Novocaine Knights #20

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71 Responses

  1. consyspark says:

    omg… this is really tragic……

  2. consyspark says:

    tragic.. very tragic

  3. olah. says:

    Two weeks ke !!!!!!!!! . Sally you can’t do this to us 🙁 , plzzzz. Anyway. Awesome twist. But dominic is foolish tho ! Gen run for the hills !

  4. Harshabie says:

    ????????????shedding tears……. Oh God I pray never to have a share of loss big or small nd d entire crew nd fans…. Painful loss……..????????????

  5. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I read Dominic’s confession of affection for Genesis rather wistfully, wondering when I’d say those same words to a girl and mean them. But the way he treated Genesis in the aftermath of Eva’s death leaves much to be desired. His murderous anger at Bashorun, another story entirely. Genesis, come to me, come to dada!!!

  6. HisHouT says:

    Hmmm…………..death stirs hidden emotion. I felt 4 Donimic loss. N for Bashorun he deserve d beating but plsssssss dnt let him die. Wat a tragic story #sad#

  7. Olamide says:

    Sally, two weeks? That’s a long time oh! This episode is sad, I enjoyed the twist though. Dominic should put his rage in check. History has repeated itself. I hope it doesn’t destroy him.

  8. Bim says:

    Sally, U killed it loving dis episode but 2wks is tooooooo long jor. Aside dis pls what about Immoral Code now. God bless U plenty.

  9. Gloria A says:

    Hmmmmmm…. A very captivating episode. I was kinda hoping Eva would make it somehow, her death is quite painful. But please, Bash has to make it, because he deserves a very slow and painful death.

  10. kenny says:

    This story got ma eyes all wet,its so sad

  11. jessie says:

    Very nice but d suspence is just 2 much pls send me d password to immortal code and fish brain games

    • Sally says:

      Jessie, fish brain games has been unlocked just go to the category and read it.
      Immortals Code is still under lock and key

  12. brytnex says:

    two weeks!! ?. Well, we will patiently wait. Thank you for today’s episode.
    I know you are the anchor of this ship, but aye captain, i’ve been meaning to asked if lexus has recovered from her amnesia? Has Wura’s incubus finally gone?. Don’t mind my questions sha. Maybe after this break I’ll understand. Thnk you.

    • Sally says:

      Lol! It’s okay to ask the questions. You know me, I’ll never leave anything out. In due course, all will come to light. Thanks, Brytnex

  13. Ibilola says:

    Oh mehn!!!!!! 2wks is a long tym tho

  14. phransea says:

    Hmmm I can’t say I’m sad he messed bash up tho in fact I applaud nick 😀

  15. Tii says:

    Wow… Nick should hope Bash makes it o. This just got real

  16. debbie says:

    Noooooooo nah sally,2weeks ke?oti poju sooooo scared 4 dominic.y did he av 2 go 2 dat missin u alwedi#sad face#

  17. xaune says:


  18. topsy says:

    Sally 2 weeks ke this suppense is killing me…….Bash deserves the treat hope he enjoyed it but please history must not repeat itself,damn poor Lexus………

  19. ai says:

    Two weeks is too much oooooooo…….plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Hmmmmmmm…..Dominic d beater..Genesis d dreamer…couldn’t remove mai eyes of d scream….learnt plenty of lessons already….so many Eva’s outsyd….Thumbs up Sally!!!..more power

  20. busiryour says:

    u are just too good!U really have a high level of intelligence. thanks for this brain work

  21. deola says:

    OMG!!! What is happening, more trouble is brewing. But Sally, two weeks is long o

  22. yougeecash says:

    oh wow. wow.
    Eva is really dead.
    I liked that the emotions in this episode were palpable. Lexus’ hurt, Nick’s anger, Gene’s confusion. Sigh.
    This was really sad. But it was really good. I’ll wait patiently till you get back

  23. zizi says:

    2weeks!!!, pls sally…I can’t wait….

  24. tamara says:

    Wow…the emotions in this episode…wow.

