Unfulfilled Promises #16 By Audrey Timms

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39 Responses

  1. vic says:

    Chai!!! Chai!!!! This episode got me screaming and shouting. When I thought they wanted to break up, they will resettle. Abeg this dave sef has some bad secret. Me, I don’t like him atall atall!!! And I know oleng’s baby is still alive. I can’t just wait ohhhhh. Audrey thanks a lot ohhhh, u always make my day with this story

  2. phredoh says:

    u again made my day…. as if I was watching drama… kudos to you, both aunty Audrey and Sally.

  3. tola says:

    Hmmmm…..yeye luv, I jst don’t feel ds luv ‘ they are sharing’,Dave is jst a wolf in a sheep’s clothing,he is obsessed nd desperate to marry oleng by all means, this isn’t d real deal,sth is fishy…tanx Audrey nice read as usual

  4. kenny says:

    Hmmmm,y did he wanted to commit suicide….he can not get a woman pregnant…:mmmm jst guesing though

  5. Temmy says:

    If only Oleng will back down now. This is a sign this marriage will not work.

  6. wumi says:

    Ghen! Ghen!! I know Dave has a spider in his wardrobe. He better speak up now.

  7. adekola funmilola says:

    *frowning* this episode is too short jare! Hian

  8. phransea says:

    First of I’m always scared of this kind of “love” dave has for Oleng, these are the kind of people that would kill you and your family and himself also if you ever hint you’re leaving them. Secondly, Oleng should quit this silly baby act and begin to think deep and be more perceptive… I was thinking that after everything she went through, she’ll be more sensitive to things but its apparently not so. Any small thing na cry, please…

  9. Knonye says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 this episode is short ooo… great story Audrey, love love love the transition. i have a feeling baby eric is alive and that dave is hiding something really big. i hate that eric is slow by the way even though i havent heard his part of the story yet.

    you are doing a great job by the way.

    love you.


  10. Knonye says:

    *whoop* *whoop*

  11. Knonye says:

    please send the next 2 episodes to my mail box, i promise i wont tell *seals lips*. i cant wait for the next episode mehn…..

  12. favour says:


    Dave sure has some hidden secrets plus he seems not to want kids

  13. peachesgurl says:

    This kinda of love exists!!! I dey suspect am o. Dave is up to something… poor Oleng

  14. wasmakelly says:

    Wen a story is very interestin u won’t count d lines, all will say is (Dis Story Is Short) nice 1 audrey, oleng is taking sum nice step. I pray dave is not d wrong guy all d way. Interestin. Let me stat again dear.

  15. adefunke says:

    chaoii… c nonsense love o. Oleng abeg waka ds guy is fake!

  16. tara says:

    I don’t dig this oleng and Dave drama…thanks audrey

  17. miss B says:

    Where is Eric? Not feeling this Dave at all
    Oleng u are making a mistake that am sure.

  18. zizi says:

    Hummm,i think dave is impotent….hes up to something, God help Oleng oooo

  19. Leon says:

    Hmmmmm,this Dave got skeletons in his cupboard o. Maybe he’s impotent,considering how he went about the discussion about having babies.

    Poor Oleng!

    Thanks to Audrey Timms,the plot keeps getting tense.

  20. toyenlon says:

    Dave is acting kinda suspicious, he must be hiding something. I just pity Oleng in advance cos his kind of love is somehow like an obsession. Pls let’s hear about Eric now….cos me I’m still thinking he should have contacted Oleng after returning to Nigeria if not for anything but to find out why she left him as he believes.

  21. Ustyn says:

    All i can say is hmmmmm

  22. gift says:

    This kain love o,I never see him type o,,#singing#eric sure has a skeleton in his cupboard,let it out please so u guys can go your seperate ways

  23. AOS says:

    Me tired of this Oleng n Dave part jor, was thinking break up finally, U better don’t marry that Dave if you love yourself Oleng.
    Great job Timms. Sorry about #Team Rukky n Co, thought the story was for you. KIU Dearie.

  24. Gloria A says:

    My my my…. this episode got me so hooked. Why do I feel like Dave has this very dark secret he’s so afraid to let out? Oleng has been through a lot already, Dave should please not add to it anymore. Beautiful episode as usual

  25. ThaProudEkitiGal says:

    By God’s grace, Oleng will not marry Dave…she must end up with Eric…Dave is not the best man for her oooooooooooo

  26. adewunmi says:

    AT: I like your suspense…. BUT DAVE AND OLENG WOULD CRASH…..OLENG KNOWS IT CANT WORK OUT!!!!!!! FIRE NO DEY BURN PERSON TWICE!!!! AT: Please bring Zinny, Marvey, Eric back into the picture…. Aunty Vien bring Oleng baby back… dont use her love for Dave to cover her eyes about the Baby wey dey alive…..

    Audrey Timms: I love you….
    Sally: Chop Knuckle….

  27. Morain says:

    This is definitely getting more interesting. Abeg whr Oleng son dey na? Audrey pls can u bring him forth already? Thanks by d way.

  28. sarah says:

    Hmm… Dave, I knew there is more to what dave is showing, I always hve the hunch that dave is hiding something, I guess that is why I don’t really like him for Oleng.

  29. anthony says:

    Dave is a volcano just waiting to erupt, he should be marrying a shrink and not Oleng. How she hasn’t seen his not-taking-no-as-an-answer attitude as a red flag is still a wonder. Would be sad if she gets to marry him, and Eric ends up delivering her from his clutches.
    The story is unravelling perfectly, well done Audrey.

  30. Doyin says:

    oh Oleng, y dnt u listen 2 Zinny?

  31. Faith says:

    …. this dave sef !….just not feeling their thing…and no one has heard Eric’s side of the story….*fingers crossed,Great job!

  32. Bimz says:

    Oleng cuts off any talk about Eric. we no even con know the guy’s version. Abeg give us a few episodes on what Eric has been up to too na. Abi na only Oleng waka come? Well done Audrey


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