Caught Up #1 by @loglilmary

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35 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    I read half way and had to go get popcorn and la casera. Awesome! Mind blowing!
    Best short story in a while.
    I can’t wait for the part 2.
    You’re headed places!

  2. Gloria A says:

    A very captivating piece… Well done!

  3. Ajoke says:

    Great work. Couldn’t stop till I got to the end.

  4. Olamide says:

    This is a beautiful piece! Eagerly waiting for Part2.

  5. mary says:

    @Daniel- thanks a lot!the next episode is worth d wait.@Gloria-thank you Gloria!!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I really like, although the part of him asking how she can afford her long hair?…. I thought her parents “hold” so the allusions of suspicion seems farfetched

  7. Owen says:

    Nice piece, part 2 pls….

  8. patience says:

    nice one dear friend, I just could not omit a line of it. so catchy. I love the choice of words as well as the imagery, so creative. More inspiration to your mind dear.
    Tombs up

  9. Tsakani says:

    You are a very good writer Mary, never ever doubt it and deny us the chance to enjoy your work… Very well written, the articulation is on point and it captures the imagination.. You are talking about a very sad story and a reality for most graduates in Africa but somehow you manage to make it funny too… Now may we please have the next one 🙂

  10. maestro says:

    U r da next bomb to explode. Nice piece

  11. consyspark says:

    is it only me that noticed the fact that he peeped on himself??? and prison cos of iPhone… where z my pop corn…. nice one mary

  12. Ustyn says:

    Will be waiting for more episodes,really typical naija young grad…nice work Nsy

  13. toyosi says:


  14. Favour says:

    OK Ok, so you can’t write? Seriously?

    Babe, this is really good.There’s room for improvement of course,especially your editing @spelling!

  15. Mia says:

    Two words…Not at all bad. Oh, sorry, that was four words 🙂 Which goes to say that only a few words cannot say how this story is all shades of amazing! Might write a book tryna say it all! 😉 Hit us soon with more mind blowing creativity, will you? Twiddling my thumbs…

  16. Muyiwa says:

    Yo mary …if madam sally said you are good then belive u are good…nice storyline when d second part go show nah?

  17. mary says:


    You all have made my day and this is an awesome pre-bday gift from y’all.

    I’ve taken note of all d corrections and will definitely work on them.

    Next episode promises to be better!Thank you everyone once again. God bless you!

  18. noble says:

    seriously u’ve got brains…. Vry interestin story …had tu suspend things tu read it line afta line.. U killed it..cant wait for d 2nd one.

  19. freddie says:


    Spellings, a word or two omitted somewhere..

    All d same, lets have part 2 pls

  20. Amina says:

    Good job, Dats the word for it. More grease to the hands that pit this up, and to the brain that made it possible to this great piece. Why’s jovie taking it so personal na?

  21. oke says:

    d story is so real and u awakened my imagination i luv it already.

  22. oke says:

    and d prison part, i felt like it was a movie i absolutely luv it

  23. scribbledheartbreak says:

    It’s a wonderful piece, felt it reeling over and over like a 3D flick..

  24. scribbledheartbreak says:

    Looking forward to its second edition. You are a wondrous writer!!!

  25. xaune says:

    Weldone Mary! cant wait 4 d next episode. u are really good. thank Sally 4 dis discovery.

  26. matil bee says:

    Mind blowing indeed. D fictious ideas are almost S???????????? real one would begin †????????? imagine ??U????? were actually there. And who says she isn’t a great writer? Believe ??????? she is an excellent writer. All you need do is believe in urself and let God lead ??U????? yo greater heights. Looking forward †????????? d next piece

  27. zizi says:

    I like this…

  28. Bejide says:

    Sis mary dis is breathtaking more grace

  29. kenny says:

    Woow,jst love the story line,especially the first sence.keep it up,more grace

  30. mary says:

    @Noble;Thank you!!!!

    @Freddie;Thanks a lot!Sorry about d errors.

    @Amina; awww!thank you.don’t mind Jovie jare!

    @Oke;I am glad I got ur imagination racing… out 4 d next episode

    @scribbledheartbreak;thanks a zillion!wait for d next episode!!!!!!

    @xaune; thank you very much! Thanks 2 Sally too for being amazing!

    @matil bee;AMEN!thank you for ur kind out 4 d next episode!

    @zizi;thank you!!!!


    @ Kenny;Thanks a lot!Amen!

  31. saintytd says:

    Beautiful story! Keep it up! *smiling *

  32. mary says:

    @Saintyd;thank you Saintyd!I definitely will

  33. Rebekitah says:

    In one word “superb”… Keep it up!

  34. mary says:

    @Rebekitah;thanx a lot dear.I really do appreciate ur comment.

  35. wasma says:

    Na waa oo. Where dis kind story go hide all dis months. Nice 1 mary. U r dope.


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