Novocaine Knights #12

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74 Responses

  1. sade says:

    Awwwww I love the father daughter chat…Wuraola yaff swallow cockcroach lol, loving this mehn. More ink to your pen aunty Sally

  2. debbie says:

    Good 1 sally baby.cheers

  3. ugo says:

    Nd jt like dat, my wkend is made.

  4. Olamide says:

    Hmmm….. I’m speechless. Things are happening….. I’ll just wait for the next episode. Thanks Sally.

  5. yeanqa says:

    My favourite line ” remove your head from between her legs and use it to watch your back”…

  6. Sally Bonn says:

    Ewoh, sally haff kee mee, nice one @yeanqa that’s my favourite line too, but I am wondering where has Bash seen Genesis, can’t wait for subsequent episodes. Kudos Sally.

  7. toyin says:

    Getting more interesting well done mama

  8. chreez chreez says:

    oh yeah! Sally has done it again. this is a great piece. but Sally why feign incomprehension when I smelled the stuff you were cooking – Lexus has finally fallen for her type Ehi?
    This Bashorun thingy sef, abeg him and Dominic shld do one sharp sharp GHEN! GHEN!! GHEN!! Me I want serious bloodshed oh…

    • Sally says:

      Haha! E be like say you watch enough chinese film as a kid.

      As from now on I will be using CIA decoding system to decipher your comment because you’re yet to explain to me that Lexus part. You don talk two times now. I dey wait patiently

  9. @gladys says:

    Aunt sally,u jux made my weeknd o.luvd d fada/dauta for eva,dat woman no dey shame domi is rily “vagina whipped”….he shuld stick to lord bash’s advice of usin his head well o.lex nd kasi,I hpe it all goes well for both of them nd I hope I’m d first to officially say dat wurs is preggy….happy weeknd to u and ur family….more grease to elbows

  10. Ustyn says:

    The Trinity…..Beauty,Brains,Bang… on,or should i kol it 3Bs…hilarious episode,loving everything,Salome u knw what u are,dnt nid emphasis

  11. See says:

    Wonderful piece Sal…. Enjoyed it thoroughly…where Bash meet Genesis? Can’t wait for the next episode ma’am. When does it drop again?

  12. oke says:

    i luved dis story frm page one and i cant wait 4 another episode beautiful story u made my day.

  13. saintytd says:

    Wow! Keeping me fingers crossed! Nice job Sally, keep d ink flowing. Cheers.

  14. Seye Seye says:

    Episodes 10-12 today!
    Weekend made despite the lack of electricity on my off day.
    Novocaine Knights is getting hotter with every episode mehn. 1 thing I’ll always appreciate is the way Sally links the characters in her stories.
    But Bash and Eva sha…na wa o.
    Dominic don fall. He’s fishing by the sea side. Na to pray for am make the waves no carry am go.
    Wura’s romping session looks like it has given a wonderful result.
    Roll on, I’ll wait for the next episode whenever it is (maybe we can be lucky tomorrow, who knows?)

    • Sally says:

      Lol @Dominic fishing at the seaside. That cracked me up bad when I read and it was scary when I imagined it.
      May God save us from seasiders.
      Thank you, Seye

  15. Tsakani says:

    Dominic must listen to his friend… Genesis is trouble… All that water mami stuff now he is getting deals… Seyi talk to your friend… This event place/land will be dominic’s fall financially… Thank you Sally my love… Thouroughly enjoyed this episode… *we want more, we want more…Chanting*

    • Sally says:

      *speaking through megaphone to all the protesters* more is coming. Go and come back on Saturday.
      Have a great week ahead!

  16. Haddie says:

    Hi Sally,
    Well done! Great Job.Intricate twists and turns.Can’t wait for d nebt instlmnt.

  17. Beebah says:

    I just hope this Genesis person doesn’t destroy my Nick, Eyimofe, come back for your man jor…..Wura is def preggos and Lexus/Kasiobi, can’t wait for your love to erupt….Sally, you’re the best!!!

  18. Oluwakemi says:

    Realy nice read. Im looking forward to the next episode. Nice job

  19. Dan Auta says:

    did i hear oga dom call gene his ‘Eminado’ ? He better remove his head from between her
    legs and use it to watch his back o.

  20. akinwunmi felicia says:

    wao! ds bashorun guy nids a b beaten truly! Beliv am waitn anoda one week for anoda episode!

  21. mavise says:

    Well done sally sure made ?? day.more plsssssssssss

  22. bjayworld says:

    I dnt believe he did dat deliberately jst to hv his way; Dominic is so impossible!!!! Wura might be suspended frm choir or evn the church if dey realise she is pregnant, or isnt she????

  23. Walter says:

    All these Novocaine Knights relationships and friendships are sha twisted. Hmmm

  24. Olamide says:

    Hmmm,Eva….shld I call u shameless or wat… Wura is pregnant… Interesting all d way

  25. Yolanda says:

    WURA has allowed fresh to rule her shame. Now she will say she can’t abort, I don’t know what she was thinking having unprotected sex. For Dominic he should think with brain not his stick. Why do I’ve a feeling Ehimofe will come back? And the male who spoke to Dominic from Germany is pastor Ralph. Nice work sally

    • Sally says:

      Lol. Let’s see who the guy is sha.
      As for Wura… I guess it happens a lot more than we think in these times. I hope it ends well for her.

