sally*… I really understand Wura’s plight, and am hoping that somehow along d line, some lovely miracle will come out of dat pls Sally… I believe in loveeee, lol.

  19. jehovawemimo says:

    Well done sally…..more grease to your elbows and more grace from above…

  20. josephine says:


  21. Beulah says:

    I think Wura is in for it ooo, what a pity. More power to your elbow ma

  22. olah says:

    I’m so happy this is happening. They mst never break up o. They fit. Nd dt gene. Hmm. Hw will lexus feel. Lol. Storms are brewing.

  23. oluwaseyi says:

    *screams* sally dis is wow. Oh my dear wura, I av an idea of wats goin thru her head. Hmmmmnn love apen in mysterious ways!

  24. Firstlady Temidayo says:

    Lobatan ooooo. Gimme juice abeg, I need 2 relax b4 sally comes back

  25. mide says:

    Well done sally!!!well done

  26. toyenlon says:

    Wura don enter am, hope she won’t get pregnant for Mahmud and later regrets it. Hmmm… Hope all will be well with Dominick at the end of the day? Fingers crossed.

  27. cutie says:

    OK. D last 2 posts have brought me out of hiding. *phew* he he he I am not a ghost reader again. I can see Wura getting pretty for Mymood. But I love d suspense. U r awesome Sal. God bless.

  28. bjayworld says:

    I traced u all d way frm 360nobs; I cnt breathe till I read d last wrd

  29. mario says:

    Aunty sally… I duff my Hat for u… U re 3 much…#thumbsup#

  30. Yakori says:

    I love you Sally, xoxoxoxoxo ….. ……..

    Gene and Wura. These 2 characters aren’t bad after-all, after their sensual fusion. I loved the part he told her without mincing words that he’s aware she’s on a mission. That did it for me. It’s obvious Nick isn’t going back on his word. You can keep fluctuating these 2 and I’ll be so glad to see how they pan out. I can’t wait to see the saga between Mother and her favorite, Gene. I know it’ll be deadly. I’m loving the new addition to the couple gateway.

    But is Mofe really gone? I doubt so. I hope a cat fight won’t ensue between her and Gene, in the subsequent episodes. And if they clash, I’ll sit back and enjoy the ride. I know you’ll do them justice.
    I’m inlove with Nick’s character. As a commenter said RMD will fit his profile and I’ll add Denzel Washington too as another actor that’ll do his character justice, lol..

    I’m sad that Wura and Tokunbo’s relationship is rocky due to their difference in faith. I hope he’ll be allowed to marry her, though her family and Church members are strongly against it. Who told those girls to go dishing out Wura’s affairs to Madame Kate. I don’t like her. She’s so prejudiced about her ideas on Islam which is selfish(I know this is fiction, so I’m responding in regards to that, to her character, not because I’m a muslim, even though such characters exist in reality).

    I hope you’ll incorporate a method in seeing that Wura and Tokunbo end up together. I do have an idea though. I don’t know whether you know in reality Islam permits muslim men to marry non-muslim women. But it doesn’t permit muslim women to do otherwise, but only allows the men. It allows the men to marry from, The People of the Book(Ahlul Kitab), which refers to Christians and Jews as it’s both a monotheistic religion. Unlike Hinduism, Buddhism etc. And the children from such a union are to follow the fathers religion, Islam. I hope you’ll devise a way in making their union manifest through any means. I don’t want to miss my favorite couple.
    Such an adorable pair.

    5 days seems long to me now but I’ll just close my eyes and open them and behold NK 12…
    More wisdom to you dear. I pray Gods blessings, mercy, love and guard keep clouding you always.

    • Yakori says:

      So carried away was I, I wrote Wura’s name instead of Nick’s. Hhhmm!
      NK addiction causing me oversight..

      • Sally says:

        My darling Yakori
        Thank you for the time you take to pen down these words always
        Love ya!
        God’s blessing all the way!

  31. scribbledhearbreak says:

    I’ve been a ghost reader for a very long time but i must commend the way you write and i’m one cray fan of your’s..I’m actually addicted to your blog..As for this one ehhnnn*i rest my case*

  32. tee says:

    Love love love…. happens sometimes it it shouldnt. Lovely as always Sally

  33. chreez chreez says:

    Sally firstly i would just call you a magician and a kind one at that. how on earth did you know that i would be impatient for the next episode? (reeply in details). secondly, Sally you haven’t still lost your touch. NHF always gave me a mood swing after reading. today, this episode just did the same thing. how do you make it happen so? #is it still unto magic things#

  34. pgent1 says:

    woah..did dominic really got down with genesis,did dominic really said he’s not gonna let jene much as i will agree dat i know d answer,i found it hard 2 believe it’s true….mami sally this episode is ghen ghen

  35. Anny says:

    Luv u xo much sally, cnt wait 4 d nxt episode. #thumps up#.

  36. joy says:

    “But of course, I’m not stupid, I know you were sent by someone. It’s not the first time they’re doing it; many are my adversaries. However I’d like you to tell said adversary that I’d have you as my war booty. You ain’t going back to them. I’m keeping you. I want your body, I want your mind and I want…” hahaha Dominic is just a bad dude! We stay loving dominic!!! Buh I dnt want him to end up wit genesis wether she repents or not. Mofe is just right for him. Wura! wura!! wura!!! *sigh*

  37. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    And this na when she go carry belle for Mohammed, abi Mahmud. Bad guy! Sally, I love how utterly “devourable” your episodes are.

  38. Yolanda says:

    Hey sally nice and lovely didn’t want it to finish. And I hope madmuh will accept Wura’s faith. If he really loves her he will love her religion. In real life my bestie friend’s father change from muslism to christain and they are both northerners.

    • Sally says:

      Wow. What a story. I can imagine all the drama that happened before they married. These things happen around us all the time. My two really close friends who loved each other had to separate because of religion. Another friend of mine back in school left the guy she loved and married some other guy and became this totally different chick. It was so depressing to see the light die in her eyes.
      Thanks Yolanda, for sharing.

  39. nene says:

    sally sally y u do me lik dis, I didn’t know of novocain knights until abt 3 days ago, and I was hooked until dis last. abeg no kip me for darkness again dey giv me notification for Facebook biko. nice nice nice

  40. kemi says:

    You have such a beautiful mind! I feel your characters are my neighbours! They are so real!
    God bless you.

  41. Sally Bonn says:


  42. oke says:

    u wow me every time ur highness

  43. Walter says:

    Ah Wura, whatever shall you do? ?

  44. syngapore says:

    Am loving dis episodes big tym. Am new here Sally noticed u thru tomi-coco. Bigger u I pray


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