Boys With Toys #5

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  1. Sally says:

    Hi guys,
    Just want to inform you that I will be taking down all posts on the Fish Brain series from the blog. You can get the first two books on YSGHubs.
    Thanks for following moskedapages!

  2. salim says:

    You don’t just tell a story,you educate!! We love you Sally!!!

  3. farida says:

    Depth! that’s what this series about. beautiful!
    As for beatrice, she should go back to her paul. she’s coming back to bankole becos of his money. stupid bitch!

  4. salim says:

    You don’t just tell a story,you educate!! We love you sally!!

  5. cleo says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sally wow.
    It is only when you have very ill or have a loved one ill that is when you can feel what Guru was feeling.
    Do i love Bankole? Yes i do. Him head dey house. Abeg dont potty up when she gives you calabar sex ooooooooo.
    Madu is broken. But he ought to grow and stop being childish.
    Khalid still tryna figure him out.
    Thumbs up Sally.
    And please expose Bea soon

  6. roy says:

    Dont evwn know where to start from today.
    so sad about Hope. But as her name indicates. I am sure all will be well with her.
    Who is going to be the villian in this series cos now you ve shown madu in a new light. As much as i will love to make him my villian. I kinda get why he is the way he is.
    Banky Mi BEWARE OF BEA!
    Khalid actually having true feelings for M.
    My dear. You er actually outdoing yourself…

  7. Miss Jay says:

    Hmmmm what is she up to???? Thanks Aunty Sally

  8. Gloria A says:

    I bet Paul left Beatrice, that’s why she came running back. This series is just beautiful…

  9. noncapax says:

    Great job as always, Sally.

  10. Adewunmi says:

    Aunty Sally: the story is scary but i would keep reading it and wish Bankole well…

  11. biola says:

    Every time I read any of your work, I learn so much especially not to judge. Was about to judge Madu but I kept holding myself back and I now know why but he’s still an Ass though.
    Madu simply needs to heal funny enough, I think Hope might be his balm and medicine.
    I don’t trust madam Bea o! Am with Banky, there’s more to the story than she’s letting out.
    Guru and Khalid am enjoying their characters a lot.
    Thanks a lot for this experience Sally!!! Hope you are much stronger now?
    Much Love

  12. ije says:

    I like the way this story is going. Kudos to u, Dear Sally.

  13. mz says:

    Hmmmmm,thank you sally,dat reflex blow guru give madu no reach self,he shld grow up,Bea haf cum bck cos she haf hear money.

  14. Mariam says:

    Your days are numbered Bea! As for Madu, what Guru did to him is just the beginning. Great job as always Sally!

  15. Olamide says:

    Hope would survive. She is a fighter, I can feel it. Guru is so sweet. There’s sth about Khalid I don’t understand. Guess his persona would unfold with time. Bankole is empathic! Madu needs help. He is really messed up. I love what Guru did to him. Bea should crawl back to wherever she came from. Ole, olojukokoro. Great job, Sally!

  16. fola says:

    I don’t trust the sudden appearance of Bea. Madu deserves that blow jare. I pray Hope gets well soon. Well done Sally! You’re the best!

  17. This Madu’s persona kinda makes me think of Noble Igwe. #runsaway

  18. kenny says:

    Such an illness for that small but cute girl,God look down on her n heal her of dat sickness.Guru I know u will tk xtra care of Hope.Madu u so deserve dat bloww.bankole pls b wachful of Bea b4 she breaks ur heart d 2nd time ooo.

  19. sarah says:

    I pray Hope get well…Madu is terrible, how can only one person possess all those bad qualities…I know that Guru and Bakonle have heart but I didn’t expect Khalid to sympathetic considering the fact that he is a wife beater. Great work Sally, you are the best!

  20. wasmakelly says:

    Madu is a real monster, guru u gat 2 watch ur back oo, dat guy is bad 2 d bone, banky. I pray God c u tru, knalid seems all coolall of a sudden, my shock absorver is still intact, waitin 4 u sally, Is SALLY BABE.

