Novocaine Knights #15

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43 Responses

  1. Gina_cres says:

    Oh no! Don’t let your anger lead you into what you will so much regret later. Don’t harm that innocent child Woo. Don’t even dare!.

  2. oluwaseyi says:

    Awwwww, sally I’ll miss u for d nxt 3weeks. Am shocked! Hope dia will be anoda episode tomao!

  3. hannah says:

    Sally!!! Kindly post something tomorrow if you don’t want me to die of suspence. If you don’t, I may just kidnap you -____-

  4. @gladys says:

    Ha…just when the story was getting much more interesting ma’am…..ill miss you and your write up definately…ill miss novcaine knights…#FYI I just cried my eyes out knowing ull not be posting for a while.the Lord is your strength….takia

  5. phransea says:

    Ur taking a what!? That’s heart shattering 🙁

  6. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Jeez…Pls don’t lemme pass out from suspense Oooo…WOO, PLEASE DON’T DO THE ABORTON…Sally,please plead to Woo on my behalf…..Lovely piece;couldn’t be any better..

  7. Adewunmi says:

    Sally please post one more abeg. it should be about Genesis and Eyimofe and Dominic and Mother and beach. More Erotica!
    Good for EVA and bashorun, Na greed go kill them. To sally: take time out and work. I would wait. Regards to husband for allowing you to write. My love to your baby. you would be rewarded double.

  8. Tsakani says:

    Thank you Sally… I feel so bad for Wura… Hope she will not make a decision out of anger… Eva is so cunning…all the best for the next few weeks… We will miss you…

  9. pelumi says:

    Haba..sally, why are u putting us on suspense when you are going on a break. Pls dnt break my heart

  10. Kenny says:

    Let’s av another episode 2mao before ur break.pls plsssss.

  11. mariam says:

    Ha Sally oh! What a way to end this episode and to say we have to wait for a while……..feel like crying. Babe you are an amazing writer!!!!!!!

  12. Olamide says:

    Oh Sally! I’ll miss you so much. This is a breathtaking episode. This suspense is too much oh.

  13. deola says:

    Oh My Gosh! I jst luv sally, but nau dat u r taking a break, please another episode tomorrow, pleaseeeeeeee!!!

  14. the inkheart says:

    Sally!!!!! Please one more, just one more and we’ll allow you rest.. Don’t stop here 🙁

  15. chreez chreez says:

    wow thats it… mehn, Aunty Sally, you’ve got my pants ablaze. you’ve got my mind asking so much questions already. just help me hope that these questions which only you have answers to don’t run me mad before you answer them…

  16. mitchelle says:

    I will miss you……..#sadface#

  17. Olamide says:

    Wat re suspense dis is going to be…. Sally hmm,ok ooo,take care.

  18. Hardeshorlah says:

    Sally ds z mindblowing…. Tnx for dis episode, xo full of suspense. Gonna miss yhu. Takia

  19. Nice as usual…we dey chill

  20. olah says:

    I’m not saying what eva did waz right but it waz smart AF. I hope dt bash gets what he deserves. :).

  21. Yakori says:

    What a move by a father to get his daughter’s love back into her life. I want to believe Nick’s approach though ridiculous is believable. I just hope the actor dude won’t fall for Lexus’s queer charm. I’m really enjoying father and daughter familial bond and understanding. It’s so so so adorable.
    I see a new dimension in Nick and Mofe’s buried affair. Seems the initial, proposed marriage of convenience(turned to love by one partner) by the two will be taxing for take off sometime soon. Those that mean Gene and Nick will be a history?
    Gene will be in a limbo, when the ensuing events between Mofe and Nick manifests. I hope her love for Nick won’t push her to any limits.

    I see a roadblock for Wura and Tokunbo but this will glide away and they’ll surely be back together. I don’t want to think this is a drawn curtain for my favorite duo. It’s a needed hindrance to further strengthen the cord of trust, honesty, understanding and devotion between them.
    Looking forward to you casting one of your magic spells on their rocky relationship. Please, make it happen.

    Did that really happen to Eva?.. I wouldn’t have thought of rape even though I know Bashorun has an uncouth behavior. That vile act of his has definitely caused a vendetta between them. Let’s see how he’ll get himself out of this mess. Boorish him.

    This episode was so so so thick with lots of exciting mazes to trudge on. Looking forward to trudge on more ones. Kudos!
    Wishing you a blissful and graceful break. Have loads of fun. You’ll be missed ocean loads.
    Here’s a mountain of love, a big fat hug and rosy kisses.

  22. mandy says:

    3 weeks is looking like forever. Pls comeback

  23. Yolanda says:

    Wow suspense hope to see you soon. Lovely and nice enjoy your vacation sally.


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