Boys With Toys #8

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26 Responses

  1. oluwaseyi says:

    Wow! Am scared for Guru oooo. Madu is demonic

  2. salim says:

    The suspense…

  3. The King says:

    OMG! The beans part! I LoL’d so loud my colleagues were asking what was going on
    Coming back to read it again
    Thanks, Sal!

  4. Ustyn says:

    Like seriously all four men are weird,if they dont beat up women,they backmailed them,Madu is evil and Khalid is heartless,Guru is dangerous and Bankole is vulnerable,they are all wired together with women and money

    Sally thank you and God bless u

  5. Dan Auta says:

    But why drag my Sam Smith into this nau.Khalid should play anoda song jor.

    As for Madu..all I can say is ”Mmadu ka’naya”

    ‘Jus like the way the characters are beginning to unfold…and I love the twists too.

    Thank u aunty Sally *high-five*

  6. Marvey says:

    This is getting interesting. Read, comment and share… That’s the right sequence. Otherwise Sally password the rest of the story, hehehehe #okbye

  7. tara says:

    I did a fast shoki as I saw d update..thanks salz. U too av my heart.. the men in monet’s life sha. Is a pity we dint meet d monet character!! Love d Drama Gidi gan. Do av a lovely valentine..muah!!!!!!

  8. Mariam says:

    Why do some women allow men to treat them like shit? I was glued to this page till the end. Great job as always Sally!

  9. ayo says:

    nice one sally… tanks… keep it up

  10. knonye says:

    I. Love this turn of events. well. Done S!

  11. temidayo says:

    Wow!!!! Dtz all I cn say. Onsachi nd uju r jst smtin else. Madu!!!dt guy rily as smtin up hz sleeves. Kudos sally mre grace.

  12. Gloria A says:

    Hmmmmmm,,,,this is getting heated!

  13. OGeee says:

    Nice one but I thought it was too short o.i don’t like that madu guy @ all….as for khalid,his doom is near,ive just got that feeling….99days for a thief they say.1 day for the owner.wheres the valentine special ma’am?and even subscribing I don’t still get updates o…not fair

  14. Tii says:

    Nice one, i hope this means Khalid returns to Sachi. Thumbs up, ma’am Sally.

  15. gbemmy says:

    The characters here are kind of weird, funny in their own way! Boys indeed with toys of money, happy valentine’s day everyone on this page & sally keep it up

  16. Adeleke Julianah says:

    What wouldn’t one see in this world?
    Hmmm…to be treated like rag and still claim it is love! Kai…wonderful and exciting piece as always Lady Sally!

  17. doubledee says:

    Thanks Sally. You’re a great writer. Thanks for giving us all these beautiful stories….and for free. You’re very generous and I appreciate your kindness

    I like Bankole, but he’s the type that ends up with women that play with his emotions while some others will be dying to have him by the side. As for Madu, I’ve always maintained that he’s the devil himself. For Khal, he needs serious redemption and maybe an intervention would help….but who will bell the cat? Am still trying to understand Guru though.

  18. Haleemah says:

    Thanks for this piece Sally. I had to take a cue from Khalid’s admonition of Uju and change my outfit. @Mariam, yes, why do some women allow men to mistreat them? Why’s Sachi so stuck up on Khalid? Nice episode as always. Cheers!

  19. yougeecash says:

    Sally’s stories have a way of pulling you in. So much depth for the characters! And the intrigue and suspense as well. Totally on point!
    Khalid worries me. I so desperately want him to be a good guy! Like he should just get his act together and sort his marital issues.
    Madu is annoying abeg. I don’t like him. Can’t he just get hit by GEJ’s train?
    And Guru. He’s still my G!!!

  20. jessie says:

    Hmm interesting piece

  21. Bimz says:

    Sally Salz!!! u are too much #dazall#

  22. Seye Seye says:

    Thanks Sally, you’ve made Madu more repugnant to me. Terrible person fa!
    And of course the Khalid, Uju and Sachi triangle is one interesting one.
    I got catch up to play, lemme run to #9

  23. The Word says:

    Lol the most dysfunctional set of characters I’ve ever read. One has AIDs, one has a woman he doesn’t trust and he’s getting stalked by another man’s wife, and one has anger management issues and is married to a psychopath. Lol happy valentine indeed!

  24. Ody says:

    I rily dunno y Madu reminds me of Noble Igwe. Lol


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