Unfulfilled Promises #8 By Audrey Timms

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26 Responses

  1. miss B says:

    Our new generation mothers!!!!! Oleng wld be a strong African woman

  2. gbemmy says:

    Lovely story, I feel for oleng.

  3. anthony says:

    Still dying to hear Eric’s interpretation of Oleng’s message cos i refuse to believe he just called her a lying cheat like that, Damian did something phoney. Glad Oleng’s life is back on track tho, more ink to ur pen Audrey. Well done!

  4. Ustyn says:

    Oleng is just a favoured girl…..God of a second chance came her way and i think she has grab it well….Audrey nice work

  5. phredoh says:

    what a pity she lost her kid. Oleng! u r strong.
    mothers of now a days, don’t bother about the family but business/job/shop……
    people like Emem should better be careful. Bcos life rotates. it might be someone today, yours will surely come tomorrow.
    thanks aunty Audrey.

  6. Leon says:

    I think Damian spoilt everything.

  7. kenny says:

    Strong girl she is,but am sure her baby did not die n Eric dint reply that msg.

  8. tara says:

    I have a break in my newsletter o,yes we can visit here directly but the updates makes us know when..pls work on it.thanks. Nice piece audrey

  9. Audrey Timms says:


  10. imotolab2014 says:

    welll….. after the rain o comes the sun o and the cold will wash away.(mtn project fame). I just know Damian did something. i know Eric couldnt just change like that. m happy for oleng. she is such a strong woman. thank God for people like Aunty Vien and her children minus that Emem. she s so jealous. its a little sad that the baby had to die but i guess its for the best. more power to your elbow aunty Audrey. Always keeping us wanting more.

  11. sarah says:

    Oleng, I’m so sorry for the lose of your baby and very happy that depsite all you have gone through, you could still move on with your life and continue with your studies. This story is very educative. Thanks audrey.

  12. wasmakelly says:

    Damien, did sumtin teerible ! Fingers crossed, oleng baby’s. Death! Finger crossed, oleng is a real Fighter, I hope most of us have shoulders 2 rest on wen we want 2 fall. Nice 1. Audrey. Looking forward 2 next week.

  13. Temmy says:

    I’m pretty sure Eric didn’t send the message.
    And the baby didn’t die, its between her mom and the doctor.
    Poor oleng, its really a pity.

  14. Gloria A says:

    I have a strong belief that Oleng’s baby didn’t die. That was just her mum’s doing. Beautiful piece as usual

  15. AOS says:

    Good job dearie….xoxo, Hmmmm that message is not from Eric n Oleng baby is still alive joor. Oleng, you are so favored to get a 2nd chance, use your chances well this time ooh. Great Timms.

  16. tonee says:

    Nice one Audrey God bless

  17. Bimz says:

    Why do i have a feeling this baby didn’t die and its d handiwork of Mama Oleng and the Doctor. Hmmm, Ok o time will tell. So i see Oleng becoming a very successful woman albeit a misandrist.


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