Boys With Toys #11

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94 Responses

  1. Dupe says:

    Yaaaaaaay! Boys with toys is back, Let me go and read now.

  2. Kemi says:

    First to comment!!!!

  3. Kemi says:

    I wasn’t even the first sef, you people should be reading the story before you comment nau. Sally this episode had me on my toes, all these twists in one sitting.

  4. Oluwafunmi says:

    Thank you..Datz all I can say..U are talented…extremely talented..

  5. sleekdami says:

    1) so Mrs tunji knows the real father to hope?…the twist and turns… *wheew*
    2) Uju is dead fah!!!! Cannt wait to know who killed her..i v a feeling it khalid..since she struck Sachi down..
    3) Madu oh Madu be very careful..Guru wud get rest assured

  6. Goody Henry says:

    Madu in a hurry to be famous forgot that “Maduabuchi” (humans are not God). I feel for Guru. I believe there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Is Uju really dead? Hmmmm. Lots of suspense yet to come. Thanks Sally,i really appreciate your hard work. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  7. brytnex says:

    okay, now its getting more intriguing…
    Thanks Sally!

  8. deola says:

    Wow! Ds episode wit all d twists and revelations. So Mr Duro is Mrs Taiwo’s son,and Hope is his son, Sachi and Uju’s brutal drama, d suspense here is crazy mehn,. Uju dead, wat bout sachi? I feel sad for Beatrice tho, as for Ruky and Bankole hmmn fingers crossed. Guru and d new girlfriend, thanks for ds episode, loved evrybit of it, eagerly watin for d next episode

  9. Seye Seye says:

    *faans self* Boy! This episode is top top drawer. So Duro is the Dad, the same Duro whose wife Banky is eating her yam. This life ehn! One starts to wonder to what end Mrs. Tunji and Duro are playing this game of theirs.
    And like all situations resembling the Uju, Sach and Khalid triangle, victims go always dey. Uju seems to be the first of this. Let’s see how it goes from here.
    Bea and Banky, Banky and Ruky…fingers crossed. I wasn’t expecting him to take it with a pinch of salt too. Beatrice’s antecedents would make it difficult for her to be believed anyways.
    Big ups Sally. Thanks for making my weekend rock with this. Blessings

  10. oke says:

    b4 i read sally u’re d best u totally just made my weekend. tnx

  11. oke says:

    wow is all i can say. d story don get k leg. sally u rock

  12. Adeleke Julianah says:

    *Whistles loud and long!*
    I’m speechless! Kai!!!! Just like that?!!!
    Wow!!! As for that Madu, the thunder wey go faya am still dey do training under Bruce Lee’s son and dey do enuf press-up join o!

  13. kalliboom says:

    Sally u re the best,u jst make my weekend rock!

  14. oluwakemi says:

    the story is getting hotter with every read. u rock Sally madam

  15. noncapax says:

    Great job as always, Sally!

  16. kenny says:

    Guru I am sure u will uncover the truth,jst stay calm.Bea bea pele ok u sort of course d drama in ur life frm the begining.Uju girl I told ya see where u land ur self now.Sally tnks for making ma weekend complete

  17. anthony says:

    smh… So Mrs T was the ultimate side chic that managed to be the grandmother of her boo’s grandchild, even without marrying him? Kai! Even Lady Camilla would be impressed. Ruky had better go meet her for some sidechic tips.
    I’m yet to figure out this special connection between Monet and Guru, she’s like his third eye or something… Clock ticking for Madu already, it won’t be long now.
    So Uju gets a 6ft reward for her efforts to fix Sachi’s marriage and trying to go all Brutus on her. Hope she rests in peace now. Just wondering how Khalid will the news of their death; Uju and their baby. Will he regret his reaction to her pregnancy news? Oh! And i’m dying to hear Sachi’s cover story, i hope she surprises me.

