Unfulfilled Promises #13 By Audrey Timms

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33 Responses

  1. darkiebussie says:

    I hate the suspense nah. Can’t I get the complete book delivered to me? No one will know. I promise…

    Sally! Why does the email notification say unfulfilled promises #9

  2. Sally Bonn says:

    Love nwantiti Oleng and Dave. Yeah the email notification I almost did not open it, had a wrong episode caption. AUDREY TIMMS na you biko.

  3. gift says:

    Yay,its here,ave visited this page severally today cos of. Episode 13,na boredom cos am,lemme go read,tanx for posting sal

  4. Dorothy says:

    The suspence is pretty much……pls take me out of it nahhhhhhhhh

  5. funto says:

    Awwwwwwwww Dave in love, nice one sally thumbs up, u just made my day

  6. sarah says:

    Very interesting.I am amaze on how you put words together, you are really talented, although I noticed some typographical errors.

    • Audrey Timms says:

      Thanks dear. I’m sorry about the typos. I guess it might be due to converting from one format to another

  7. AOS says:

    Hmmmmmm….finally, secrets are beginning to unveil themselves; whose secret is next? Aunty V or Darmin? Thanks Timms.

  8. peachesgurl says:

    Eric go spoil things o…. I can feel it. Chai!

  9. gift says:

    Nice read,can’t wait for oleng and eric to sort out their differences,,take note of the typos doh,well done audrey

  10. harrison says:

    ITS VERY SHORT,Shorter than normal,sometimes I just feel like ignoring the whole story and Reading it when its complete but the Suspense and Craftsmanship in writing the story Always Brings me back!! Happy New Year!!

  11. Gloria A says:

    Beautiful as usual…Secrets are gradually unfolding, loving every bit of it. I just hope Oleng and Eric sort out their differences n finally fulfil his promises bcx his brother did a fine job destroying their rship. I really don’t want this series to play out its title.. 🙁 🙁

  12. Ustyn says:

    Sweet sweet sweet,but there were alot of typo,Audrey you are good,Sally you are gooder and i am goodest,*winks#

  13. kevwe says:

    Awww dave is such a gentleman….Okay I still prefer Eric and oleng kind of love….Sally luvvie can we have “Season greetings bonus”?? I.e one more episode before new year….lol

  14. Ustyn says:

    But why is everybody so after Eric and Oleng getting along again,i know Oleng still has a thing for him but c’mon some are atimes not fulfilled,just saying….nice work Audrey

  15. kenny says:

    Poor Oleng,but Eric y would u act like noting happend?am sure ur dying to see Oleng u jst dey form big boy.

  16. adekola funmilola says:

    Oleng, a beg consider Dave o! Give him a good Xmas present! Well done!

  17. Omowunmi says:

    Oleng’s mum n aunty vien got rid of eric’s baby. I will keep my fingers crossed as τ̅o wat mrs Akpan is planning n I know its not good @ all. D love triangle btw oleng , eric n dave won’t end well o.

  18. wumi says:

    Thanks for posting and happy 2015 in advance. This is too short nah, you could have made it longer plus the suspense…odikwa risky. nice job.

  19. bhymxy says:

    odikwa serious gaan ni #keepingcalm

    happy new year in advance sally!

  20. anthony says:

    its safe to say i’m the unofficial official first commenter on this blog in 2015 :), hope there’s an award for that @sally ;).
    Now i’m super eager to hear dave’s version of things, and this Oleng girl likes stagnation sha. She should just forget the boy already. After all the forming of “ice boxed heart”, see how she was rushing to get amebo gist *smh* and when she gets to know about her baby?! Oh boy! Story still plenty, excess drama. Looking forward to an interesting 2015. Happy new year sally and audrey.
    P.S: the typos at the beginning were really awful 🙁

  21. wasmakelly says:

    Nice epic, happy new year A T.

  22. phredoh says:

    huuuuurrgh. why d suspense now? Eric really disappointed me,not to even ask of his ex GF. As for Oleng, she should give Dave a chance. and I know he won’t disappoint her.

  23. consyspark says:

    Eric and Eric

  24. imotolab2014 says:

    HMMMM. D REUNION. maybe he did ask maybe not from Dave though.


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