Boys With Toys #3

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  1. oke says:

    sally the genius God knows i love the way your mind works

  2. oke says:

    yippee first to comment dancing shoki

  3. Kemi says:

    First to comment. Yippeee!

  4. oke says:

    happy new year sally wishing you a very beautiful year filled with love.

  5. Kemi says:

    Wait, I wasn’t the first o. *sulks* Great piece Sally I owe you

  6. oke says:

    hahaha @ kemi better luck next time

  7. nee says:

    Oh my! I dunno y but I think Sachi and Khalid will have a turnaround in their relationship. It’s crazy tho, the lengths she is ready to go to keep her man!

  8. Drunkmistress says:


  9. Kany T. Dahl says:

    I always wonder where Salz gets her inspiration from, the way she crafts her stories are out of this world. Thanks once again for a superb episode and have a lovely weekend.

  10. Akakan says:

    She killed her mother for man, this kind love odikwa dangerous. Bankole and his queen Bea aww, obviously she slept with Paul and might even be pregnant. The plot is unfolding casually, I love it already

  11. tola says:

    Speechless!!! Sally,u r too much,i am wowed at ur depth of knowledge nd talent…Jah bless

  12. salim says:

    Badguy khalid but can’t evErybody just live in peace

  13. Doyin says:

    hmmmm, wat wil banky do abt beatrice?

  14. @bertokoji says:

    U haff started wit ur “mind bogling assigment” to start concluding wat wii happen next bah? Kontinu o! Nice piece!!!!

  15. Gloria A says:

    OMG!!! The Love of money though. Beautiful as usual Sally. This is one very catchy series..

  16. Adewunmi says:

    Bankole is the owner of the child. i hate khal Abdul and sachi

  17. jumai says:

    Hmmmn!tank you Sally

  18. bhymxy says:

    thanks so much for dis dearest.
    happy weekend.

  19. bhymxy says:

    thanks so much for this sally
    #love you muchos

  20. peachesgurl says:

    No comment. Pls next episode. U prwomised no stingyness. I can’t wait!!!!

  21. Mariam says:

    Missed the first two episodes cos I didn’t get the notification but I’ve caught up! Happy new year Sally love! You always amaze me with your talent. May God Almighty bless you beyond your wildest imagination this year!

  22. toyenlon says:

    Chau, see what money will cause o. Khalid had a change of mind cos of money. Interesting as usual

  23. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Kai!!! The love of money is the beginning of #NoMoreDivorce! Hehehe!!!!

  24. roy says:

    Craving for more sally. Brilliantly done Sally. I dont want to speculate on this. Just want to go with the flow this time around.

  25. Morain says:

    Sizzling as always! Nicey nice!

  26. James says:

    Thumbs up sally

  27. Debola says:

    chai… dis story eenh, it is doing me ‘jim jim’. i dont want to believe Sachi killed her mother for Khalid, am sha going to give her the benefit of doubt. thanks sally for dis interesting piece.

  28. Ustyn says:

    Good work as usual with where your placed among writers,God bless u

  29. AOS says:

    Hmmmmm Sally Sally beautiful piece dearie. Happy New Year.
    Please when will you bring back the story of Rukky, Tonye n Liz?

  30. Alexia says:

    Again Sally u neva fail ……. loving every bit of it

  31. tara says:

    U know we jus love u salz…thank you so much for this..av a great week

  32. 'bimbola says:

    Eshe for this beautiful piece

  33. Olamide says:

    Sally’s beautiful mind is at work again. I love this piece. God bless you.

  34. wasmakelly says:

    She said she want it even if its 1ce, khal khal, sally d. Master pplan.

  35. anthony says:

    Khal and Sachi should be seeing a shrink and not an accountant. The lengths they’re willing to go for their obssessions… Sigh! Meanwhile Beatrice is one mean female tho, giving banky hope of reconciliation then crying through passionate lovemaking only to shatter him with her wedding I.V while they were still naked? Wow! My jaw literally dropped when i got to that part.
    Sally, you should write a few breakup scenes for these nollywood people abeg, they got monotonous a longtime ago. Thumbs up for this episode.

