Boys With Toys #10

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91 Responses

  1. ije says:

    Aha! At last, I have had my dose of one of my favourite story for the week :-). Madu, very wicked guy. Thanks Sally as always,hope u are doing well.

  2. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Thanks for this post Salz, was beginning to wonder when we’ll get to hear what Madu did to Guru.
    Wish you a successful week ahead

  3. Dan Auta says:

    Ouch! Guru gay? Is that the worst Madu can do? Ahap. Thought he has better plans. Am sure Guru will survive this. He will. He’s a guru afterall.

    Thank you Sally. Hope the nxt episode wont take this long. *praying*

    Oh less i forget….Happy International Women’s Day!!

  4. vic says:

    Thank u sally. This is by far the best episode so far. Pls is it possible I buy the entire book frm u, as in the soft copy, the way I bought from diana the other time?

    • Sally says:

      Hey Vic,
      I really had no intention selling this but i’m beginning to change my mind. when i do, i’ll let you know.
      thank you

  5. kenny says:

    Madu but tell mi ooo wats really ur problem wit Guru now can’t u jst let the guy rest haba,as for Urena abi wats dat her name again she shuld jst run oooo cos if it gets out dat she helped madu wit this plot ehn…let mi not talk.Sally tnks so much now I can slip.

  6. jumes says:

    sally sally! l’ve been looking forward to this episode eh. poor Bea, i feel bad 4 Guru already. Thank u sally. always looking 4ward 2 d next thing u post. Have fun sally bebe

  7. oluwakemi says:

    Thank you ma hope we will get more soonest

  8. AOS says:

    Hmmmmm Guru ooh, Madu wants to kill you before your time ni….ogini? With d fact that Guru is HIV+…..hmmmmm.

    Khalid Khalid nice one you played out there….was expecting u to throw some punches after u saw d video.

    I’m just imaging a teacher squeezing my niece’s shoulder….we go enter same trouser niyen ooh.

    Bea na nemesis dey catch u so ooh, kai…Banky won’t find this funny @ all ooh.

    Madam Sally d great writer….thanks lurv. Happy Mother’s Day….xoxo.

  9. mary says:

    Yaaaaaay!Sally is back!I feel so bad 4 Guru.What Khalid did in dis episode is so awesome.

    Sally I’m going 2 take that challenge soon…lol

  10. brytnex says:

    Thanks for this episode a billion times.

  11. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Sally, please do me a very kind favor. Help me vindicate Guru and help me get something befitting and great a punishment for that idiot called Madu!
    Haba naa, what did the guy did to deserve such wickedness!
    Thanks for posting this. I’m really angry right now, so I couldn’t come up with nice words to say…

    • Sally says:

      i can imagine your anger. Lol! if people like Madu exist then there’ll be a lot of trouble around the world.
      Thanks, sis

  12. lizzie says:

    Madu wicked sha! Good job dear.should we be expecting the continuation by nextwk sunday? Thanku in advance*wink*

  13. bisi says:

    That Madu guy na one mean person. Sorry Bea for your loss, could be a blessing In disguise thou. Thumbs up Sally and stay blessed

  14. The King says:

    I don’t feel sorry for beatrix. Dumbass bitch. She got it so easy
    As for guru, I’d like to see how this turns out
    As someone stated above, can I get the soft copy too? Twill make a great read

  15. Rida says:

    Na wa o, sally. u jus disappeared like dat. It’s not fair o. some of us are following ur story but ur not appreciating it. me sef I’m losing interest
    I think the thing abt writing is consistecy but ur starting to loose it. ur a gud writer. u can do beta than this. jus try and appreciate the effort some of us put to cum here and read. try and please ur will help u go a long way.

    • Kemi says:

      Rida, that is not a nice thing to say. She apologised already even though she didn’t have to. Plus you come here because she is a brilliant writer and you enjoy her work, the least you can do in return is encourage and not threaten her. If you like lose interest, there are lots of us her who still appreciate her work. #NoVex

    • Sally says:

      *sigh* Rida, i’ve read your comment over and over again and really i don’t have what to tell you. you’re rude. like, really get a life.
      i might just prepare a robust reply for you but i feel you’re not worth the time and effort.
      so please do me a favor, lose interest in the story; it doesn’t take or add anything to me or to the people who enjoy the work. i won’t speak about my personal life and the efforts i make here cos you don’t deserve it.
      Just go bug someone else somewhere. Oh and please, #Vex!

