Saving Dapo – The Finale by @seunodukoya

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6 Responses

  1. DoubleDee says:

    Wow! Would have loved for Yemisi to end up with Dapo though. Still not sure about Remi…. And hey how come no one feels awkward about the whole ‘love triangle’ they were all acting normal. Weird to me…

  2. Nonye Classic says:

    Ah Ah! How was Dapo saved na? #sad

  3. foladee says:

    Errrrrr… how did Yemisi and Remi end up together????????????

  4. Ibilola says:

    Omg!!!!! Omg!!!! Omg!!!!! Tears in ma eyes too :'(

  5. deby says:

    Wow….wuld hav likd it more if it had bin Dapo bt is stil a wow 4 me

  6. zizi says:

    Yemisi nd remi how nah? Kinda confused tho…


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