Unfulfilled Promises #2 By Audrey Timms

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34 Responses

  1. imotolab2014 says:

    before i read this, i want to say i love you aunt sally. nd i like that diz is coming today. since smart single and loves shoes is away. lemme gwan read and come back. gracias

  2. miss B says:

    Thanks dear.now off to read

  3. imotolab2014 says:

    well, this is a long read true true, but i have a lot of blank spaces so im wondering if it ended there i.e where oge was dethroned.

    a beautiful read. i love the angle this story is starting up or rather going to. so many questions on my mind that i know will get answered in the course of the story. Ms Audrey, thanks.

  4. Miss Jay says:

    Interesting….. Aunty Audrey

  5. jessie says:

    Nice writeup

  6. toyenlon says:

    very interesting piece, well done.

  7. harrison says:

    Ummmm!!!!! Wetin dey du olenq mum sef!!! The part two is nice,tho not as captivating as the part one,it didn’t make me craze like b4 nbet anyway hope subsequent episodes would captivate me ND!!!! Y DIDN’T YOU Write MORE ON OGE ND ERICO’s toilet scene,u just ….ummmm……left us like that!! PART THREE O!!! Waiting…..

    • Audrey Timms says:

      Your comment got me lsughing. Noted- I’ll try to make it more captivating. Haba! The focus isn’t on toilet scene na. Lol.

  8. Phortunate says:

    Nice one. I got my fingers crossed and waiting….

  9. oluwakemi says:

    nice read to relax my spirit after a hard day job

  10. AOS says:

    Thank God next episode will be on my birthday, really looking forward to d next. Good job Timms, falling in Love with u n diz story. Thank U Dearie, xoxo. Sally, how are you doing? Long time, please when is Novocaine Knight coming out, really miss u dearie, n Where is Chreez too?

  11. anthony says:

    eeya poor oleng! Feelings of parental neglect by a child is the loneliest feeling ever, good thing eric is covering it. And oge got tutored on Karma 101 :). Great read aunt audrey!

  12. phredoh says:

    sorry Oleng. these are challenges most of the rich children are facing in there homes. lack of parental care. how would her mum knows her performance in her subjects,after taking business more important than her daughter …… as for Oge, I like d decision been made on her own issue…….
    I really enjoyed d reading. thanks Aunty Sally and Aunty Audrey

  13. Melody says:

    Beautiful piece Audrey. Thanks Sally, when is novo coming back? Waiting expectantly…

  14. tara says:

    Nice piece bt I really can’t wait to get to the real business. Thanks audrey
    Aunt sally, Biko bless us with an episode na,u know we too love you

  15. cleo says:

    Nice story. Keep it up Sally and Audrey

  16. gbemmy says:

    Thank u for d long episode. Till next time

  17. Gloria A says:

    Beautiful piece, didnt want it to end…

  18. wasmakelly says:

    Poor oleng, her mother is heartless. Wish I can b dat confident like ricky. As for oge, dats her. Share. I sense tears in d next episode. Abeg make olend no cry 2much oo. I dey pity her.

  19. gift says:

    Loved d fact dat d misunderstanding wasn’t prolonged,dats what happens in nollywood movies,it was an interesting read,,hope we’ll be getting episodes this long,tanx audrey n sally

  20. dupsy_blue says:

    Audrey. ..u are too much. This story is really nice. I’ve fallen in love with Eric already. Lol. Please bring the next episode soon o. Aunty Sally how far NK now. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  21. muyiwa says:

    Great prologue, had me hooked…#1 and. 2 were nice..still hoping for some suspence sha. Nice job madam


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