    • Kany T. Dahl says:

      Rida it’s very rude of you to say what you said here. You reek of insensitivity and you are not appreciative of the fact that you get Sally’s stories for free.
      Abeg #vex put your phone inside bucket of fuel
      Make una forgive my english, I no sabi speak english

    • bee says:

      So I’m a ghost reader that never comments on anything ‘online’ but I can’t allow you diss sally like this.

      So about 2 weeks ago, sally came here and pleaded about how she won’t be able to post stories every week because she’s engaged in other things but that she’ll have other stories by other writers up. For the most part, she has kept that promise and it’s a delight to see another episode of boys with toys this soon sef.

      Sally is one of the most consistent and thoughtful writer that I know. Her stories are captivating and you never see the next thing coming. Keep up the good work my dear Sally. Stay blessed.

    • Marvey says:

      Who is this deluded person biko? Please feel free to loose interest. And you’re critiquing this work because you’ve written a New York Times best seller? Even your spellings are not standard. Sannu Queen of Sheba that should be pleased. Please go and lick rain… I don’t even know what to tell you. If we ask you to pay for the next episode now, you will skip blogs.

  16. Kemi says:

    I just knew this was what Madu was up to, Sally beautiful piece as usual. You are the best.

    • Sally says:

      Thanks Kemi, for standing up for me. some people really just get me tired. I appreciate it.
      And thanks for reading too!

  17. Temmy says:

    No thanks Urena,
    Bea and banky the miscarriage will definitely affect their relationship.
    Khalid so sweet now.

  18. Enricka says:

    I thot Khalid was the devil till i met Madu

  19. anthony says:

    ok… So the paris trip just got cancelled and someone needs to get laid ASAP. Urena should be getting a nice overdose of guilty conscience since she was part of the scheme, plus she got to witness Guru’s shock firsthand. Just glad Madu overdid this cos he’ll be getting that long overdue treatment from the boys once he’s discovered.
    As for Bea, losing that baby is a blessing in disguise because she and banky can finally define their relationship without the “baby variable” and truly decide what they want for themselves, especially Banky.
    Children have this innocence about them that brings out all sorts of positive happy emotions when you’re around them. All hope isn’t lost for Khalid afterall, he’s finally learning the true meaning of love from a child. As for Uju, lemme leave her matter till another doctor tells her what she already know. Then i’ll go all “KHALID” on her.
    I’ve missed this story, i hope you and yours are well Sally. Take care.

  20. Rukayat says:

    Thank u 4 this wonderful episode aunt Sally..I don’t mind waiting n waiting 4 ur dose of originality. Thank u and thank u

  21. tee says:

    Sally lovely write as always. .. Rida abeg abeg abeg cut her some slack she has a life.. job.. family and other repsonsibilities na.. and she is preggy sef.. abeg if u r loosing interest dissapear already.

  22. Omowunmi says:

    Feel bad for Bea n Guru. Madu has τ̅o pay for this. D little insecure little boy. Uju don’t bring an innocent child τ̅☺ d world if your not sure of the father’s acceptance. Awayu Sally? Family n work? Hope all is well with you?

  23. mz Fusiyin says:

    Na wa 4Rida. O! U tink she doesn’t hv work ni. She even took excuse o. I can say she is d only one that takes her time to reply everyone that makes s comment 90% of the times they comment. If person don vex u no pour am 4ha head. *Sally luvly write up as usual* God bless u richly dear. NB: If u stop to throw stone at every dog that barks u wnt move on in lyf so ride on dear!

  24. wasmakelly says:

    Gay!! And dats all madu can do, is a lesson 4 all, 1ce u r makin gud success haters will hate. And dey hate cos dey aint us, and 4 bankole God will c u tru, na only u get 3 crazy women in ur life. I pity u. Sally gbagbe oshi, u r d bestest! GOD will make u BIG

  25. Sally says:

    Awww, Wasmakelly, may God grant you all you desire, too.
    Thank you!

  26. Kay Kitty says:

    Who is this Rida, person?
    vex don catch me dis evening! after enjoying a cool episode I come and see nansense! babe, park your keke somewhere, abeg!
    Sally, I have forgotten what I want to say about this episode becos of vex But it was sweet.
    awon crazy bitches! msheeeeew!

  27. Ody says:

    I feel sad 4 Guru. Urena shud be flogged 4 betraying her fren.

  28. Nwanne says:

    Sally, you know the punishment Bash got. Please multiply it by 5 and serve to Madu. Hope you are fine?

