Novocaine Knights #16

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  1. Sugee says:

    This was definitely worth the wait. But going by the nature of your job, I think you should take that break. But how do I separate sally from writing. Impossible. Lolzzzzzz
    Well done girl

    • Sally says:

      My dear, no one can really separate me from my keyboard o. Only God and since He hasn’t, I’ll write on.

      Thanks dear

  2. The King says:

    I will kill Bashorun if I had the chance, like sincerely murder the bastard. Haba! Only one person!

    Sal, I like the fact that you took the time to tell us the past; was wondering when you’l unravel that mystery

    Domi, is really a genius. Kasi should just finish what he started jor. He’s dulling me.

    Wura and Tokunboh…sally give thos two a break na? Abeg. They so love each othe.

    Best line “gravity is also known to run in straight lines”

  3. akinwunmi felicia says:

    ehhh, ds one though oo, ahnahn nick, ds kinda secret…. Wura? I sha no God can not be wrong! Dts if its God..

  4. the inkheart says:

    Oh sally, I will buy you the biggest bowl of your favourite ice cream and whatever snack to go with it. It was definitely worth the wait.

  5. Yakori says:

    I’m so happy to see my favorite duo; Wura and Mahmud stringing on the the ropes of reconciliation. I knew you’d make it happen. With all the cries, misery, and uncertainties, there’s a ray of hope gleaning upon them. Can’t wait to see how their discussion will pan out. I believe Pastor Ralph will advise her when she opens up to him, that’s if she does. Keep both of them going from strength to strength.

    That was a lot of revelation from Nick about Jibo and his escapades and what led to his death. Such a poor soul. I really feel sad for Mofe. Trying to move on with life while learning to accept Jibo’s furtive lifestyle and his mistress and children from another woman. It’s rather a mountainous burden to carry. Hopefully, with the this revelation, she’ll finally have a peace of mind. As her suspicions about his lifestyle are just mere speculations by her.
    I hope they work things out together and cement their union.
    That leaves Gene out of the picture but it won’t be that bad to see Gene start all over without Nick. But is that possible knowing how much she loves him and can give her life to be with him?
    Fingers crossed. Believe me, I won’t mind if he chooses to stick to Gene or start afresh with Mofe. I’m cool with whosoever you’ll fit the puzzle together with.

    Lexus and Kasi. I just love what they share. Kasi knows her too well to know she’s faking the relationship. I’ll keep saying it, he still loves Lexus but don’t want to confront reality. Till he accepts where his feelings hoisting him to, his sail aboard his ship will be very, very turbulent. Till then I’ll be enjoying the staged-love between Lexus and her over-sabi guy and Kasi and Chichi.

    That saga between Eva and Bash is getting hotter and hotter. A video clip of her escapades with the younger dude? Where did that come from. Bash isn’t only crude but unrepentant, selfish, cruel and perverted. He feels no remorse for his actions. Such guts. I’m mum on what to say to him. But I do know his actions will surely catch up with him, soonest.

    A surprise and a scintillating episode. More wisdom to you dear.
    Kudos! xoxo

    • Sally says:

      Yakori, just like you sit in anticipation to read each episode, I do the same for your contribution here. You guys, by your comments, help me see my character through a wider scope.
      I’ll always appreciate the time taken by you to stop by and pen down these lines.
      God bless.

  6. Gina_cres says:

    Oh my! I was reading as though it was unending. Never knew when I got to the last word. Was actually expecting more. Gosh! This is so ‘captivating’

  7. 'kinat says:

    tank u frm d bottom of heart.

  8. aderonke adekoya says:

    Plsssssssssssssssss another episode today

  9. busiryour says:

    sally,u are just too good,u must be born for this. really love everything u write.

  10. mario says:

    I tink I’ve learnt sumtin 4rm Wura, asking 4 ur heart desire which u feel can neva be answered ” challenging God’s capability”. Poor Genesis.. I hope she won’t loose all @ d end. Tanx for dis wonderful episode aunty sally, really threw lite into d darkness of d previous episodes. Gracias.

  11. Barbie says:

    Good to have u back Sally..I really enjoy reading from you..It was worth the wait..Kudos to you and success in all you do…

  12. mitchelle says:

    I’m looking forward to strangling Bashorun……thanks for this, Sally.Do have a wonderful weekend

  13. itheword says:

    My boy Dominic needs to get his act together. Stop all this love-triangle nonsense. You be Bella? Are they Jacob and Edward? You’re a man, for Sally’s sake. You’re a boss. I expect better from you. Be there acting like a love-sick teenager who can’t make up his damn mind.
    Wura, better run. I don’t trust that muslim boy. Forget it. What kind of love is this? Rubbish. Nigga tricked you into getting pregnant. What’s next? Why didn’t he marry you first? What kind of person tricks a woman into getting pregnant so she’s forced to marry him? What’s next? He’s gonna trick you into abandoning your faith? He’s a snake, and you’re thinking with your vagina. Kai!
    Lexus, e be like say na only you get sense pass all these yeye people.
    And watch out, guys – Chichi is gonna fuck Chris. I can see it already.

  14. debbie says:

    Sally dere u go again,lov every piece I read.tanx dear,morknowledge and wisdom*kissess*

  15. toyenlon says:

    Wow! What a revealing and interesting episode. Welcome back, more grace to u.

  16. tee says:

    Lovely as always sally… I so love the part of asking for the impossible to challenge him.. the fear of asking for it… the fear and anticipation of expecting what u asked for . .. the fear of that feeling of dissapointment when u dont get what you asked for. I love love love

  17. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    This is AWESOME!!! It was worth waiting for ma’am..loved it xo much..

  18. Evangel says:

    Sally,u’ve done it again! It was definately worth d wait! Novocain Knights is a crunchy bite I won’t miss 4 anytin! So proud of u & ur pen!

  19. topsy says:

    Sally am so thrilled reading novocaine knights,youu killled with the suspense in each episode. I’vee too confess I can’t wait to read it too the end. Keep it up

  20. yougeecash says:

    So I’m mighty glad that Jibo was not an armed robber. At least he wasn’t as bad as Mofe was led to believe and that’s a relief.
    Shebi Dominic think he’s a charmer that’s why he will just be doing anyhow. He cannot eat his cake and have it o. Ehen. Lemme gaan find my bazooka. I’ll help u take care of Bashorun.
    I’m glad to see things working out between Mahmud and Wura. The babe deserves a chance at happiness.
    And what is Kas trying to form? Mr Protector!

  21. chreez chreez says:

    Dear Sally, hope you know how much I love this series? yet you just make every episode so….. much more interesting than the previous. You’re the best….

  22. mariam says:

    Hmmnnnn Sally! Sally!! What can I say? U always blow our minds with the way you weave your tales. I have so much to say but not all of us are as expressive as u. Great job and good to have u back. We’ve missed you!

  23. Shubi says:

    I came to the Novocaine nights party a bit late, but am intrigued. Nice going Sally. I really wish Dom n Mofe will find each other, but for sure Genesis won’t let go without a fight #mamiwatatinz. God bless Sal n keep the words coming

  24. Winicares says:

    Sally thats a very good one, one of my friend has been bugging me to go to ur page, she was so particular about Novocaine Knights and believe me since tuesday i started i don’t want to stop. good work Sally ur page has become an addiction

  25. joyce says:

    sally tanks as for bash like Nick said every dog has it date so is bash


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