Novocaine Knights #18

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44 Responses

  1. the inkheart says:

    Shet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *joins wura in screaming*

  2. Sally Bonn says:

    I am letting out a piercing scream too. I liked how this was posted in the night. Sally abeg let nothing happen to Genesis Oooooo

  3. Ritzy says:

    Thanks Sal….u just made my night. I wonder wat happened to Genesis…

  4. Dan Auta says:

    Nooooooo!! Genesis cant die now..not now. I like dat gal. Pls aunty Sally, dont let Genesis die. Plsssss

  5. Muyiwa says:

    S.H.I.T hope Genesis aint dead..D suspense is terrifying..Big props madam

  6. Wooow! Sally!!! Woooow!!sally!.my mouth is open but no words sally!! I knw I begged for this episode but can I beg for another?

  7. debbie says:

    Weke!!!wetin kill her oooo,can’t wait 4 d next episode.thumbs up babe

  8. temi says:

    Jesus! But y na??? Pls, she must not die…..sally, y did u kill her during dis easther period without letting her meet Jesus?? Dont mind me o….thanks for d bonus episode..we love u much!

  9. Lolade says:

    Sally o sally!! U have done it again! *smiles*. Am in awe of your writing. nice one..cnt wait for the next epi

  10. gift says:

    Yeeeeeeee!!!!,I hope she isn’t dead o,tanx sally,ure my best girl @ d moment *grins*

  11. joy says:

    I’m sorry to say dis but I stil can’t bring myself to like dat genesis girl. But still It will be saddening for me if she dies for d sake of domnic. I remain team #domfe. And yes thanks to my favy writer in d www

  12. ronnie says:

    Haba! Sally…Genesis no fit die o pls do something biko!

  13. Dupe says:

    Hmmmm, I saw that coming.

  14. Tsakani says:

    Dead? How? Why?

  15. HisHouT says:

    U got to b kidding me…………Genny must not die…….plsssSssss

  16. hardeshorlah says:

    Yeeepa…. I didn’t even see ds comin Genny #shortofWrds

  17. @gladys says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwww….she must’nt die nah,how will my gEne character that I’ve come to like just die like dat??no nah…she’s got to wake up..#crying#…ma’am please do something o

  18. Yolanda says:

    Lifeless body! It means she is dead, what killed her it couldn’t be suicide.

  19. Essence CJ says:

    I dnt know if am touched by Genesis’ death,I dnt know if I like Dominic n Mofe together,I dnt know wat 2 say abt all d relationships here but I know I just love this story. Good job sally,hope 2 meet u on a good day.

  20. Olamide says:

    Yeeee! Genesis can’t die now o. Ha! Sally, this suspense is too much. You are a really good writer! Thumbs up!

  21. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s not the hot, luscious Genesis that kicked the bucket; it’s probably Ev…

  22. Eniola says:

    Why? Did Gene have to die?sobbing for her…but as always I trust Sally to take this home

  23. Queen Bee says:

    *screams* WHAT!!!!! Genesis can’t be dead just yet, no. There’s gotta be some sort of explanation. Geez!

  24. toyenlon says:

    Wow! Genesis dead? Hmmn…ok oooo, we shall see.

  25. Ronke says:

    Opsssss Gen is dead!!!!!!!!!could it be her *mother*,*Eva*,or *Balogun*

  26. yougeecash says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! Genesis ooooo!
    Sally! You just broke my heart! How could you kill Gene? She’s one of my favourite characters here nau. Eez nor fair o!
    I don’t even know who to suspect. Dominic will be really mad! Really, really mad!
    Ghen Ghen! Waiting for next week.

  27. tamara says:

    Ehn?!!!who haff u killed o?I don’t think it’s Genesis sha.Well done,sally!

  28. Yakori says:

    Don’t I just love the NK crew all in the same building. They really must have had a memorable and a superb dinner with the host. Not to talk about the karaoke, which was the spice of the dinner, obviously.

    Kasi is sure enjoying Chris’s act, as she keeps indulging and acting out too in the fake relationship.
    In as much I knew Kasi and Lexus would be back together. Didn’t know you’ll manifest it furtively and through a quickie. That was exciting for me, even though it wasn’t a formal hook-up. Would prefer the whole crew to be in the know. I know you’ll surely make that happen.

    I love the bond that radiates between Wura and Tokunbo. So real and promising. I’m happy she let in the NK family into her pregnancy issue. For her to do that, it definitely displays a level of maturity, trust and honesty. Wishing the couples the best of all worlds.

    Eva and Gene’s session was adorable even though they aren’t best of friends nor acquaintances. For her to maturely tip Gene on Nick’s weakness., it takes a lot for someone like Eva. I like that.