  26. wumi says:

    Very, very nice. I really appreciate that Dominic and his daughter are making up. I think the mammy-water power et al is working on Dominic….I so pity him. He was so fast in switching his emotion from Mofe to Genesis.
    Till next week, God bless you Sallu

  27. Timayin says:

    Kai! No be small thing o. What do I even say to this??? Nice one, Sally d genius.

  28. Yougeecash says:

    I love that Nick and Lexus are now bonding. At least her ‘amnesia’ was not in vain. Lol.
    I can relate to Wura’s character. Being with someone who is so ‘wrong’ yet feels so right. Sigh. Been there before. And the judgmental people do not help at all! Btw, I know she’s pregnant so just tell us already 😀
    Nick has several ghosts, skeletons and shadows. Haba mana! Only him?
    I’m loving the entire plot. Well done Sally. You’re really a writer to look up to 🙂

  29. Yakori says:

    I’m happy to see father and daughter sharing a familial moment. Lexus’s method in securing her stance with her parents is working without doubt. So far so good. Though with time, she’ll come to open up to them but she must first achieve her aim – bonding.
    The image you painted is so adorable and cute. Loved it.

    What is that 360 degrees baby mama/ex-girlfriend and current-girlfriend triangle all about? You sure know how to keep one anticipating your inconspicuous twist and turns. Bashorun seems like a carefree, opulent but crude dude. Will love to watch his character in a movie.

    Lexus won’t be happy when she receives this news. Her mother pregnant out of wedlock to her fathers friend. I really hope she’ll be a good mother to the unborn child. She doesn’t exude a motherly aura nor character. It’s all about her personal gratification in life. Family commitments isn’t her priority.

    Gene and Nick? Not that their togetherness is a taboo but I would have preferred Mofe and Nick, as couples. Nonetheless, will enjoy their stint incase it doesn’t work out for them. I want to believe something will spring that’ll usher Mofe into the subsequent episodes. So my hopes on Nick and Mofe can be realized.
    But surely, this is the end of the road for Gene’s alliance with Mother. She’s been a puppet to Mother all her life. It’s time to do things right and start a decent lifestyle.

    Wura and Tokunbo, my favorite. Glad to see they’re waxing stronger despite the odds. I want to believe, she’s taken in unknown to her, even though she suspects something is wrong. Did she say “ridiculously expensive morning-after pills”. What a description, lol. I like it.
    “Wura dear, go for a test, it doesn’t matter wether you took a pill coated in gold or sold in a gold jar. Run for a test.”
    I wonder what’s wrong with that Kate. What’s her own na. I feel like covering her face with beautiful marks of punches and slaps. Mtchew! Please make her a forgotten case. Shame her so she’ll stop troubling my Wura.

    Sally, my best, online prose author. I hardly visit Lagos but when I do, I’ll love to meet this prodigy; Sally. *smiles*
    More blessings to you dear.

  30. mario says:

    Pweeew… Wat a twist… More ink to ur pen Ma

  31. tunji says:

    it was a beautiful masterpiece, Lexus @ last is in love wit a werido like herself. But dis Eva is shameless getting pregnant for two friends,is height of indecency. I hope blood wud not flow btw Bashorun n Dominic cos dis one dat Bashow knowns Genesis n is a top secret act couple wit Eva pregnancy. Nyc work, kudos to u n where can i download ur eBook Fish brain clan.

    • Sally says:

      Hi Tunji,
      Thanks for reading and your comments. You’re always appreciated.
      If you scroll around the site, you’ll see the widget for the book. I don’t have the link here. Or just google fish brain clan selz and you’ll see it. Don’t forget to add selz; that’s where it’s uploaded.

  32. For real sally, I luv ye writing skills, ur words, twist and suspense. Hmmm lord bash and Eva wat a perfect combination. Gene and nick, I pray mofe comes back oooooo. Bash should spill d beans and tell nick wat Gene is up to. sally more greese to ur fingers tips. xoxo

  33. AOS says:

    Sally Sally…..plz next episode biko. Wura nd Mahmud…….does religion rilly mata in marriage bcuz am in one too. If church, mosque nd family doesn’t allow u… dear den a child wil allow u. In as much as I prefer Domi nd Mofe……Love is a strong tyn, Genesis nd Mother, am rilly lookin forward2d battle btw dem. Welldone Sally, thankz for puttin diz piece togeda.

  34. Sally says:

    Thanks for your views, AOS.
    God bless!

  35. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Sally oh! Hahaha! Copy and paste blogs *wink* This story is really taking on a life of its own!

  36. Beulah says:

    This is serious o. I think Eva is a whore indeed. Well-done ma

  37. dare says:

    Ure my best nigerian author..since when i read “to tame a virgin”….nd ure still my best.funy enough,since when i got to diz site my phone has knwn no rest…….CNT WAIT TILL 2MAO!!!

  38. fikayo says:

    Sally,I am in awe of your writting styles! More ink to your pen and more ideas to your brain. However,how do I get to read all these coded fish brain games series,please? Thanks.

    • Sally says:

      To read fish brain, please download the book. You’ll see the widget on the site as you scroll down using your phone. On a laptop, look to the sidebar. Tnx


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