Novocaine Knights #14

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82 Responses

  1. sunnie Bimbo says:

    Awww, dis episode is just so overwhelming. bash’s two faced personality, Kasi is back with his babe (i ddnt see dat coming) n Lexus’ struggles with her feminity is so cute. N I love dat things r getting beta btwn her n Domininc

  2. Dupe says:

    Before reading ds I have to comment, hmmm Sally u are d best,thanks for posting this today. *hugs*

  3. peachesgurl says:

    Omo Sally…. I no fit shout. dis is getting out of hand o. D twist and turn in this story is sooooooo delicious, I cld taste it!!!!!

  4. peachesgurl says:

    Omo Sally…. I no fit shout. dis is getting out of hand o. D twist and turn in this story is sooooooo delicious, I can taste it!!!!!

  5. Tsakani says:

    Hehehehehehehe Genesis side chick… Very nice Sally… Thank you

  6. Matthias says:

    I’m a ghost reader who can’t help but comment how amazing your story telling skills contiune to blow my mind! Your characters are incredibly real. I feel like I know these people. Just awesome!

  7. Walter says:

    This simply throbs with emotion. I actually caught myself feeling misty-eyed at the father-daughter moment. *sniff sniff*

  8. miss b says:

    Family is everything ,thanks sally

  9. Timayin says:

    kai ! no be small thing. this got my heart racing big time.

  10. Gina_cres says:

    I’m happy for both father and daughter.
    The feeling is just awesome.

  11. sade says:

    Awwwwww I love the father daughter moment. Thanks sally for posting this, you are the ‘bestest’ lol

  12. jessie says:

    Very cool but pls release immortal code abeg

  13. jumai says:

    Sally u re d boss,tank you

  14. ugo says:

    Have I ever told u dat I love u as a writer, well I love u. Can 2moro jt b sat jare. U had me with dis episode. I’ve always been a sucker for father and daughter relationship.

  15. Yakori says:

    Didn’t see that coming; Kasi and his ex. Mademoiselle twists and turns. You sure know how to get one’s steps wobbling. This is what I want to see manifest between the duo – either of the friends; Lexus or Kasi should set up a tryst to express profound feelings felt for the other. Kasi still nurses some streaks of love for Lexus but doesn’t want to let it blossom. He doesn’t want to confront his fears that he really feels for his best friend. Some of the best of love and marriage union, is rooted from the base of friendship.

    Father and daughter moment was so heart touching. One could feel the emotions radiating within them. I love you Sally for manifesting this bond, so adorably. *thumbs up*

    Bashorun is a prominent example of the kind of bosom friends we keep. A stranger can’t penetrate into one’s life and cause havoc. An insider sets the puzzle for the stranger to execute his/her mission. Although, people will always scheme their way into your life, whether through tactics or someone you know.
    Can you imagine? Who would have thought the client is Bash? Wonders shall never end. With the cat out of the bag by Gene. Can’t wait for the eventual turn out of events.

    Gene should be careful of her movements. With what Bash told Mother. I know even though she told him it’s all part of Gene’s plan to get Nick in her grip. She harbors a suspicion about Bash’s accusations. Knowing she’d personally been a witness to Gene’s furtive feelings towards Nick.
    Nick should take Gene’s fiction-like narration, serious. All experiences in life when told by the victim or a witness sounds like fiction not a reality. But truth always supersedes stories.

    Now, the real countdown to next weeks’ episode begins today. This weeks’ installments has climaxed the plot of this series.
    You’re just the best dear, more wisdom to you.

  16. soulskey says:

    Oh my God sally u r gud cnt wait to c were dis is going to.