    • Sally says:

      Oh my! Your comment on Lady Camilla is so hilarious!
      Always look forward to reading your thoughts. Entertains me as much as reading a story myself.
      Thanks, Anthony

  18. Bejide says:

    Mehn people dey read dis boys with toys o I ave to scroll down down b4 I can comment well that’s to tell anty sally she’s doing a great work here more ink to ur pen. But why does mrs olatunji want her son to go for DNA which monet was against. As for madu he will suffer greatly for dis mess he created for guru,uju can’t die just like dat let’s assume she’s in a coma. Thanks for d update looking forward to more

    • Sally says:

      People with their motives. Mrs tunji maybe has something up her sleeves. Let’s see…
      Thank you for your uplifting words, Bejide

  19. Temmy says:

    I didn’t get any notification, just came here out of curiosity.
    Looks like Sachi and uju killed themselves.
    Trust Guru he’ll be on the look out.

  20. Gloria A says:

    Jeeezzzzzzzz!!!! This episode is off the hook, I can’t believe what Sachi did, whoahhhhhh! Madu should get ready, revenge is best served cold! As for Beatrice, I feel so bad for her, I hope Banky retraces his steps before it’s too late…. mind blowing episode as usual…

  21. toyenlon says:

    Wonderful read! The length people go to to achieve their aim, Madu is a bad guy, so sorry for Guru. Beatrice should have told Bankole right away the truth about her miscarriage instead of him discovering by himself cos of the previous lies that made him lose his trust in her. Av a nice weekend dear.

  22. AOS says:

    Hmmmmmm Sally please can you sell this story to us? D suspense of waiting is too much.
    Thanks dearie, you always a darling…*xoxo*.
    Kai each episode is so interesting, I don’t want to stop reading.

    • Sally says:

      You’re the third person asking me to sell this o. Seriously thinking about it.
      Just maybe…
      Thanks, darling

  23. mayreecollette says:

    Just when I try to predict, a twist it added. Nice Sally, as always. Bt please try not to stay away for too long it makes us forget the characters easily.

    • Sally says:

      my dear, if you’ve been following you’ll remember I mentioned that I’ll be absent, so pls don’t expect episodes weekly as I’m known to do. This sister’s gotta work and make some living for the fam, so I really hold no apologies for being away.
      All the same, if you feel you’re forgetting the characters easily, I’ll suggest you do as some readers do, which is to let the episodes pile up so you can read them all at a go. Or just simply refresh your memory with an older episode before reading a new one.
      Hope that helps.

  24. Ody says:

    Wow! Wasn’t xpectin episode 11 to end dis way! Uju don die! Choi! The wrath of a woman is deep!

  25. zizi says:

    Wow,wow,wow! That’s all I can say, Thank you ma’*am

  26. Dan Auta says:

    Only God knows the number of times I open my phone to check Moskedapages to see if there’s a new episode of Boys with toys. Only a genius like Sally can make one do that.

    Am liking the way Guru is handling things. Madu shege ne. I never thought for a second that Mrs Tunji is Mr Duro’s mum. So they’ve been playing us since. No qualms sha.

  27. Tii says:

    Uju die like so?
    Who kill am?

  28. Olamide says:

    Wow! Sally is simply amazing! This episode is the Bomb! Uju is dead, just like that! Madu is going to meet his waterloo soon. Thanks for making my weekend!

  29. Ijeoma says:

    Absolutely amazing…..Thanks Sally….

  30. consyspark says:


  31. salim says:

    *applause* Sally you’re one hell of a writer!! Curious as tho what Mrs. Tunji is playing at

  32. Ustyn says:

    “your today is an accumulation of yesterdays” if you did evil,evil will never stay far from,go for good and it will envelope you even when you aint seeing it…..
    Beactrice is suffering the mistakes she made before
    Uju is dead as a result of evil plot with her accomplice
    Madu watch out your day is nigh

    Sally my fav’ thanks and a good week ahead

  33. Oyin says:

    I admire Guru thou he doesnt let things get to him dat much…nice one Sally

  34. The Word says:

    Guru knows it’s Madu. Banky left Bea. Uju dead?!?! Who killed her?? Sachi could possibly be dead too. And Hope’s dad?? Mr Doru? No way! There’s a twist somewhere. Fuck! This is too awesome a series. How the hell does sally do it?!!!!

