Unfulfilled Promises#20 By Audrey Timms

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36 Responses

  1. Rida says:

    Great job, Audrey. I’ll surely hit you up. can’t wait to conclude the story.
    And to all the writers, kudos. i am a tailor, i can’t imagine just sewing free clothes for people. i will pack up shop. but u guys are so magnanimous. may God bless your efforst immensely, especially you sally. i personally know your struggle and i know God will enrich you

  2. Amanda says:

    Well done! Thanks for sharing.

    • adekola funmilola says:

      A very big Kudos to all the blog writers on this platform. May God expose you to the world by His might. Well done!

  3. Rukayat says:

    Thanks a lot. I enjoyed d story and i’ll mail u 2 get d remainder of d story.Kudos 2 u!

  4. Gloria A says:

    Thanks a lot Audrey for sharing, I’ll definitely send an email, can’t wait to read the concluding episodes…

  5. Kany T. Dahl says:

    *frowns and grabs my koboko* see as Salz just do us long throat.
    As usual, a lovely piece by Audrey. Thanks a lot Sally, will send Audrey a mail right now

  6. wumi says:

    Hmmmm. You are doing a great job of keeping people reading which many Nigerians don’t do again. You shall be rewarded accordingly, just wait and see. Publishers will fall over themselves to publish your works. Big hugggggg.

  7. Sally Bonn says:

    I like this will surely hook up with you Audrey, Sal this way is better so thanks for sharing. If U love this story you know how to get the end

  8. kenny says:

    Audrey this has bin a great piece of art I loved every word,n can’t wait to hit d bottons to send a mail.God bless ur work

  9. tola says:

    Thank u Audrey for d brilliant piece, I will send an email asap and sally…God bless ur beautiful mind, I can’t thank u enough for how u av creatively used ur talent to change ppl’s perception about so many things here on ur blog
    , THANK YOU….

  10. ore says:

    how wld u finish dis story like dis . wat dyu want me to do wit my life now !!!! so wrong

  11. ore says:

    sally n five years contemporary writing will be the ish. don’t ever give up . I knw u will be rmbrd as a pioneer of this new industry when we all drop the African mentality and learn to accept other people’s views

  12. Winicares says:

    nice one ive contacted her already even if d story is up for sale i will sure bye it. Come Sally if u know u wont post complete stories dont bring it here oooo, i no like this pattern at all. Do u know how many times i check ur page in day just to read d latest on unfulfilled promise? Abeg u and Audrey should not play this kin rough play again ejoor

  13. Olamide says:

    Wow! Great job Audrey. I’ll send a mail asap. Sally, may the Lord continue to bless the works of your(and other writer’s) hands. I appreciate writers.

  14. duro says:

    Ok so I waited this long to comment. All I can say is explosive. Fantastic read. Already contacted Audrey. Waiting her response. Thank you Sally for introducing new writers. You r simply the best.

  15. Leon says:

    Sally,thanks for sharing Audrey’s work with us.
    I’m contacting her ASAP!

  16. rakiya says:

    Chai Audrey why did u do us like this na*sobs*,toh Sally said to flood your inbox…..that is what we shall do.omo,i have to know hw this ends o.Chai,Oleng,Eric,Dave I cant wait.well done Audrey and Sally

  17. Temmy says:

    Wow just when it got more excited.
    Well done Audrey, I always look forward to reading this story till the end.
    Bless you.

  18. AOS says:

    Thanks Sisi Sally, you are a darling as always. Thank you for bringing other writers, it’s such a good feelings when others appreciate u.

    Timms will be waiting for your reply badly. Thanks Love, you are a sweet heart.

    Can never forget the way I felt when another writer appreciated n mentioned Moskedapages….I was like yeah that’s mah lady.

    Keep up the good work darling!!!