  17. Olubanky says:

    Mesef come dey feel like Lexus o….#pout# rily loving dis all d way

  18. Olamide says:

    Sally is just awesome. Thanks for this episode. I’m happy for Lexus for getting her dad back. The father-daughter moment was just WOW! I loooove eet! 😀

  19. kenny says:

    Wooow,so emotional rite now,love the bonding between fada n daughter.kasi u should ve done beta.Genesis,hmmmm don’t know wat to say

  20. @gladys says:

    Wow….I didn’t see kasi’s ex coming back…and that father/daughter moment,I wish I could have always,nyc one aunty sally.didn’t see this post coming in today.keep up the good work

  21. jamylah says:

    Sally U Have Just Killed Me!!!! Novocaine Baby!!!!

  22. toyosi says:

    so sweet of Dominic!sally u are the absolute best!can I get this like everyday?

  23. amy says:

    I just love people who use their heads just like dom is doing now,,,aunt sals,,how do u put these tins together,,I need to come learn,,u are good..@yakori,,lmao,this ur comment na short story on its own,,u should start writing too

    • Sally says:

      Lol! Yakori is a writer and a very good one. I will be putting up her work this week, so stay tuned.
      If you want to learn, just buzz me and I’ll be there.

  24. Beulah says:

    Wow! So happy for father and daughter. Really doing a great job, welldone ma.

  25. Ustyn says:

    Hmmm…somehow someone heard my request and granted it,am overly grateful,i love when family makes up,there is nothing imposible especially when there is a will….Bash will die of envy and am havin a feeling that Nick will now be seeing Gen as ally but not as lovers again though the romantic thgs wil stil go on maybe thats y he chose to giv her new car to Lexi… bonus,thanks exceedingly

  26. adefunke says:

    dt father-daughter bonding, me likey, thumbs up Sally madam

  27. phransea says:

    Thank you sally!

  28. akinwunmi felicia says:

    Gettn more interestn! More plsssssss, cant wait for sat ooo, plsssss moreeeee…..

  29. Olamide says:

    Interesting… More power to ur elbow.

  30. Ritzy says:

    N sally granted my wish….Thanks sal…u r a doll. Enjoyed this episode …Wud I be greedy if I ask DAT d next post be tomao… ;;)

  31. Sally Bonn says:

    Side piece and main chick I like, kudos Sally

  32. mario says:

    Love d fada- daughter reunion…. Wish dis could be made a movie, I would av loved “dance with my father again” the background song of the reunion scene… Lovely piece of writing ma


    yeah a daughter will always be her father’s main chick. a father will always have his daughter’s best interest at heart. thank God dominic is seeing to this now.

  34. samanith says:

    m finally out of ma ghost reader mode wit dis episode.Dom n lexus reunion captivated me..i love Lexus,she is strong..Sally,u rock

  35. Ronke says:

    I see no future with Kasi and his ex… Lexus should just relax cos she is gonna laff last
    And Genesis still has a verrrryyyyyy BIG Score to settle with HER MODA(i can sense serious IJA IYEMOJA). Lolsss

  36. modupe says:

    Sally,hello,how are u(Olamide’s voice) my fav moments of this episode : father and Daughter,at d moment wen ur children are worth more dan d pleasures out thr,, and also wen mamisi told lord bash abt wat he felt no one else knew,,nothing is ever a secret wen it involves more dan 2 pple…may my eyes alwaz be clear to read from u.

  37. chreez chreez says:

    Sally, this is totally of the hook. trust me. Ehmmm I don’t know for others oh, as for me, Sally you gotta make me a character cos these your female characters are just my kinda dream girlfriend/wife. Think about it oh

  38. isaac says:


  39. Damilola says:

    Awwww. I’m really jealous right now. I await the moment when my father and I would bond this way. I’m sure I’m going to cry too.

    Sally,you’ve got a beautiful mind. I wonder how it works. Well done dear.

  40. mandy says:

    Am in awe.

  41. joyce says:

    sally u are the best in love the story I cant wait to read the next episode

  42. ijeoma says:

    Am very happy 4 Nick & my favourite girl lexus. Am loving it all! Wura, Gen, mymood *smiles* U are blessed, Sally.


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