The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #4 – Semione Abi

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7 Responses

  1. kevwe says:

    Hahahahahaha…i was right jor; she was couldn’t have been real…nice one!!!

  2. AOS says:

    Mehn to see a loved one die in one’s hand is trauma for a life time. Hmmmmm just hallucination. Nice one dearie, keep d write up flowing.

  3. kalliboom says:

    nice one dearie… lucy should stop hallucinating ooh before she land herself into trouble,as for celina she should always report her conditions to her doctor to avoid more problem…loving dis…

  4. fcrown says:

    Silly lucy, I just hope it won’t come 2 reality

  5. Ustyn says:

    A few typos here and there “caused instead of cursed” and “secret instead of sacred” outside that its a good one…..cheers

  6. adeola gem says:

    Interesting episode…warming up to more…kudos


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