The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #3 – Semione Abi

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8 Responses

  1. gbemmy says:

    Oh my God indeed! Men sha, Tom Tom wat do u want or need in a woman again? See how u spoil ur marriage with lust, mtcheeew

  2. tola says:

    Hehehe,ds one naa original gobe ,all ds men tho,nice read semione…keep it up

  3. adefunke says:

    original gobe, Tom, what’s your problem?

  4. wasmakelly says:

    Ghen ghen, busted! Simeone nice 1.

  5. Ijeoma says:

    That’s really awful that after everything he’ll do that to his wife….Pitying Celina…

  6. kalliboom says:

    this is original gobe ooh…..why TOM,Whats wrong with yo?

  7. harrison says:

    *Grinning* leMme goan read others jhoor….I think “Aurora” is either Tom Reincarnated Grandmother or that of Cecilia! Cos she is too knowy!

  8. calabargal says:

    Oh My God!! Shit just got so very real!!


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