  21. debbie says:

    9ice 1,kip up d gud work

  22. Lara says:

    Sally,tz a wonderful piece….. Madu z just a child with lots of unfinished business with his past..Banky should quickly decipher Beatrice before she becomes a leech.. I adore Guru btw…nd Khalid ehn..still hoping there’s sthng gud about him..

  23. Debola says:

    am so suspecting this beatrice woman o. just becoming nice all of a sudden. i smell a rat.
    thanks Sally.. you are just TOO GOOD

  24. Firstlady Temidayo says:

    I finally caught up with the series *brings out handkerchief*wipes sweat* catches breath*… Awwww. Aunt Sally… Ther’s no one like you… I love this series. I hope it runs tru d year like my darling NOvo… And dear, please make a book out of FBvows na just like FBgames even if u take it down. Thanks a million for this. And a wonderful new year to everyone at Moskedapages.

  25. peachesgurl says:

    Gold digger!!!! Shine ur eyes Banky

  26. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Sally sally sally is a Wonder!!!! The twist, the turn and the shedding of light makes this more intriguing! Kudos to you lady, do keep it up and coming!

  27. AOS says:

    How are you doing Sisi Sally, damn I knew Hope is going thru a lot as a baby….she’s a Special baby. Bankki beware of Bea, she’s there bcuz of your money.
    Sally my sweet writer….thanks darling.

  28. doubledee says:

    Eeish, this Madu guy is mean and evil

  29. Omolola says:

    I’m loving Guru, that reflex action was on point and i kinda feel his pains……he is a deep guy. Khalid, i’m watching you….i dont trust you a bit but i’m willing to keep an open mind, lets see if anything good can come out of you seeing as you’re a wife beater. Banky, watch it, let your antennas be positioned to pick signals….that Bea is not telling the whole story, she is obviously fake. Madu….hmm….you’re just an ode boy. Grow up abeg, people have had worse history than yours and didnt become an ass. I think Hope can be your balm though if you’ll allow yourself heal. Sally, your mind ehn….awes me all the time! Weldone.

  30. pgent1 says:

    am so so luving dis… fav character here seems 2 be guru,i like his person ,dat madu na craze man,he’s a pain in the ass….thumbs up sally u’re d best

  31. Rida says:

    For the love of God, get a life, Madu! sheeesh!
    i dunno why i like Khalid somehow, despeite all his bad boy character. as for banky, he’s bae
    God heal Hope o!
    Thanks Sally Luv!

  32. oluwaseyi says:

    Its been awhile I read your block. Phone issues n all. But am glad you are still the thrilling writer I fell in love with. Madu really need to stop being selfish. Beatrice is just a leech. Keep up the Good work dear. Team Guru

  33. motolani says:

    Nice one sally!!!waitin 4 d next episode

  34. adekola funmilola says:

    Awww! My heart goes out to Hope! Am cutting Bea some slack! Thumbs up Sally!

  35. Z says:

    I like the guys but Madu is a handful w/his selfish & spoiled ways. Somwhow, I believe there is a heart underneath all the rubbish.

  36. The Word says:

    First, I hate Madu. The scum. No redemption for him. Why isn’t he the one with AIDS? But I do share his affections for older women though lol. As for Beatrice, Bankole should not fall my hand. That bitch ain’t loyal. Something is definitely up with her.

    I feel bad about Hope. I hope she gets better.

    Please tell me you’ve found an AIDS cure for Guru? This is no joking matter, Sally May.

  37. Ustyn says:

    Guru knowing where he’s coming from(HIV)will know how Hope feels and so he is passionate,Bankole is a young,enthusiatic and aspiring man who has some conscience beneath,Khalid is dangerous,whatever he is saying or doing his aim is what is in it for him and so he is selfish,Madu is exactly a prodigal son in atitude,i believe he will come around in the future,as for Beatrice or Bea *rme* she is just a typical naija babe,money is their language

    Sally you know where you belong na,take it

  38. Dan Auta says:

    Hmmmn!! Some 9ja babes sef. I fear for Banky o.

