Secrets #5

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47 Responses

  1. Ebi says:

    Adeniyi Williams-Akanbi will have Kunle’s head for dinner #crossesleg#grabspopcorn#waitingformore#episode#

  2. consyspark says:

    I said t…. Kunle n bunmi….

  3. darkiebussie says:

    Why wasn’t Kunle privy to the kids’ existence before now?. He is already indignant about it and I hope the Will won’t escalates things… Next episode pleaseeeee…

  4. Hardeshorlah says:

    Whaooo!!! #mouthAgape

  5. @mz gladys says:

    HMmmm…I just culdnt help but comment….its getting hot in here…I wonder wat bunmis dad will do…nice one @olaedo

  6. Noksis says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. So it is Kunle’s . The secret is out.Nice one
    however i think too much time was spent on describing their appearances. Kept skipping those lines.
    Those time could have been used to creat some drama. Maybe a family friend who was crushing on her comes to scene. Another squabble with her father about the will. She disputing the will.
    In all. Great work.

  7. mariam says:

    The story has just began…… Good job Olaedo #fingerscrossed.

  8. Tizzy says:

    Ermm… Ermmm… Errrrmmmm… Me I’m very suspicious of this revelation ooooo. I have plenty questions but I’ll just chill n see how the story plays out.
    Well done, Olaedo!

  9. chibaby says:

    yay the secret is out,guess the series is coming to an end………………..nice one…………

  10. temidayo says:

    Kunle faaaaaa!!!!! Datz funny lol. Didn’t he c d resemblance or d pikins no look like Gud wrk olaedo kip d secrets rolling.

  11. miss B says:

    Kunle and Bunmi,okay now!!!!!

  12. olah says:

    I love the way it was kunle :’) And you hid it so well. I thought there were two love interest. This is the best one yet and I knw the next will be better. Great work !

  13. scribbledheartbeat says:

    THIS IS SERIOUS- Kunle is finished…I can just imagine the Hell he’ll go through now..#grabssodaandpopcorn….

  14. temidayo says:


  15. topsy says:

    Nice piece of work,hope too read more of it.Cheers

  16. temi says:

    Did i not say it?? Parents sha…what if they were not wealthy, dats how all dese rigid parents will be sending dia daughters out when tinz like dis happen…..finally, d cat has been let out of d bag…glory!

  17. sarah says:

    Interesting. so her dad is not d father of the twins, I am sorry I thought that was what I saw.

  18. Xaune says:

    cant wait 4 d nxt episode. grt wrk.

  19. cutie says:

    Ghen ghen!!! Action film tinz! #grabs popcorn and fanta# *waiting* Next!!

  20. Ustyn says:

    Hope Bunmi isnt lying it just to get the will of her grandmother carried out,cause its somehow havin to tell him,eventhough it was a secret if am right

  21. wasma says:

    Nice 1 olaedo, more ink in ur pen. Luvin dis story.

  22. Goody Henry says:

    Am sure this is not the real secret yet, all this years and she didn’t tell the the supposed father of her twins – Kunle. Hmmm. You are indeed a good writer. More please.

  23. faithzy says:

    wow…….. i no am bit late to say this but i saw Kunle being the father of the twins coming, especially after the way he reacted after seeing her again i n the kitchen i presumed they had history …….nice one ooo very interesting plot.

  24. Winicares says:

    this Olaedo is another baaaaaaad writer(Ola not bad is in badooo) a every skillful writer. u are doro skillful. woooooow im enjoying this


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