Novocaine Knights #13

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40 Responses

  1. Olamide says:

    Ghen ghen! This is a serious something. Oh! Poor Wura. I can imagine how she feels. Genesis seems cool sha. Thanks Sally for today’s episode. Hope there wld be one tomorrow? 😀

  2. darkiebussie says:

    I saw Wura getting pregnant but she should keep the baby for “mymood’s sake…
    I’m glad Dominic didn’t push Genesis away abi is it love that’s in control?

    Good work Sally…

  3. brytnex says:

    And she finally spills the beans. But what would be the outcome? Would mother allow this budding love or would dominick stick with her to the end?……..

    Sally has done it again.wish it will just continue.
    Thnks SAL

  4. themmylawlah says:

    Sally!!!!!!!! u av killed me with suspense oooo.. an avid ghost reader buh dis episode pushed me to comment.. waoh.. can’t believe bashorun wants Nick down.. very nice piece i must confess. may ur pen neva dry.

  5. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I hope that theory for calculating the time of conception is true because I’m going to begin using it to wow folks! When I read about Mahmud’s expensive pills in the last episode, I guessed they were not the real deal. After getting pregnant only a million times in the past, Wura shoudn’t have allowed her naïvety get the better of her.

  6. Gina_cres says:


  7. Kenny says:

    I just op Dominic is nt up to sometin?Wura shld keep the baby and marry a man who loves her regardless of anytin

  8. Dupe says:

    Been looking upto this all week, the suspense is getting more, Sally pleeeeeaaaaaassseeee, we need more o.

  9. debbie says:

    Sally baby,y u end am dere now?I want mor(oliver twist)gud job.lov u and d story.jus kip up d good work.

  10. toyosi says:

    Eagerly waiting!I am wowed!

  11. mariam says:

    I’m still holding my breath Sally. I won’t kid myself that I know how this is going to turn out cos that your brain can just conjure something unimaginable. Great job as always Sally.

  12. Tomilola says:

    Okay maybe Genesis’ bleached toto is not such a bad idea after all. I really do hope her and RMD can get rid of that Mamisi person together. And I like Mahmud, now let’s see what sister kate Middleton and the rest of the hypocritical bunch will do.

  13. kenny says:

    Bashorun don enta am oooooo,woow its reaaly a huge step for Genesis and Wuraa.thnks to Sally for this episode,now I can tk a nap

  14. joke says:

    Why would you end this episode like this *crying*

  15. Sally Bonn says:

    This is a ghen!!! Ghen!! Ooooo

  16. Ritzy says:

    Omg this is getting intense ….plz sally just post d next episode tomao or Dis night…d suspense will kill me if u don’t.

  17. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Just when the Ghen-ghen part was about coming up, you had to cut it till next week*frowns+crys*..I’m loving the Mahmud character,Bashorun don enter Kasalaa…Great job Sally,this is how you keep me addicted…

  18. damilare says:

    Just gr8!!!….i wish 2mao iz 29th of march!……i neva so it coming diz way..

  19. Barbie says:

    Am thrilled…Good wrk Sally…

  20. Tsakani says:

    Oh wow Sally… Mind blowing… Shame Wura, she is just confused for now… She will accept it soon and love the baby… Awwww Gene, I did not see this one coming… Thank you Sally… You are trully gifted… Can’t wait to read more…

  21. Muyiwa says:

    JEeeeeeez…nw dats what I call a twist…madam. U 2 much…Dominic is gonna deal with dem BOSS

  22. phransea says:

    Just when I was about to adjust my position to a comfortable one to better absorb this piece, u had to end it there. Pls for d sake of all that is pure and good in this wicked world, post another episode tomorrow plssss we are still riding on double portion… Next level oh eheen

  23. Ustyn says:

    I hardly complain of short or long episode but this just got me when my excitement was up,wish i just wish,its a wish o dat u put up one 4 my sake 2mao,..(she laffs) no mind me,Oliver Twist like them…..Sally they are people u try letting go and u will live to regret the rest of ur life and u are one of them,hope u got my drift,…..good job as ever

  24. josephine says:


  25. firetrap says:

    I believe that this was all mothers plan all along. knowing fully well that genesis would snitch cos she’s in love thereby forcing donimic become protective and act in a voltronic manner

  26. mary says:

    Jeeeeezzzzz!this is wickedness o!this suspense is not healthy @ all!can’t wait 4 next week!

