Unfulfilled Promises #14 By Audrey Timms

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52 Responses

  1. Nneka says:

    Thanks sally and Audrey for this birthday present…. Happy new year y’all

  2. Dupe says:

    He he o,this is serious o.
    Happy new yew Audrey and Sally.

  3. Morain says:

    Haven’t read yet but yippeeeee! Happy new year Sal! May u never run out of words n may dis year bring u d most pleasant surprises. Big ups ma’am!

  4. darkiebussie says:

    Happy New Year Sally!!!! Don’t forget to inform me when junior comes. Lol. Did I just type that?.

    Happy New Year Audrey. You have me glued to your story. I honestly wished I could get the whole story right now. You are punishing me by making me wait oh. Its not fair oh…

    I think Oleng’s anger prevented her from hearing what zinny had to say. There’s a mystery in Eric and Oleng’s breakup. I’m happy she’s falling in love with Dave but I don’t see it ending in marriage. She’s definitely not getting married to Collins. Her path will still take her back to Eric and they’ll get married.

    That’s it. I just completed the story…

  5. Morain says:

    Gheeeen geeeehn! Hehehehehehehe! Wahala in d zanga!

  6. Saidat Abdulmutalib says:

    Happy new year anty sally nyceee one

  7. Saidat Abdulmutalib says:

    Can’t stay still fr d new year goodies

  8. Saidat Abdulmutalib says:

    Hmmmm anty sally junior ke hmmmmmmmmm share with us when he arrives God is in control

  9. peachesgurl says:

    Happy new year

  10. harrison says:

    Lmao!!!! Am just laughing at the twisting of the stoli!!!! Tz is Well,Yppah wen raey yllas!!!! Gnihsiw uoy eht tseb fo 2015 dna Y tnsi yerdua ton gniylper eht stnemmoc??? They are All backward!

    • Sally says:

      Nice. I thought it was German o
      Thanks, Harrison
      I’m sure Audrey is enjoying the hols. She’ll be here to reply you soon.

  11. sarah says:

    Things one would do for LOVE…lol.
    Happy New Year Sally and Audrey!

  12. kevwe says:

    Awwwwwwwww…I’m Speechless.. “don’t forgive me just because i’m saying sorry; forgive me because I love you and…” I just can’t get enough of this story…
    Happy New year Sally,Audrey and everyone!!

  13. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Audrey, you are a devil. Shey you want to kill Dave abi? Nice piece

    Happy Newy Year to you Salz, Audrey and every other person here.

  14. winicares says:

    Audrey this is another thriller, how I wish Sally will be posting it like 4 times a week. And Sally nawa for u had to thank UK,US,South Africa……. before Nigeria as d last. Oga fu yi ooo.

    • Sally says:

      Lol! It doesn’t mean anything whose name I write first or last. I appreciate everyone. Please don’t read meaning where there isn’t. I didn’t even mention the other countries my end of the year stats revealed who read my blog. Those ones for don vex na.

  15. anthony says:

    Some people just never learn! Someone reconfigures your face for doing something, then you go and commit a bigger one? Dave will probably just leave him without a mouth to report this time. Its a shame that after doing all this superman work, i still don’t see him ending up with Oleng. Poor guy!
    Welldone Audrey! And oh, oshe Editor.

  16. Temmy says:

    Omg *cover face* oleng big mistake is dating Dave, I hope you don’t marry him when he propose because I see that coming. A mistake of a life time is marrying this Dave I don’t like him.
    Happy new year to you sally and Audrey. More ink to your pen this year.
    And happy new year to all you readers especially the ghost readers.

  17. wasmakelly says:

    Hahahahaha, lwkmd. Dave dave, it will b beta if he just stand dere. Oleng always on d tightest corner. Omo dis is a murano SUV, chai I dey imagine tins oo. But all d same. Oleng gat 2 decide, cos dis is d 1st step of her maturity. Happy new year 2 u all, most especially sally, audrey timms and u fans.

  18. kenny says:

    Haaaaaaaa Oleng this is not gonna go down well ooooo.Happy new year everyone

  19. Dorothy says:

    Oh My God,,,,,,,,this Episode is dame too Short!!!!Happy New Year Sally and Audrey…..More Ink to ur Pen

  20. brytnex says:

    Happy New Year, Sally!

  21. maestro pam says:

    Dis is getting more interesting

  22. dupsy_blue says:

    Thanks a lot dear. Happy New Year to you too. Looking forward to “Boys and toys”

  23. tara says:

    Happy new year sally..Blissful 2015 happy new year audrey..Good work

  24. consyspark says:

    see how yawa want to gas. who played middle man between oleng and Eric I am beginning to suspect foul play from his brother.

  25. phredoh says:

    happy new year Aunty. Dave d boxer. i think ill hire u to beat a guy who has been disturbing my love since last two months. “Winkle” .
    nice write up Aunty

  26. adekola funmilola says:

    Thanks for this new year gift. Me I want a murano SUV share, I don’t know about Oleng!

  27. Leon says:

    Poor Oleng in a dilemma.I pray that Dave doesn’t act anything funny.

    It’s 2015,We are in for another rollercoaster ride on Moskedapages with Sally!

    May the good Lord inspire you more. Happy new year Sally.

  28. Gloria A says:

    Getting heated up! loving this, Dave is so going to kill Collins…. intriguing as usual. happy new year Sally, Audrey and everyone in da house….. I just can’t wait for the next episode, soooo eager….

  29. AOS says:

    Happy New Year Sally, Timms & Everyone. This episode is short ooh. Oleng please just break up all r/ships with Dave n Collins….But Darmin why do such to your brother….Aunt V confess your sin….where is little Eric? Seriously waiting for the coming back Oleng, Eric n little Eric.
    It’s new year nah, when will you start posting Rukky, Tonye, Liz….etcs, story again….Missed these characters.

  30. Pelumi Oduleye says:

    Audrey you are turning into something else …lol. please I still love drop dead goergous Eric for Oleng. Collins and Dave should fly out…

    I can see the improvement in your writing for every episode… weldone dear…

    Sally dear…happy new year.

  31. Ustyn says:

    Its abit funny when guys believe getting a girl is by flexing some muscle or by dramatizing their wealth,imagine a girl whos with another guy and you are giving her a car for bday things,what if she collects the car and give to her guy and still not have your time,dat Dave na small pikin de worry am sef….

    Happy new year good people

  32. rakiya says:

    Audrey,this is so nice.things are getting interesting but Oleng is forming too much.Cant wait for her to meet Eric again

  33. adekola funmilola says:

    Thanks for this new year gift. Me I want a murano SUV sha o, I don’t know about Oleng!

  34. toyenlon says:

    Oh! How I wish Oleng& Eric will meet to clear the air but this possessiveness or is it of obsession of Dave is something else. It will surely lead him into trouble. Happy new year.

  35. 'bimbola says:

    Happy new year and thank you for this beautiful piece. Aunt Sally, boys and toys is looking good.

  36. imotolab2014 says:

    HAPPY NEY YEAR SELZ AND AUNTY AUDREY. wellllll……………….what n unexpected twist. uhmmm dave, rily? a beat down? beta mind urself ooo. and Oleng, na wa for you too sef.

  37. Bimz says:

    Abeg Dave should put his temper in check jor. Which one be beating for this matter? He didn’t have to resort to that na. Oleng should be there flashing Green light o. She go soon chuk head for trouble wey go pass am now. Why toy with d heart of two grown ass men? Mscheww. I feel like speaking Igbo at this juncture. Except i no sabi Igbo!
    Thumbs up Audrey!


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