After Dark: Dear Mr and Mrs Anonymous, My Boyfriend is a Serial Cheater

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7 Responses

  1. Dan Auta says:

    Ok. I dunno if I’m supposed to comment on this or not..but I’d like to categorically state that ”GOOD men still exist” *clears throat* thats all!

  2. Ustyn says:

    There a lot of good people out there both gender but when we are hurting we tend to believe none is good out there,like the advice…..

  3. an anonymous u might know says:

    i have not bn following this. it’s a good thing here. i agree with all ur points here except d last sentence of d fourth point. it is better not to give another trial after many wasted trial. it takes the spirit of God and d willingness of a cheating man to stop cheating. if these two are lacking, then there is no point giving another chance. if she does not quit him now, the guy will quit her at point she list expected. this can lead to depression that may lead to psychosis disorder. let her take the exit door now that she can see d door clearly.

    • MrMrsAnonymous says:

      You’re right. And naturally, we would advice people in Miss T’s situation to just get up and go but it’s usually easier said than done. From experience, most women who just get up and leave without a proper detachment always come back when the man goes to beg. Hence we give a general advice, asking them to give the cheater one more chance once they set their priorities right and from most cases, the ladies don’t wait until the guy cheats again, they leave on their own, having discovered a new sense of self. In a particular case, the cheater surprisingly changed his lifestyle completely.

  4. Sally Bonn says:

    All men don’t cheat its just a conspiracy theory put out by certain people to make excuses for their cheating selves.


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