  19. phredoh says:

    ooooooooorgh. why now? thanks to both Aunties, Sally and Audrey. I’m a kind of person that hated reading novels. But, I now love reading them since the day someone introduced me to your blog. the way you write, put down all those words and your thought when writing your books are like magic to me.
    I’ll surely contact Aunty Audrey now. thanks once again

  20. Melody says:

    Thanks Sally, already contacted Audrey…omo the suspense na high tension o! *straight face* Love you loads Sally I celebrate you every time I log on to moskedapages, thanks for introducing other writers too. More Grace Dear *hugs*

  21. Ustyn says:

    There is something called passion,if you passionately do what gives you happiness today even when its not yeilding it fruit yet but with the passion you have i can assure you it will take you places.

    To all the writers out there just keep doing your thing,i know its hard but believe me in the nearest future your works wont finish when publishers will beg you

    Audrey thank you,Sally you just made me think about something big now,am praying to God to give me the enablement,let me leave it there for now,God bless you

  22. Winicares says:

    sally pls check the mail add pls ive sent a message to the add u put up but it keeps bouncing back to my box

  23. toyenlon says:

    OMG! I totally love this series, I can’t wait to get the concluding part. Its a good job well done, thanks Sally for sharing and thanks to Audrey for the write up.

  24. Nwanne says:

    Great job you are doing Sally, showcasing other writers. You all are amazing and deserve more recognition.

  25. Audrey Timms says:

    I’m sorry for the late reply. Been crazy busy. Wow! Sally, I should be the one thanking you for such a rare opportunity. It was an honour sharing my story on this blog. I really can’t thank you enough for sharing your readers with me.

    To the readers- I always look forward to your comments every week. Your comments have been very mature. Would have replied each and everyone of you but for network. Thanks for your inspiring comments always. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and I apologize for leaving you guys hanging like this. It’s in a bid to help other writers. I hope y’all understand. Thanks.

    To all those who have taken their time to mail me, thank you and to those who have patronized me, God bless you.

    True talk, Sally. It really isn’t easy being a writer in Nigeria. There was a time I wanted to give up writing even before stepping out. I did my research and got discouraged but for my loving husband and Sally who inspired me. I’d been a secret admirer of hers even before she approached me. Sally, you’re a blessing to writers both old and new. I’m your number one fan.

    I particularly want to make it in writing because I enjoy writing, I enjoy making people happy with my story, I don’t want to waste the talent God has given me, and lastly because I want my family (except my sister) to take back their words that I’m wasting my time writing. I’ll be setting up a blog soon and I hope I’ll be patronized.

    Thanks everyone and God bless.

  26. Noreen says:

    My email to Audrey didn’t go through. I was notified that it was being delayed and after about some days, I was told it had failed to deliver.

  27. Barbie says:

    Tanks Sally for sharing and tanks Audrey for this great piece..God bless ur hustle(both o u)U both write real gud

  28. Noreen says:

    My email to Audrey was bounced! Plz help.

  29. Gloria A says:

    Unfulfilled Promises is just so beautiful, I’m writing this with so much tears and smiles. Audrey you are one blessed writer and I thank God Sally for bringing you my way. If I’m to rate ur book, I’ll give it 10 stars. You guys need to grab Urs ASAP cx it’s worth far more than its cost. Thanks a lot Audrey, God bless you Sally…cheers!!!

  30. Goody Henry says:

    Been reading each episode of Unfulfilled Promises,I have to say the writer is indeed a very wonderful and talented writer. I know our amiable Sally will always surround herself with beautiful people. May the Almighty God grant you the strength and give you the wisdom to write more. Thanks Audrey Timms.

  31. fcrown says:

    Good morning,have been trying to email you 4 a while but my mail has not been going thru. I made d payment 4 on the 3rd of this month with unitymobile 08123245509 but my mail to alert u wasn’t delivery . Email adress is adeosun.fadekemi@yahoo.com

  32. Sophia says:

    Audrey Timms ,you are such a wonderful writer,.You got me drooling for Eric too,..I’ve finished reading this story…its a very nice piece..

  33. Azubuike says:

    Can’t wait to read the completion of this love Triangle.

    Big ups to the Audrey Timms.


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