Boys With Toys #12

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62 Responses

  1. Bimbo says:

    OMG! Duro is gay? I suspected something off about him. o well, I can’t wait to see how this plays out. no wonder his wife is on banky’s case.
    as for monet, I don’t judge her. she was in a bad place
    sally, welcome bk. my love to zane

  2. ND says:

    I so missed this series! tnxfor bringing Monet. I’ve always been curious. Guru is sha missing in action

  3. anthony says:

    Holy shit!!! Duro is bisexual? I swear i didn’t see this coming. Haaa! I guess Monet already found out hence her going bunkers. Now i understand why his model wife feels neglected, she’s just a front for him to hide his true identity. And i’m sure sidechic le extraordinaire aka mrs Tunji is aware of his preferences, she has to protect her son sha.
    Welcome back Sally, my regards to Zane and Papa Zane.

  4. esson says:

    that should surely hurt more.. losing her man to a man.. wow

  5. anthony says:

    errrm…. Quick question, is Sally still giving out invitations to the lounge? I was hoping to steal one *puppy eyes*

  6. brytnex says:

    like ND said, I so much missed this series.
    Thanks very much Sally! How is your baby doing?

  7. classiq says:

    Thanks Sally for making my weekend. How are u and Zane? I missed these series sooo much! Want more please. My love to your family.

  8. gbemmy says:

    Too much hidden issues!

  9. ayo says:

    Tanks Sally, really missed this series… poor monet, its hard healing a broken heart though.. pls I need an invite to d lounge also… keep d flag up… my regards to ur family

  10. chreez chreez says:

    Guru is missing? I thought I saw in an episode of this story that Guru never had that one day/night stand, plus he’s got STD. Sally, the queen, I so love the way your write up flows. You make the work look so easy. keep writing with God’s pen

    • Sally says:

      I guess we both got that God’s pen, Chreez. You’re an amazing writer, yourself
      As for Guru, who ever said he had a one day/night stand?

  11. Dan Auta says:

    Finally. words can’t explain how much I miss Boys with toys. Jah bless u Sally

  12. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Woow! Mum Sally, more ink to your pen. Regards to Zane

  13. sleekdami says:

    Wow..finally more light About Monet and her darlings…I have missed the stories…thank you for bringing them love to ur fam

  14. Mariah says:

    Wow! This was so unexpected. Sally! Sally!! Sally!!! Great as always, can’t wait for the next episode. Love to Zane. #ourinlaw# lol.

    • Sally says:

      Lol! you better send pics of our own in law o. And start feeding her with all the orisi-risi before time comes

  15. Ustyn says:

    Shit happens…..Sal hows Zane doing,what abt Princess Kayla,God help take care of them,cheers

  16. AOS says:

    Hah Duro Bisexual, you go fear…what about Guru?
    How is Baby Zane, sis, n dad doing? And how are you doing too Sally?
    Your writing is a pleasure to my heart. Thanks Darling.

  17. bisi says:

    Glad this series is back. Good job sally… always!

  18. sarah says:

    Wow, I am speechless, so Duro is gay, if he is, then why is he married to the lady Banky is banging?

  19. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Speechless I am!

  20. cleo says:

    Wow! !!!!!!!! Weldone Sally. Glad to have you back. And you delivered as usual. And the story is so real time. The gauge thing in Nigeria is getting real everyday. Ihad always felt monet had a troubled past, hence her behaviour.

  21. Temmy says:

    Oops duro is bi, the most confused. Nice to see you back sally, how are you and baby doing?

    Take care and don’t stress yourself too much we understand.

  22. Tizzy says:

    Ooooh!! The drama, the intrigue… I miss(ed) this… How you leave me wanting moreeeeeeeee…..

  23. Omowunmi says:

    Wawu! Monet looked for love n acceptance in d wrong places. But ow did guru get into d picture? She den left her child to 4fathers instead of 5.
    How’s baby Zane n his dad?
    Enjoy your week

  24. Rukayat says:

    Thank u strong aunt Sally!!! Hmm…nw I understand y Monet’s character is d way she is. My regards 2 Kayla, Zane n their dad. Have a wonderful week ahead

  25. Olamide says:

    OMG! Duro is bisexual? No wonder his pretty wife is looking for attention elsewhere. How is Zane, Kayla and their dad? Hope you are feeding and resting well. It is well with you, Sally. Thanks for this episode.

  26. adeola gem says:

    Hmm! At last-the big story behind the daring Monet n her darlings. Thanks Ms sally. Warm rgds to Zane, Kayla n ur hussy. God bless you…ameen.

  27. Goody Henry says:

    The long awaited. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

  28. imotolab2014i says:

    Thanks for posting this. little wonder that duro’s wife is trailing banky. now i feel so sad for monet. and khalid …hmmmm

  29. tee says:

    Wow Sally very very nice.. Your stories are just different. . In a class of its own. Love to the lil one

  30. The Word says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!!! Back with a bang! Just checked the site randomly and saw this. So psyched! This is awesome. So great to see Monet, and so sad, cos I know she’s dead. Sigh. Can’t wait for new episodes.

    Lol Duro the fag! No wonder lol!

  31. Seye Seye says:

    Good to finally be here and play catch up. So you finally let us into who Monet is and how each of the ‘boys’ got in contact with her. Thanks for giving something to look forward to always.

  32. anita says:

    O my God duro is gay…..hmmm……sally i ve missd dis post 4 a while now,gud 2be bck here to read.


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