The Chronicles of An Adopted Child #2 – Semione Abi

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8 Responses

  1. kenny says:

    Marie’s aunt should tell Celina all abt the questions marie ask her so that her mum can b more vigilant

  2. imotolab2014i says:

    yh the aunt has to tell them. and to think someone already took advantage of this poor little girl

  3. Ustyn says:

    Alot of typos,good story

  4. miss B says:

    Some spellings,but lovely story line

  5. mavise says:

    Its a brave tin for U to put your story out here for us to read,so tank U bt a lot of work needs to be done,wen U start a story abt any of the characters pls finish up before U move to another cos its a bit confusing.tom and his wife were in a car and suddenly they were in their bedroom abt to have a pillow fight,how did dat happen? Gud story tho

  6. harrison says:

    Hmmm,not much Comments? Why is that So? So sorry for not Reading em since! Was kinda Busy! .And as for the typos,I don’t really see em since my brain automatically corrects em! But still work on the typos………U av also made the stories longer! Nice!! Kudos..lemme go and read the getting interesting


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