    Being trying to wrap my head around why Gene would want to pack out because of Mofe. Although, it’s quiet fathomable since Nick can’t seem to settle for 1, between the 2 ladies. I want to believe his togetherness with Mofe mightn’t be possible but with this bombshell of Gene, murdered, I see a change in plot. I know Nick wants both women for different purpose in his life.
    Mofe for the affinity between them and her humble but distinctive personality. While, Gene for her mysterious life, appealing passion and regal presence which he’s stuck to. But he wanted to have the best of both women, spend quality moments with Gene and flush her out gradually when he wants to settle for Mofe. It doesn’t work that way, Mr. .You can’t have your cake and eat it.

    Now to the bomb explosion you offered us at the end of this lovely episode. What was that all about and why would anyone kill Gene? She’s an interesting character I would have loved to see transcend. And all that dream is diminished for me.
    Why na? But I wonder who’s responsible. I have 4 suspects. Mother, Bashorun and Eva.

    Suspect #1
    Everyone knows Mother isn’t happy how Gene gave in to her emotions and ended up foiling their contract on silencing Nick. So she’s without doubt my 1st suspect.
    Suspect #2
    Bashorun gang raped her on Mother’s instruction, so he might have murdered her so she won’t go spilling the beans, even though their isn’t any proof to indict him.
    Suspect #3
    Lastly, Eva since this young lady has finally captured her baby-mama’s heart. So she may want to put her out on the way to try and win over Nick.
    Intuitively, Nick keeps popping up into my mind. Don’t know why, perhaps they had a misunderstanding and in the process something went terribly wrong, hence, this tragedy.

    All those are speculations but they’re my suspects so far.
    I just hope this murder is a dream by Wura or any of the NK family.

    Can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. Count down begins.
    You’re the best dear. More wisdom to you. Take care and may the blessings of the Lord cloud you, always.

  29. Seye Seye says:

    I honestly wish there’s a way Genesis won’t die, I really really do…
    Wura and Mahmood stay disappointing me and I’m loving that. Sticking together despite obvious differences, working on the differences and maybe they’ll eventually turn it into strength.
    And what do I say of the Kasi-Lexus-Chris triangle? Too much drama. Looking to see where Chris ends as Lex can’t just seem to get over ChiChi’s Kasi.
    As for the Bash, even if he wasn’t in this episode, he should still get punished. His kind is just a curse on humanity.
    Thanks for this wonderful story Sally. Thanks for being a blessing vis it. You will never run out of ink

  30. what is going on???? Sally!!!

  31. mario says:

    Yeepaahh!!!! Moi sexy genesis cannot come and die just like that now.. This got to be some sort of mistake Aunty Sally, pleass check properly if its not some sort of error.. *sobbing*

  32. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    I love this, but did Genesis have to’s a wondrous piece.

  33. tee says:

    But sally u dey write sha………. I honestly al…ways look forward to reading from u always

  34. Ustyn says:

    Such an interesting episode,worst still that i found out about the episode few minutes ago…the whole dead scene seems like a fairy tale but i wouldnt really doubt it afterall in reality death just seems to knock whn ur not looking.,….Sal i dnt know of a any new adjective to describe ur ingenuity,ur just pure quality,i only wnt to thank God 4 u

  35. saintytd says:

    Hmmmmmm! Keeping my fingers crossed still.

  36. mitchelle says:

    Sally,you are too dramatic.why did you kill Genesis?….i see you love Mofe and you have a better plan for her if not,Mofe should be the dead one not Genesis.
    Chris is going to create a love triangle with the way he is going about things,i love the burning passions that Kasiobi is exhibiting.
    Wura and Mahmud…okay…interreligion marriage,”for or against”? cant wait to know if love will be enough to keeo them togther.

    Sally,you are such a talented writer,i must tell you,you motivate me.

  37. Bman says:

    Wonderful episode,Sally! It took a second reading before I could decode Eva’s death,not Genesis (I may be wrong though). Really nice,thank you!

  38. chreez chreez says:

    yes yes! all the winchi winchi must die. Thank God me i kukuma don’t like winch dem. well down Momsi. Seems like i’m your favourite pikin cos you always do what i want…

  39. mariam says:

    Wow! Genesis dead? Trust Sally to come up with something like this….. its not fair oh! Toh we are waiting to see how it all works out cos ur mind is totally unpredictable. Amazing job though…..

  40. itheword says:

    Sally, I don’t need to tell you how to undo this mess you’ve created for all of us. Genesis, dead? Lol you’re joking o. To ba, o. No be so, o. Genesis cannot die o. Just use that magic pen of yours and provide one fantastic twist and bring her back to life. Genesis, ke??? HAHAHAHA! No way!
    But, I’m very serious right now, you can’t kill Genesis. Why are you doing this!??!!?

  41. topsy says:

    Sally no! This can’t be happening,why?

  42. mandy says:

    Nooooo thats all I can say

  43. Chukwude says:

    New Reader! Addicted for the last 2 days…Now my Comment!!! Screams with WURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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