Go Getter (Go-Get-Her) #15



My name is Ahanonu Christian, i hail from Mbaise in Imo state, reside in Lagos but presently in Enugu state for my university programme. I'm a lover of literature and an admirer of words. I'd like to think of myself as an introvert though i'm a very interesting person. Where there is all the natural magic of nature, arts and music, there you would find me.

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17 Responses

  1. Dupe says:

    Awww, who is going to get Sandy now? Chreez nice one.

  2. Ustyn says:

    Like seriously this is epic….lol,Chrêèz well done

  3. AOS says:

    Wow, who will Sandy pick now? She’s gonna be so confused now.
    Well done Chreez….please give us bonus nah*wink*

  4. oluwakemi says:

    twists and turns

  5. toyenlon says:

    Lol…imagine the guts of Casmir after what he did. This is serious, 3 guys fighting over Sandy…hmm, waiting to see how it turns out.

  6. kevwe says:

    Sandra the hottest! 3 men for you.lol. this bobo of a guy thou.what a twist.Nice one

  7. adeola gem says:

    Oops Sandy, let’s see how you’d entangle this…

  8. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Chreez, you have a nice crazy head on your shoulder!

  9. adeola gem says:

    Oops Sandy! Let’s see how you how you’d disentangle this…thanks chreez.


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