Tactics and Excuses Nigerian Men Use to Avoid Having Sex With Condoms

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  1. Dayo says:

    Nice piece Sally. As much as we are castigating men who give excuses and use different tactics for not using condoms during sex, we should also note that there are a lot of women who do not like using condoms. Some of them use some of the excuses above like, I enjoy sex better skin to skin or “you don’t trust me enough” or downright accusing the guy of cheating if he insists on using a condom

  2. Hilarious! love this.

  3. Ronke says:

    Nice one

  4. Noksis says:

    After living inf fear and anxiety of wether i was pregnant or not, after a no condom experience. I learnt my lesson. And thank God i didnt get pregnant.
    Women should learn to take their destiny into their hands.

  5. an anonymous u might know says:

    well, im married but initially i didnt like the ‘mess’ that occurs during sex. so once my wife took in, i told her that want to use comdom but she preferred ‘skin to skin’ but i got d rubber any. we used it once and she didnt like it. i m afraid that after she is delivered of a baby, she might take in immediately again cos she is opposed to taking peels or injection for family planning. d dilima now is that we agreed to have just one kid.
    this is just to support what Dayo said, that some women are equally guilty if not more guilty than some men in this issue

  6. Tsakani says:

    In the age of HIV? People still do this with random guys/girls…it’s so sad… Let’s wake up and look after ourselves. HIV does not infect promiscuous… Even ordinary people that get sweet talked… Let us not make choices that may affect us for life because of temporary feelings…

  7. oke says:

    d part about trust is most common as if trust gives us d right to be irresponble tnks sally

  8. samir says:

    This makes sense. And it’s funny too. I no go lie, I don use some of the excuses but that’s in d past sha

  9. Z says:

    Good post. I’m always amazed when your topic is men some of your male readers must comment that we too have our issues. Lol. Usually you deal with everybody in your own time.

  10. wana.D says:

    After terrible mistakes in my past, I don’t think I’ll be dat stupid to fall for any sweet-talking guy.
    Male or female, we shd start being responsible.

  11. adeola says:

    hi sally, thankgod i got through today… i am an ardent long time reader… thumbsup for all ur stories n writeup…it keeps me going… but most times, d pages just wunt open…and wen it does, i find it frustrating wenever i want to comment, it just wouldn’t upload. I just hope this will.

  12. alex says:


    And so so true

  13. phransea says:

    Just the tip baby just the tip I just wanna feel u *rollseyes. I think guys go to a special school whr they learn to say these things cos it has happened to practically all d girls I know. Haba!

  14. saintytd says:

    Hmmmmm, don’t know why some people won’t just learn. Even in a marriage, d risk is higher, especially when you want to plan your home. Women be wise(r). Thanks Sally. I hope you get this

  15. Sims says:

    The statistics of 8 out of 10 is scary. We need help

  16. The King says:


  17. Matthias says:


  18. Gina_cres says:

    Wow! Nice write up.
    Have actually heard 90% of these words but to the Glory of God, never gave in.
    SOME men/guys are deceptive and we ladies need be careful.

  19. zhane says:


  20. mavise says:

    Sally tank U? for this post , as soon as i finished reading i had to share so many ladies need to read dis. But U know sally atimes the girls are the ones who want to do without the condoms because they want to carry belle for the guy and force his hand(by force marriage)

  21. tee says:

    Lovely piece as always Sally.. but d tin is nyama… lol but saves big time. Safe or none

  22. Dupe says:

    This is so so true, almost every guy out there uses these scopes

  23. Haddie says:

    Interesting piece! But is it wrong to discard d condoms when u are in a monogamous relationship ?

  24. Seye Seye says:

    Nice one here Sally. We all should let our brains, not emotions, guide us.


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