Boys With Toys #4

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47 Responses

  1. Drunkmistress says:

    Lord, Sally can I spend a week in your head? Please🙏🙏🙏

  2. The King says:

    This is the only thing that brings me to this blog. Your writing. I’m sorry and no offence to other featured writers here, you write on a different wavelength. If I were you, I’d stop giving it out for free. But I know nothing good lasts forever. I dread the day you stop posting, Sally. Until then I’ll enjoy your work.

  3. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Nice piece…I kinda love Guru’s energy and Bankole better rid his head of Beatrice.
    Madu I kind of dislike a lil, Mrs. Tunji forming hard woman while she’s actually soft inside, tho I never wish to have her type as my mom.
    Thanks again Salz.

  4. jumai says:

    Always interesting..tank you Sally

  5. Mariam says:

    Sally! Sally!! You are one of the few writers I read every word you write without any temptation of skipping some lines. You are awesome!!!!!!!!

  6. fcrown says:

    Banky,I pity him,

  7. Dupe says:

    hmmm, niceeeeeeeee. Thumbs up Sally

  8. Ustyn says:

    Sally dont you think its time we contributed the needed resources to take you to the next level????I mean you are good,carry go joor,nice one

  9. tara says:

    Ur genies no b from here oooo..i wonder where de brin ur inspiration from… thanks salz..Grt week

  10. yougeecash says:

    Guru has got HIV? 🙁
    Banky has just gotten into a mess. Why do I feel like that model is all shades of trouble?
    Can’t wait for the next episode.
    I’m itching to meet the daughter

  11. Kemi says:

    I was here and I enjoyed every word.

  12. Leon says:

    Held spellbinded by Sally writings. The way you weave your stories makes me pondering if its really fiction or some true life story.

  13. Oladayo says:

    Sally, this is great. It just has a very different twist to it. Very retro and a sign of versatility. Welldone

  14. Debola says:

    sally you are very GOOD.. there is a way u paint your characters vividly that i feel like am watching a movie. please write a book.

  15. fola says:

    Nice one Sally! Well done.

  16. kenny says:

    What r u planing Monet oooooo.

  17. wasmakelly says:

    The way she write is so inspiring, just as if we r watchin all d characters on a tv station. I pray God continue 2 bless u dear, may ur ink never runs dry. Amen

  18. sarah says:

    Very interesting as expected…I kinda like Guru in a way, I thought Bankole will be the best among them, I guess I am wrong…great work sally!

  19. debbie says:

    Weldone sally,u’re a genius

  20. gbemmy says:

    Ur write ups gives me pleasure in ways I can’t say!

  21. Itua says:

    It was so good that I didn’t know when I got to the end… So good that I didn’t want the episode to end….

  22. 'bimbola says:

    Awww HIV? Was that y he had to break up with Ure? Banky just go set hinself up like dat. Let’s meet d girl☺

  23. consyspark says:

    Sally,sally I solo wana be like you when I grow up.. Enjoyed this piece

  24. roy says:

    Cant help but love guru(roy)….and sally what ve yu gottwn bankole into. I kinda like khalid. Seriously dont know why. Just hope he has a chance at redemption over his past act. And the man we all love to hate. Madu. Will really want to know his story. I hope we meet this mysterious daughter soon. I am sure she’s gonna blow our mind away….Thanks Sally for giving me a wonderful end to this weekend.

  25. Rhoda says:

    that guru had HIV,that is d hook,well done sally.

  26. miss B says:

    The twist and turns,good work Sally

  27. Oladayo says:

    Nicely written Sally,have been waiting all weekend for this post. I think am going to like Guru…sadly he has HIV. 😣 I hope he’s the father also. Well done Sally. 👍

  28. bisi says:

    You are an amazing writer. Wish the very best always. You are going places Sally.

  29. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Wow…intriguing set of people these are! Wow, too wonderful piece, please keep it coming!

  30. AOS says:

    Good job Sally….thanks.

  31. Dunsin says:

    Good job as always Sally. Totally loving ds story. God bless you, always.

  32. Zee says:

    Great work ,Sal

  33. imotolab2014 says:

    im in love. sigh dreamily…… boys with toys. the author of master pieces dearest aunty sally. biko! one day in your head is all i am asking for. this is so beautiful……..i love thiss story already.

  34. ije says:

    Thanks Sally for the post. U are blessed.

  35. Temmy says:

    Guru is good. This is lovely

  36. olori says:

    Hey Sally,Happy New Year. Your emails have been going to my spam and found out today and rectified that.
    Wow! Whatever inspires you? I enjoyed this new series and like ever thumbs up my sweet Sally,am hooked forever,lol

  37. Olamide says:

    Wow! Guru is HIV positive? Bankole has entered “one chance” with this model. Sally is so good. The way you twist your stories leaves me spellbound. Thank you!

  38. adekola funmilola says:

    N she spoiled my Banky for me o!

  39. James says:

    Madu, Khalid, Guru and Bankole… I’m loving this. I think Monet’s daughter is a special child

  40. oluwakemi says:

    jolly jolly read

  41. Seye Seye says:

    As interesting and engaging as any Sally writing.
    Madu won’t ever get right with me going by his persona.
    Banky? A wrong shag, I mean absolutely wrong shag, and to make it worse, his boss’ woman. That doesn’t turn out without drama.
    Guru is a weirdo, but one with a positive energy. I’d like to read more of him.
    Hopefully we get to meet the lil’ girl Monet left behind in the next episode.
    Big ups Sally. Thanks for giving us Boys With Toys

  42. toyenlon says:

    Lovely as usual, I particularly love that bit about temptation knocking on your door for a while before opening it, its a great lesson. Thanks so much.

  43. anita eneh says:

    Sally!sally!l luv d way ur mind works,u re a genius, d storyline is sooo brilliant, typical of ur wrks. Weldone

  44. Doyin says:

    interestin, am enjoyin it

  45. The Word says:

    What the fuck? Slly, why did you give Guru AIDS?? 🙁 better give him a cure o! What is this nau

  46. Ody says:

    I’m gonna spend my whole day reading #boyswithtoys# total bliss


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