Go Getter (Go-Get-Her) #8



My name is Ahanonu Christian, i hail from Mbaise in Imo state, reside in Lagos but presently in Enugu state for my university programme. I'm a lover of literature and an admirer of words. I'd like to think of myself as an introvert though i'm a very interesting person. Where there is all the natural magic of nature, arts and music, there you would find me.

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14 Responses

  1. Seye Seye says:

    Welcome back Chreez. We can go on from here.

  2. Dan Auta says:

    cant read this right now, cos am still @ work…but i’d definately share and bookmark it.

  3. Praise says:

    Loving this.
    kip it up

  4. sarah says:

    Interesting …it is getting more interesting, pls be fast with the next episode.

  5. rikitava says:

    Aw many ppl she wan fqll in love with sef?

  6. Ustyn says:

    Sandy’s love is like the sand at the shore……good work Chreez,longest time,hope ur super good with acada

  7. chreez chreez says:

    How those sand wash ehn… Thanks Ustyn, I bet I am but you know sha say no be every time acada dey respect *super* people?

  8. Prince @francoba999 says:

    I Hope sandy wudnt loose her memory. Cos i want to read the revenge for Cas. And pls chreez, i need my Bobo ooo, nice work

  9. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Too too interesting. But dis suspense is too much na ma Lady, I do knw u av a tight schedule. But remember us ur fans o! Do keep up d good job….


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