  27. modupe says:

    What LOVE does,,,keep ur frds close and ur enemies closer…

  28. temi says:

    Mahmud o……dont i jx love him…i like his tactics, sharp boy and i love genesis too, d truth cud be very liberating atimes

  29. Beulah says:

    This is serious, even dominc’s close friend is his enemy.

  30. Olubanky says:

    Iam in love with ‘Mymood’ myself….if na me be Wura ehn…sowie to dose hyprocritcal bunch of fools ib church o….Sally #thumbsup#

  31. Yakori says:

    Life has thought me that formidable predicaments, will invariably make one a better person.
    It’ll flung one to a path that’ll define his/her existence in life.
    It’ll strengthen one’s faith and makes one to persevere through harsh weathers.
    It’ll project one’s inner core that’ll be a catalyst for greater tidings.
    Even though some ordeals are self-inflicted due to man’s consistent escapades. Our diverse experiences whether self-inflicted or a conspiracy, will in the long run be a pre-requisite for your purpose in life. In the moment of adversity, one may feel dejected and pessimistic but with patience, perception and an unrelenting spirit, one will surely conquer.

    This episode delves on the terrific, zenith point in the lives of these 4 characters; Wura, Mahmud, Nick and Gene’s. They all at some point were the cause of their present circumstances, because they were young, negligent, too ambitious and heedless. Whilst, at other times, they just couldn’t escape the trap being orchestrated by those around them.
    Life is beautiful but you need to be armed for all that comes your way. It won’t be sweet always, bitter and sour drinks will be presented to one involuntarily. Your outlook at such times will determine your success or failure.

    It won’t be rosy for Mahmud when Wura finds out that he didn’t give her any contraceptive from the onset. It was premeditated by him. I feel for Wura. When she thought, she’d closed the chapter to her past life, another crises is swirling before her eyes.
    I know Wura and Mahmud will cement their wounds but it’ll be a bumpy ride before reaching their final destination. I wish them both a smooth recovery from their ordeal.

    I’m so, so happy Gene opened up to Nick. That’s a step in rebranding herself and realizing her self worth. With that, she’s won’t be Mother’s puppet anymore. She has to be obstinate but meticulous, it’ll help in achieving her aim. I believe Nick will be by her side as the battle has been aired.

    I can’t wait for the next episode, Sally dear. *smiles*

  32. Miss B says:

    Sally dear,am glad that gene is rebranding herself,i pray and hope nick wld stand by her as for Wura and Mahmud can their love conquer all d wahala??? Abey Wura shld just leave that her church jor and start attending Coza

  33. Hormowale says:

    just when i was raxing to read more, u ended it. Its nt fair ooo. Mami and mymood, pls dnt let religion separate u guys. Gen and Domi, i hope it ends well. Sally, abeg drop anoda episode quick oo.

  34. Walter says:

    Smartest move ever made, Genesis. Spilling your guts. Now no one can hold the truth over her, at least not where Dominic is concerned. Nice intriguing episode, Sally.

  35. Trixandra says:

    Mymood and Wuraola? Common intention between Bashorun and Mother to eliminate Nick. Why do I feel Genesis is playing games ? Aunt Sally, I know you always have a thing for twisted yet captivating stories, so I won’t conclude. Just watching you in 4D. May your pen never run dry

  36. sunnie Bimbo says:

    Ghen ghen! Dats all I have to say

  37. Seye Seye says:

    the whole thing coming together now…
    i know wura and mahmud would have themselves in a complex situation. mahmud seems a self absorbed person though, giving wura the wrong drugs despite not sorting whatever they had to sort isn’t best nah. dude just turned the babe’s life in another direction.
    the battle line is drawn between mamisi and genesis, bashorun and dominic, and the quartet. alignment and re-alignment of forces, and we’re in for something fantastic.
    big ups sally

  38. mandy says:

    Sally u’ve come again! Perfect twist

  39. obago says:

    Finally a ghost reader comes through. Thanks Sally for leaving this sweet story here after two years. And you know the good part? I don’t have to wait weekly for each episode. I jes munch my biscuit and enjoy each episode.


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