Novocaine Knights #17

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60 Responses

  1. oluwaseyi says:

    Dis suspense is killing oooo. Sally why am I not getting notifications again!

    • Sally says:

      Hi Oluwaseyi,
      you should be getting notifications now. If you arent’s please let me know and i will add your name to the mailing list.

  2. Olamide says:

    Hmmm. This is so intense! I really hope Lexus can handle this. Good job Sally, the way you brought out the characters is awesome!

  3. Dupe says:


  4. temi says:

    I av been trying to leave a comment all dese while…my fone is jx doing skonskon

  5. the inkheart says:

    The fight scene had me laughing and lexus’s response is just epic. Just two fucktards embarrassing their sorry old asses. I think this is my best episode so far *grinning*

  6. Hardeshorlah says:

    Dis z overkilling. Sally I luv yhu to d moon nd back! Wura mai dear, enjoy ur luv wif maimood,He’s real. Lex…hmmmm, u’r gonna tank ur dad for d plans u’r alwedi on kas’s mynd, big tym nd watch out for Mr chris oo, he myt end up fallin in luv wif u too. Nd for mai fone or d ntwrk… Pls post ds comment, coz mai comments hv bin bouncing bak to me. #ApiEaster

  7. Funmi says:

    I love u Sally..luvly piece….whatz doing Kasi sef??..Y is he dat jealous??..mtscheww

  8. Prince says:

    kasi should better start talking, cos time indeed would be running out fast, and let Lexus stop this game of hers b4 people get hurt

  9. topsy says:

    Sally the suspense is killing me here thinking of what’s coming next,oh lexus!

  10. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    I love this episode,is there any way i can favorite or star it?? Ma’am, the suspense is over-killing and i kept praying not to reach the end till i did. Thanks very much and may your ink never run DRY!!!

  11. Ronke says:

    Indeed this Chichi is a bitch …am sure when she didnt hv her way with Chris,she passed the nite with her Lesbian woman
    As for Lexus,??? will soon find urself entangle with 2 guys falling and fighting for ur love..
    Wura n Mymood,enjoy urslvs and dont think abt what ur church and siblings will say…..Love conquers all
    Sally darling,thumbs up……really wish we can be havin ds post @least twice weekly

  12. james says:

    Good job sally, I was reading slowly so that I won’t get to the end but unfortunately did *sad face*. Hope there will be Easter bonus post tomorrow

  13. Oh boy see Kasi oh !! Am so loving this!! More sally!! More!! Sally pls give us another one tomorrow now eh! This one was short.

  14. mavise says:

    Happy Easter sally. Lovely piece

  15. sunnie Bimbo says:

    Sally is d shii, I swear! U steady killing it ma. Can’t wait for d next episode

  16. HisHouT says:

    Intriguing story line…………. Love d suspense. Nice one

  17. ghostreader(rtd) says:

    kasi shld jst talk already o….luvly piece

  18. itheword says:

    As in, so vexed. Only like 2 scenes – They went to church and came back and there was a fight. No o! I no gree. Sally better do Easter special for us – an episode tomorrow and another the day after tomorrow, otherwise…!!!!

  19. debbie says:

    Sally baby,tanx 4 ds episode.lov u lik kilode

  20. Beulah says:

    Really loving this. Well-done ma

  21. Tsakani says:

    Sally too short… Could not believe it was the end… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  22. yougeecash says:

    Lovely episode!
    I enjoyed the conversations between the housemates. I found it really amusing that Ehi poured her tea abi coffee on Kasi. Hehe. Much meanness! As for Chris, I have a feeling Lexus might end up falling for him. Sisteh! You really do not want to be caught between two guys o. Ha.
    Ehen, I miss Genesis na. I’ve not seen her in two episodes now. Is she alright?
    Still rooting for Wura and Mahmud. These things are never easy. *fingers crossed that they make it through*

    • Sally says:

      Thank you so much, Oge. But wait o, i haven’t seen a fresh episode of rumor has it. Are you still writing it? cos you used to cc me but now you don’t. On my own, i am always off twitter unless it’s related to my job so please pardon me if i have missed an episodes. i will find them but please always cc me, darling

      • yougeecash says:

        Sorry sis! I assumed you were following the blog and thought it wasn’t necessary to mention you on twitter or include you in the bcs. You’ve probably missed 3 episodes. I posted one last Monday, a bonus for my birthday on Friday and then one yesterday. Was wondering why I didn’t get your feedback. *facepalm*
        I’ll be sure to Cc you from now on. I did do that for the most recent one sha.
        And thank you for this series jare. It’s super awesome! Just like you 😉
        And may I use this medium to inform you that I have just moved to Lagos. Now I absolutely must meet you in person. 😀 Cheers

  23. Sally Bonn says:

    Abeg Sally your just too good jare. People like you should be nominated for caine prize award etc. The suspense, intrigues and excitement in your writing, one cant even guess or pretend to guess the next episode or story. Kudos one of my favourite blogger and writer. I just could not keep this in. Like an oliver twist I want some more….. Episodes

  24. felicia says:

    Iwats ds nau kasi… Dnt act ds jealousy evn if its der, y do u rily want to fall in2 ds trap?

  25. Ustyn says:

    There is no doubt in saying your da bomb cuz your made for the top,keep doing what gives you joy….like that Chris guy,i kinda think he knows his game,Mahmud n Wura r just doing their thing…..just so you dnt 4get,He took our cross so we can boldly enter his gate with thanksgiving…..Happy Easter to you

  26. nanju says:

    Sally!!! Happy easter! Pls make my day and release episode 18 2moro…God bless the works of ur hand..

  27. modupe says:

    Saaaalllllyyyyyy of God. Happy Easter my dear. Weldone

  28. oluwakemi says:

    this episode is too short o. Good job sally

  29. Yakori says:

    I find this episode thrilling because of the combo of characters involved. You displayed my favorite duo; Wura-kunbo, Ka-lex, Chichi, Chris and Ehi all in one installment.

    The jealousy Kasi harbors for Chris is so, so evident like a jugular vein. I wish I could watch the scuffle between the 2 men. Chris is surely acting out his role so perfectly. I hope he doesn’t end up liking Lexus in the process.
    Kasi, Kasi, Kasi. You should ditch friend zoning Lex and start a union. I’m sure you both will enjoy being together.

    Lexus is excited to know that Kasi isn’t inlove with Chi-chi but loves another. Even though from what Chris told her, Chi-chi obviously doesn’t know it’s Lexus that has stolen Kasi’s heart. Can’t wait to see how the saga will turn out.

    My favorite duo; Wura-kunbo are sure trudging on despite the deterrent. I’m glad their faith in each other will strengthen the bond between them. I’m glad to see they’re willing to let their emotions lead them to their fate.
    Where’s that busybody Sister Kate or what’s her name sef? She better stay off these promising young couples in-the-making. Wishing them roses and lilies.

    Can’t wait for the next episode to see how most of the NK crew will have dinner with the master of the house, Nick. I wonder where’s Gene while all the drama ensued in the house. Bash and Eva? Waiting for their explosive threats to each other.

    Really, really enjoyed this episode, very intoxicating as usual of you.

    Happy Easter dear. Have a blessed and magnificent celebration. May the grace of The Almighty rain in your home. Amen.

  30. Sally says:

    Amen, Yakori

    Thank you


  31. chreez chreez says:

    See ehn Sally, the way you do this thing ehn?? you just make it look too real and like its sooo real… abeg you no go like teach me? and please don’t tell me Kasi has scoreed a goal in Lexus…

  32. joyce says:

    it high time kasi wakes up to reality n express his love towards lex
    good story keep it up


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