Saving Dapo #14 by @seunodukoya

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7 Responses

  1. isaacola AA says:

    Ouch Seun, is it only me, it keep getting shorter by the day!

    Good job boss

  2. busiryour says:

    yes o,its really short.nice write up

  3. @gladys says:

    ?^ ^? hahahaha…I have to say dapo is that mope is back in d picture things are get to get more complicated

  4. oluwaseyi says:

    It really keep getting shorter! I dnt want to knw wat appen to mope , all I knw is yemisi must not get hurt ooooooo.

  5. Adewunmi says:

    Seun nice write up! i must say. Please hook Mope and Remi up. Let Yemisi not regret the day she knelt down to accept Dapo into his life because she saved herself for the guy she liked. Mope should have looked for Dapo when she didn’t get married. (You have me hooked)

    Thank you.

  6. AOS says:

    Plz don’t break Yemisi’s heart ooh bcuz dat Remi guy looks lik a player.

  7. Gannie_perrie says:

    Wao nyc write up guy.. U’re getting me addicted 2 dis blog o


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