Secrets #4

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46 Responses

  1. Goody Henry says:

    Hmmm,such a clause surrounding what we are yet to understand. Keep the good work up and may your ink never seize to write IJN

  2. noksis says:

    oh no. And the secret is not yet out. Could kunle have fathered the children. Fingers crossed

  3. adefunke says:

    Property wit condition, ok nw

  4. mariam says:

    Can’t wait for the contents of the letter to be revealed. I have a hunch Kunle is the twins dad and he doesn’t know…… I guess I have to wait and find out. Good job Olaedo.

  5. soulskey says:

    Mi likey

  6. Beebah says:

    Wow!!! Getting groovy *music*…..thanks Sal for posting today

  7. consyspark says:

    Sooo is t kinle n bunmi???.. Wat a fiesty old granma… Me likey…..

  8. Sally Bonn says:

    This kind grandmother even from the dead has control. I am still waiting for the secret when is it going to be out. Nice one Olaedo and Sally too for making this available to us on this blog.

  9. toyenlon says:

    Hmmmn, its like Kunle and Bunmi do have history indeed but her dad is not in support. Fingers crossed till next episode.

  10. sunnie Bimbo says:

    I can’t imagine the weight of the secret for d grandmother to go to this extent to fix things. Na wa o

  11. salim says:

    her father is the father of those kids

  12. Bibi says:

    Love love love …. Just read all 4 episodes #AwesomeRead

  13. DoubleDee says:

    Chei, chei, chei…. Lemme guess who the father is… I know, I know. Hhmmn, this is getting tough

  14. temi says:

    Shoot! Dis dia grandma is sharp o……Babe, wen will u tell us d cause of all dese palava, i’m guessing loony is d father of the kids……jx guessing noni…..thanks, well done.

  15. darkiebussie says:

    What’s up with kunle and Bunmi? Did they have a thing before?.. Of all the clauses of a will, why did it have to be that? Good work

  16. chibaby says:

    the secret is the paternity of her kids,i think. next episode please…………………….thanks,good read.

  17. James says:

    I’ve been racking my brain on what the secret could be… Anyways *fingers crossed* waiting for the next episode

  18. Tizzy says:

    Lolz. This kind grandmother sha. Even in death she was still scheming. She just no wan gree at all.
    OK so I’m gonna guess that the father of the kids is a character we’ve already been introduced to *wink* Fingers crossed!
    Great job, Olaedo. Can’t wait for the next one.

  19. Tii says:

    Instinct says he father is the father of her kids. If so, this would be a hell of a pour really.
    Had me skipping all else to read this.

  20. Anny says:

    Cnt wait 4 d nxt episode. Kip up d gud work.

  21. cutie says:

    Wow…I like the way this is unfolding. No dull moment. One can’t even guess what’s coming. Well done.

  22. tee says:

    I soo hope kunle is the kids dad ooo… he obviously loves d bunmi… and not the brotherly kind of love o.. n she had memories abt d dress and so does he. Big grin

  23. scribbledheartbeat says:

    Interesting Piece I like…great work Ma’am

  24. sarah says:

    Did I read correctly, that the father of her twins is her dad? Hmm… Secrets have started pouring out!

  25. tutu says:

    Woah! Luvn secrets like a fat kid luvs cake.nice!!!


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