  35. Firstlady Temidayo says:

    Hmmmmm! I give up. I promise not to guess what will happen in Sally’s stories again. Mehn! I didn’t c any of this coming. Don’t really understand what happening btw Mrs Tunji and Mr duro.

    • Sally says:

      Lol! Just enjoy the story as it goes. I don’t set out to twist stories as you guys imagine. This is just the way I write. I guess I see things differently and convey them in words the way I see them. I believe there’s a story behind the surface with everyone. As a writer it’s my job to dig deep and unearth the motives of the heart.
      So don’t crack you head dear cos I’ve done that for you. Just read and enjoy

  36. Leon says:

    The plot thickens. Really enjoying the twists.
    Ibekwe continue blackmailing Guru in sooner or no time it’s boomeranging.

  37. lizzie says:

    Aunty sally has done it again o.this episode is so full of intrigue.I wish we could get to read new episodes every week tho.good job dear

  38. Jumes says:

    Sally thank you for another suspense filled episode. Looking forward to the next one………….well done

  39. Anny says:

    Nice one ma, can’t wait for next episode.

  40. imotolab2014i says:

    marvelous. superb. exciting. oh boy…. i can go on forever

  41. Guru beta be smart ooooo. Bl4 madu will set you up again???? Ehen Banky becareful ooooo. The two hot babes fighting??????

  42. sarah says:

    So many secrets nd suspense, hmm… Sally u re good at what you do, keep up the good work, thanks.

  43. Nwanne says:

    Is it too far fetched to think Mrs T wanted Monet’s estate and set up Duro and Monet? I have been trying to think of why she is insisting on a DNA. How are you all doing Sally;-)?

  44. mz Fusiyin says:

    God bless u sally! Aww Beatrice, I feel 4ha buh she sud try n be sincere so he can trust her anytym nw. Dis just made my day.

  45. adeola gem says:

    Hmm hmm! This is serious twist o. I just hope sachi is not deeply hurt. Guru is a special being, no harm shall come to him. Let madu continue his bad deeds… I pity Beatrice sha. Thumbs up Ms. Sally. Long time…

  46. Haleemah says:

    My, oh my! Sally… I don’t have words for this. Just…mind blowing!!!

  47. Amina says:

    Seriously! I can relate with Banky though, why lie when you can save yourself the stress of speaking the truth. Like I said before trust once lost is hard to find. Love alone cannot sustain a relationship. If by chance they get back together, the distrust will always be there. For Sachi and Uju their craze no be here. I like Guru’s character a lot.

  48. 'bimbola says:

    Omo……eleyii gidi gaan 😁

  49. jessie says:

    Hehehe oya na but guru go hear am soon

  50. mystiq18 says:

    Sally no notifications sef…thank God I decided to check up on u…missed u loads good to have u back

    madu needs a really good beating…sad uju had to die tho

  51. ms_payshee says:

    This is soo intresting! ! waiting for episode 12… kudos…

  52. wasmakelly says:

    Nice episode!

  53. classic IJ says:

    Wow!!!! the twists are head banging. Thanks Sally for sharing with us.Enjoy the holidays dear.

  54. znb says:

    No be small thing ooo. Uju, Khalid, Banky, Bea, Mrs tunji, Mr Duro!!!! Come on!!!!. But anty Sally e te small ooo, but it was worth it sha. Nice one. I’m going to read it again now.

  55. Bimz says:

    I didnt get notification…just checked cos e don too tey o. Sally i have no words for how awesome/talented/beautifully u write. Can u sell this story to us already? Woooooooow!!!

  56. Phortunate says:

    Sally, greeeeaaaaaaattttttttyy.
    Like Oliver Twist, when is d next episode. It will soon be a month…..

  57. Phortunate says:


  58. Shakiru says:

    Swallows hard…”She had scarcely thought those words when she was shoved angrily over the counter and her head slammed over it with a violent blow that ended her life before she had the chance to wonder what had happened to her.”

    What did I just read??? Your mind Sally… Your mind!!!


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