    As for Madu, I once had a friend like him. I pray he doesn’t mess things up sha.

  39. tara says:

    Am not going to pick my favourite characters just yet cause the sally gods r very mischievous *grin* wotever u do salz don’t stop being the thrilling writer that has my heart..greaat week!!

  40. Temmy says:

    Lolz bea back? I don’t see banky accepting her back. She is back simply because of his money, had it been she waited just one week or accept him back when he said he’s now rich, it would have been a different case.

  41. consyspark says:

    claps…. kpam kpam kpam kpam… this was exceedingly beautiful. more please.. YSGhubs here i come. good one aunty Sally

  42. chreez chreez says:

    Sally, you amaze me. I’m yet to find a Nigerian writer like you. I just live in your stories. I was there when Madu toppled off his seat, and I was clueless like the rest as to what happened… happy new year Sally, I’m wishing this late, well I’m always late. Just the same way I’m commenting late. God bless you for us Sally

  43. Bimz says:

    All I’m going to say is that Sally is an amazing writer! WOW!

  44. Winicares says:

    wooow this is quite da bomb. Banky Ori e owambe that gurl wants to rake you, dont give her d chance to do that cos she is a scammer.

  45. Doyin says:

    hmmm, Banky sumtin is fishy abt Bea, jst tread slowly

  46. Seye Seye says:

    I continue to see Guru as a deep person, someone who gets into a lot of deep thoughts and sorts. That doesn’t even explain what I think of him. That side of him that held Hope tho, compassionate? Loving?
    Bea and her Banky; Banky and his Bea. I can relate with those who suddenly appear out of the blues, and the paranoia that follows too 😀
    Madu of course is a product of his past experiences. His kind can be annoying because they always wanna make themselves noticed. Blame them not, it’s all a product of what they’ve faced.
    Now let’s see who will stay, and care for Hope, while we’re hoping she pulls through.
    Thanks yet again Sally. Your ink won’t experience dryness.

  47. meedah says:

    Sally ure simply amazing, I wish I could write like this,kudos and more of guru please,

  48. Ella says:

    Beautiful as always! Thanks aunt Sally!

  49. imotolab2014i says:

    HMMMM. you are a great writer. you always deliver with so much. i have learnt-and im still learning- from your works(because you do not just write, you educate.) i didnt like Madu, i was so ready to crucify him, but after reading on his life, i feel for him. DO NOT JUDGE! i pray he gives himself a chance to heal. im already in love with GURU, HIV and all. he alone is able to understand what Hope is going tru, poor kid. Khalid you know all that stuff i just said about not judging? m still holding out on you, wife beater and all, m looking to see what your game is.-no judging-. BANKY mi, dat gal is up to something, i tell u. watch out for that one

    how you doing aunty sally?
    ps: is it possible for me to spend one week in ur head?

  50. toyenlon says:

    Hmmm, what an emotional one…I felt so sad reading about Hope. But like her name there’s still hope and she’ll likely regain her health. Bea returning thoughseems like ssomething is up…looking forward to reading more.

  51. mary says:

    Na u bikoooooo!Sally,ur mind is amazing!
    Rily enjoying dis series!!!

  52. phredoh says:

    hmmmmm! I learned a new thing again from today’s episode. kudos to you aunty Sally.

  53. CHINNY says:

    Wow! Good to be back to moskedapages. Happy New year Sally. I won’t say anything till am done catching up.

  54. yougeecash says:

    Guru needs to come to terms with his hurt and tackle it head on. That’s the only time he’ll be able to just ‘do normal.’ People like him are common though. They hide all their hurt and pain behind a facade.
    It’s interesting getting to know all these characters.
    As for Beatrice? Hmmn. I smell trouble. Make she just jejely pack her bag dey go biko.
    Anyways, I’m just here watching and waiting.
    Great job Sally!


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