  29. tara says:

    U are always appreciated sally…don’t vex *muah. Vindicate Guru plsssss and bea’s miscarriage..awwww. Trust a juicy twist around the corner.
    Be Good

  30. Tii says:

    Oh boy, dude got messed up big time by Madu. And that his PA or whoever she is that drugged him is called, she deserves what’s coming get way. She n Madu…
    I just hope they didn’t sleep with him. Na HIV be that o.

  31. The Word says:

    Come on!!! Ok, loved the episode. Kept hoarding it, but couldn’t keep myself away any longer so read it. Loved it. But the bit I wanted to read – the whole madu-guru fight! It’s not here!!! Grrrrr! Man, I hope I don’t have to wait another week.

    Poor Bea. Bankole will not be pleased when he finds out. He’ll blame her too. Dude needs to grow some balls and kick that stalker bitch to the curb. So what if his boss finds out? He’s in Monet’s will to work at the company. He can’t be sacked. He’s sack proof.

    Dj Khalid and Feisty Hope, the dynamic duo lol. Love, love these two

  32. The Word says:

    Oh yeah. We love you, Sally. And we’ve got your back 😉

  33. znb says:

    Oh boy!!! That was hot. Guru gay???? That madu is m*d sha. Poor bea and banky. As for uju, I’m not really sorry for her cos if I remember properly, the relationship started as a sham on her part.
    Now who is this Rida person that wants to come and pour sand sand inside this carefully prepared garri cum milk cum sugar cum igroundnut. Little advice if you have nothing good to say please shut it. Or better still, write your own story and try to get as much readers. Dare I say that if you don’t like what I have to say #PLS VEX.

  34. znb says:

    sorry jare Sally, great job as always #NO VEX.

  35. Kemi says:

    Hi Sally, nice read as always. Thot I could continually keep off reading this so I can savour it but I guess I couldn’t resist anyway.
    Thanks for what you are doing, U are a blessing, let no one make U feel otherwise. U are so consistent and that I salute U for, started a blog as u know and I know what it means to be consistent and prompt.
    Anyways koko of d gist, trust U are good and U are still in my prayers. All the best and do take care of yourself really good even if we your readers have to take a chill pill in expecting a new post, your health first! Bye Dear

  36. ThaProudEkitiGal says:

    Aunty Sally…been complaining about my mail notifications….I still dont get notifications bet why? You are breaking my heart o

    • Sally says:

      I haven’t goTten any complaints from you. This is the first. And then I don’t personally handle them. I just get notified if someone registers. It’s either they’re in your spam folder or you never completed the registration.

  37. anjie says:

    Really interesting episode, thanks aunt sally

  38. Amina says:

    Sally, biko no vex…good job

  39. Ustyn says:

    I didnt want to comment but that Rida person just make me realize at times you just got to ignore some people and move ahead,Rida please get a life
    Sally welldone

  40. Seye Seye says:

    Good read yet again Sally. The deviousness in Madu is first class. Folks like him see everything as competition, team work/joint success won’t cut it for them except to pull some down so they can rise.
    Blessing in disguise for Bankky and Bea. The loss of the pregnancy will answer some nagging questions.
    Khalid and how he’s learning life around Hope, I think I like that lots.
    And as for Rida, she’s got her fair share of attention from fellow readers on here. If she reads what everyone has to say, I hope she’ll learn to choose her words more sensibly next time. You take time out to notify when there’s gon’ be a delay and no one can call you out for that.
    I got a bit of flak from people when I had office issues keeping down my serial since. Don’t let folks like Rida discourage you. There’s more positive people than her ilk.

    • Sally says:

      Yes, you would absolutely understand this, Seye. So many times, readers get impatient with us writers but this Rida person has been the rudest here, so far. Na her sabi.
      Thanks a lot

  41. haryoka says:

    Wished it didn’t come to an end can’t wait for the next episodes God bless you Sally for this awesome story plus uju should better abort that thing biko SS no be beans o

  42. jessie says:

    Very cool luv it

  43. zizi says:

    Poor Guru,Madu ehn, Your own is coming.. I love the way your brain works ma”am….

  44. adekola funmilola says:

    Eeyah! Am so sorry about Bea’s baby! Thanks Sally for this fantastic episode! Can’t get enough!

  45. mavise says:

    Madu is such a beast. Really wonder wat he will gain from hurting gurU, Sal welldone

  46. imotolab2014 says:

    Wat is wrong with this Madu’s brains self??????


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