  25. Noksis says:

    Too much tragedy. Was almost tearing up. Hope we see some brightness after the mourning. Good job Sally

  26. I almost cried sally, I jus have a feeling that this story will have a tragic end. I feel broken by wat dominic did, eva shldnt have died now,Mofe shld hv stayed,Genesis shld hav been the bad one and lexus shldnt hv gotten hurt again*sobs*. Why!!!!Sally

  27. Akin says:

    OMG! I feel so sorry for Lexus. Nice write up ma’am

  28. joy says:

    dis Gene gurl sef too like man! pplsss give nick a break, go comfort lexus she needs it more. Nick darlyn,I tink u shud check ur anger baby,so not good for ur health.I hope notin happens to HisF***ingRoyalHighness so my nick won’t be in a deep shit. Sorry lexxy for d loss of eva. And lastly thanks sally but two weeks is too long to mourn sha ooo*sadFace*

  29. itheword says:

    Chai! Chimo! Nick! I understand. But Sally, you can’t give us this awesome episode and disappear for 2 weeks. Wettin na!? If ur husband denies u food for 2 weeks, will you like it? One good turn deserves another. Just give us one small episode before u commot, pls!!!!

  30. Beulah says:

    So sad Eva has to die, feel so sorry for Lexus and Bash actually deserves that just that Nick shouldn’t be in trouble o but mehn two weeks is long o

  31. yaks says:

    2wks is 2much oh ha! Abeg o! u don start dis ur disappearing act? *smiles*Nice write up, enjoying every bit of it

  32. zhane says:

    nice one. Kudos!!!

  33. rakiya says:

    Genuis!…I look forward to the next piece.I feel sad for Lexus though

  34. Seye Seye says:

    Each episode only brings something different to make this story interesting. Big ups Sal.
    So Bash finally owned up but how Nick coaxed him to do that is something else…
    Dude got brains but his anger is something else.
    Genesis expressed a kind of shock that surprised me when Nick came clean about how he ‘bashed’ Bash. Scared or got something to hide?
    I’ll wait for the 2 weeks, its gone by some days already anyways 😀
    Thanks for sharing Novocaine Knights with us Sally. God bless you

  35. xta says:

    I must really commend u,more ink to ur biro ,more blood to d finger tips u use to type…Ur stories are wooooww u never disappoint me!keep it up

  36. haryoka says:

    So sad I feel 4 lexus

  37. Yakori says:

    This is a saddening episode. I feel with the NK characters grievances. It’s evident in their countenance, discussions and even the ambience around Nick’s house.

    I’m sad about Eva’s death too. I knew Bashorun was a treat to her life but didn’t anticipate her demise.
    Both father and daughter are really gripped by this tragedy.
    Especially Lexus as she’s in a state of shock and needs all the attention she can get to enable her out of her traumatic state.

    Nick’s rage provoked him to put Bashorun in a life and death row. I don’t want him to die yet, rather let him be tried and sentenced in a court of law. Let him pay for his dire deeds, feel the pain, thus getting humiliated. His suffering will really gladden me. Swines like him aren’t suppose to die without going through pangs of hardship and trauma.

    Wura needs all the love and care from Mahmud being the one to bump upon Eva’s lifeless body. It must be a phase of mental distress for her.
    Gene’s baffling attitude after Nick’s outburst is a mask that unveils more about the man she’s Inlove with. Seeing this side of him is a puzzle to her. I feel her.

    Sallllyyyyy you didn’t send me what I requested for or perhaps you didn’t read the mail..
    I’m waiting, lol.
    A *fantabulous* installment but 2 weeks for grieving?
    Hhhmm! Not a bad idea though. The NK characters deserve this gesture of sympathy from us. I hope we’ll be reading other posts from you till then, especially FBV.. I’m so hooked to that though I don’t leave comments but will start soon.

    Much love sweets.

  38. felicia says:

    sally ds is gettin too lng nau… Jst let ds joy continue.

  39. chreez chreez says:

    Sally you know me now, i would miss you. i almost screamed off my head in the begininning when you said Eva is dead… you are still my best Mrs Sally…

  40. Winicares says:

    yes its good u give them time to mourn, though its not going to be easy for everyone at Novocaine Knights.. cos one way or the other they are tied to Eva, i will miss her. good job Mrs Sally


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