    • Sally says:

      hahaha! Nollywood and their scripts sha. na God go help us.
      Yes, Beatrice is mean. i don’t even think she loves Banky that way. Well, let’s see

  36. joyous says:

    Heh…kill ur mother for money?idont want to believe Saachi would do that..she knows what she is doing…..pls i m eagerly waiting for the six year old..she will b a bomb!Sally Great grace is on ur side..

  37. Bimpe says:

    Ds year promises to be interesting with Sally,weldone girl

  38. Leon says:

    This Onsachi dikwa mean.

  39. Leon says:

    This Onsachi dikwa mean! Killed her mum cos of money.

    At episode 3 only,Boys With Toys proves to be a mind blowing series.

    Sally you are gifted. Your stories eehn……..

  40. bisi says:

    You are an amazing writer Sally. God bless you

  41. Ella says:

    Nice one Sal.Thanks!

  42. Winicares says:

    hmmmn i hope she didnt kill her Mum just because of Khalid cos that would be the worst mistake of her life

  43. imotolab2014 says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. still deep in thought

  44. funmi (Fusiyin) says:

    chai! this is interesting. Tnx dear

  45. Bimz says:

    So Sachi killed her mother to keep the dumb Khalid in d already crumbled marriage…Lets see how this unfolds!

  46. choma says:

    nice story…nice twists…happy new year Sally!

  47. ShyChic says:

    Nice one Sally! I was blown away by this episode. For Sachi to kill her own mother because of a man is mind – boogling. I can’t wait for the next episode,am sure keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks Sal!

  48. Dole says:

    Khalid and his wife are sick, very sick.
    and somehow that uju chick, this one dat Sally entered her mind, it means she will be up to something.
    can’t wait to hear about madu and guru
    ese, Sally

  49. kunle says:

    reserving comment until the somthing entrer full gear
    but i love ir already

  50. Omowunmi says:

    Khalid isn’t d player , he is d one getting played!

  51. Daby says:

    nice one sally! I ve been a ghost reader, but I’ve repented dis year.

  52. Daby says:

    nice one sally! Waiting eagerly for episode 4. I’ve been reading ur stories since early last year witout commenting, but i ve repented dis year.

  53. adekola funmilola says:

    Why did Omowunmi say this b4 me? Khalid is in for a great surprise! He can’t eat his cake n have it! Banky is Just my favor Xter!

  54. kenny says:

    my first time commenting this year after a belated holiday trip……..i just read all i have missed since the beginning of this year, i dey fear you o. U are insanely creative……I don’t know what to say again

  55. Seye Seye says:

    Only episode 3 and yes, it’s really interesting already.
    Of the 4, Banky appears as one with the calmest disposition. One cannot really tell till people become rich sha.
    Khalid!!! This guy’s type na real case. They will go to any length to get what they want. Greed and avarice reside in them. See how the guy change when he hear more money from Sachi’s mom’s death. Nor be small tin fa.
    Glad I have caught up sha, I can follow the story at a less hurried pace.
    Good one Sally. Keep writing, the one who inspires will never allow your pen run short of ink.

  56. Lara says:

    Wait o..did Sachi kill her mom??? Gbege o!! Gud work Sally

  57. Temmy says:

    Khalid playing with fire, if sachi can kill her mother you are nothing.

    Banky don’t worry bea will regret some day if she didn’t come back to her senses.

  58. yougeecash says:

    I’m just hear worrying about Sachi’s mental state.
    Shebi that woman is not madt like that ni?
    As for Beatrice. I don’t want to judge but sigh. This love business ehn. It gets really complicated sometimes. o

    We’re here waiting and watching.

    You know you’re both boss and bae right?

  59. debbie says:

    Appy new year sally,nah NK I read I tot u’ve written ur best,buh am in 4 a shocker wit ds very story.sally u’re gifted,can’t stop lovin u & d story u write*hugs*

  60. cleo says:

    Sally is the Queen of twists ooo. Sachi’s mother could still be alive and well. Well Beatrice has made her choice

  61. The Word says:

    This Sachi babe is starting to freak me out seriously. I’m going to read the next episode. I hope she really didn’t kill her mother 🙁

  62. Ody says:

    The things people do for money! Deep!

  63. Ibukun says:



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