After Dark: These Chicks Ain’t Loyal

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19 Responses

  1. kevwe says:

    Soooo True!!!….nice one

  2. Jojo says:

    Yeah. The truth is guyz are getting more stupid gone are those days were guys got girls to choose from and no matter how little the amount is the guy shoots the girl away(not dissing the female folk tho)the past fact.

  3. Jojo says:

    All in the name of getting laid 17 hrs of driving..’was he that desperate’…just look for a queen lady and when you come across all these chewing gum ladies that are only sweet when you throw sugar in your mouth,just spit them out and cover with sand (literally put them where they belong far away beneath you)

  4. MissMeddle says:

    Darn you, Celine!!! :'(

  5. Olajumoke says:

    There is God ooo

  6. noksis says:

    it is really sad. I think it boils down to values. What is values in life these days about. People only value material things and out with dignity, morality and decency. So sad.

  7. adeola says:

    Hmmn! may God save us from men n women ov d whold… morals n virtues is lost… weldone mrms anonymous.good piece.

  8. adeola says:

    I do op some ppl av learnt dia lessons sha… dat is d kokolet. weldone.

  9. sekinat says:

    dat guy na yeye guy. bt seriously wat is,celine’s fault? wat celine is experiencing is nt d same as everyone. love is beautiful

  10. justice b says:

    so Sally here is d truth i dont like u goin around n spreading rumours dat r not confirmed. first off d guy didn’t drive for 17hrs to get laid bt for her bday. i read all her tweets m she never for once insulted d guy or said wat u said she said. in fact it all started wit d guy replying her tweet he actually drive 12 hrs round trip which I mean coming n going all together. they r very close n it had nothing to do with sex but long lost frnds reconnecting. people on twitter hyped d whole thing and u didn’t investigate before concluding . they were tweeting jokingly at eachoda n next thing is people saying rubbish he had to delete his account no matter how hard he tried to explain people were saying shit causing emotional trauma so pls let rumour be rumour n not fact

    • Sally says:

      Hi justice b. i’m not going around spreading rumors. First of all, i didn’t write the article as it is clearly seen above. you obviously missed that fact out when reading it. Did you see the place where the writer mentioned ‘his wife’?
      secondly, i think everyone has an opinion to write whatever they want to write or have a perception of what they want. and i don’t think the writer said it was fact, from his first statement, he said ‘the gist that is going round’.
      thirdly, it is gossip and people are allowed to talk about stuff as they wish. But if either the guy or the chick feel this article has hurt them, they should express so to me and i will take it down. Any other person speaking on their behalf is only expressing their opinion as well, which is welcome. I’m not here to hurt anyone but to give people the floor to express themselves.
      In conclusion, the article remains.

  11. chioma says:

    Hmmm….nice write up and good message. But i would like to state that the young man was well received and should not ask for more. His actions were right…he had to meet someone he liked in person…she received him well, this should be the begining of their friendship not to be seen as been ” carzoned”. As any other action such as kissing him or sleeping with him would ruin their budding relationship. The pillars of lasting Relationships are built by such loving actions. And if a girl was silly enough to take to twitter to reciprocate such act of love….only time would teach her the value of the person she had lost with her careless action because such a guy would have been an asset to her whether in a relationship or out of it.

  12. tobbie says:

    1st, if one actuallyexperienced love n culture bk in d days, then u will concur with all that has been written here….though few exceptions r expected but morals wasn’t this bad.

    These girls ain’t loyal, the guys r getting dumber….

  13. Olori says:

    Exactly what is happening in our world today. As for me,if a guy travel that long for my birthday, I will be happy ooo and will quite appreciate me cos to me…little things matter

  14. itheword says:

    Had a long discussion / argument yesterday with a girl I met a week ago. We were talking about marriage, and I told her that a woman who takes good care of herself, behaves properly and fears God will have no problem finding the right man, no matter how long it takes. My friend went on about how it’s difficult for girls to find the right man because men want beautiful sexy women, and a woman needs money to take care of herself to attract the right man. She went on to point out that women need money to really look good, because there are no ugly women, just women who don’t have the necessary money to look good.

    Um, OK. I told her we all have to cut our clothes according to our sizes. If you earn 80 grand a month then spend according to your means. She countered with: the necessary clothes are expensive and money is needed. Money, money, money.

    Basically, her point was money is necessary in a girls life and guys need to stop complaining and pay up. It’s not down to girls to spend their own money looking good, because their money isn’t enough.

    That’s the logic of today’s Nigerian woman (a lot of them, at least). I feel sorry for today’s Nigerian man. As for me, white women still dey, na lol

  15. NkD says:


  16. NkD says:

    Interesting piece I must say

  17. hacolyte says:

    hmmm,I’m lost for words to really express maisef but God dey shaa.

  18. Gerald says:

    Why kiss and tell when chop and clean mouth gets you more meals/meat?


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