Boys With Toys #14

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46 Responses

  1. Dupe says:

    Ohhhh Khalid sad sad. Bankole why na, wetin Bea do you?

  2. Oyin says:

    I knew they won’t get back that easy. Banky has not forgiven Bea. He looks like the unforgiving type.he will stay with ruky just to spite bea and then push her into seriki’s arms
    As for khalid, you got it coming. Can’t waitt to know what happened
    Sally this one u released this episode today hope there’s another one tomorrow and next?

  3. Ijeoma says:

    So Khalid really loved Sachi….But she sef nawa for her killing herself would just put him in trouble…Just hope Banky knows what he’s doing..

  4. consyspark says:

    hope as a character seems interesting. would love to see more of her. Sally the way you twist these stories eh. u try. more ink to your pen

  5. bee says:

    Hmm Banky and Bea. I think Banky is being hypocritical with his treatment of Bea.

    Khalid and Sachi sha…. Sally you just had to through the twist in sha.

    Thank you for this episode…. can’t wait for more… #olivertwistsyndrome

  6. mavise says:

    Wow! So speechless. Sally thanks for this episode

  7. Adeleke Julianah says:

    This one is very strong!
    Well done Lady Sally.

  8. toyenlon says:

    Banky was too harsh on Bea, hope he won’t regret his actions cos he wants to use Rukky to spite her. Bea should try & stay focused for a change & not do anything she’ll later regret. Very well written and also well read…lol

  9. bisi says:

    Thanks Sally

  10. sarah says:

    Sally, you are incredibly good with what you do, this episode is so interesting, it captivated me from the start to the end. I hope banky nd bea finally get back together, I think what they are passing through might make their love for each other stronger. Khalid, what has osinachi got you into? I am waiting patiently for the next episode…greay work sally.

  11. Temmy says:

    I’m speechless. How will Khalid clear his name and the murder not pinned to him? Banky will regret this affair with Rukky.

  12. cleo says:

    Wow! !!!! This was intense. Banky is just showing the male ego. Too bad. He should forgive her joor. Double murder and one witness. I wonder how Khalid will come out of it. Awesome work Sally. Can’t wait for the next episode

  13. Dough yeen says:

    Oh my God….khalid sorry ;(
    madam sall…well done

  14. Gloria A says:

    Ohhhh myyyyyy!!!! I hope banky comes back to his senses soon.. so sorry for Khalid, I hope he pulls through this. Nice episode as usual Sally..

  15. classiq IJ says:

    Short of words. Thank you Sally

  16. oluwakemi says:


  17. Stan says:

    Great write-up!

  18. OGeee says: I’ve been waiting for this story for so long o…anyway thank d good Lord it’s here for banky ehn,that guy doesn’t even know what’s worrying him.smh.bea should better listen to her sister for khalid,he deserves what’s coming to for me…I want to go bk nd count d word if it’s up to 4000 this tym cos it’s so short to me#evil grin.happy blessed week ma’am

  19. Leon says:

    And everybody here are spiting Banky for being too harsh on BEA. #Whaddahell
    Had it not been that the lab test proved that she was pregnant she would have married Paul and forgotten all about Banky.
    MALE EGO MY FOOT! When BEA was doing her own where were u guys or haven’t u pple been following this series?
    Take heart Khalid!

  20. ola says:

    So sad….nuffin is working out 4ds guys

  21. miss B says:

    It’s good to be back

  22. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Hmmmm! When a child doesn’t like a person, I am also careful with such person. Khalid don enter one chance finally. Well done Sally, regards to Shane!

  23. mary says:

    U are a terrific writer. Wow!

  24. AOS says:

    Gosh….oh oh.
    Great work Sally….KIAU dearie.

  25. lizzie says:

    Aunty mi usual u never dissappoint me.God bless ur ink o.btw bankole should pack well jor.can’t he just 4gv bae ni? I know its not easy tho.Onsachi why now, poor khalid..*sad face*

  26. Jumes says:

    Banky is just annoying me jor, as 4 Bea, I’m feeling 4 her.Rukky should watch out. Khalid is in for it, even in death, sachi has the upper hand.

  27. haryoka says:

    Biko make una leave banky alone oo when bea dey do her own nko??? Sally more grease to your elbow

  28. imotolab2014 says:

    Bea nd Banky,,,,,,nd I like ruky oo. Naughty hope. So obvious bea is still Banky’s bae. Ruky better clear eye. Oh Khalid wat have u gotten urself into?

  29. Seye Seye says:

    So it gets more interesting already.
    Banky’s just gon’ run himself aground in this quagmire wey he wan put himsef. He gotta be decisive no matter how hard it is.
    Khalid just got himself into a very difficult situation. How to wriggle out of it is what I will watch out for.
    Big ups Sally, God bless you

  30. jessie says:

    Khalid is getting paid 4 all his wickedness 2wards women I think bea has paid 4 her sins banky never 4gave her d mistake he made was taking her in d first place and raising her hopes watever d case is he should b careful with ruky and rmember how dramatic she was wen her ex dumped her she may decide to ruin him if he tries to dump her

  31. The Word says:

    I’m sad for Khalid, but I gotta say, I’m glad those two women are dead. They seemed to pull me from the whole story, like they had their own story going on which was interrupting the other important stories. Bye bye bitches!

  32. adeola gem says:

    Talk of d coolest way to make fast money mehn I give it to you Sharon. Thumbs up. Beau is banky’s bae for life. Banky and ruky are just testing waters… So sad for Khalid, really like him. Yeah! You are so right @The Word, it’s byebye to those bitches alright but e be like say u dey on top of their matter before…so good riddance…thanks Ms Sally. You are so sweet. What a surprise!

  33. Aminat says:

    Plz ma where is the rest of dis story plzzzzz????

  34. Firstlady Temidayo says:

    And sally never updated again????? Why?????

  35. Molly says:

    lovley story, pls when will u complete t.

  36. Marylyn says:

    our beloved Sally has completely abandoned “boys with toys”! Last updated May 2015. dear Sally finish the story na don’t leave us hanging!????

  37. Soma says:

    Sally,thanks for keeping me busy with this incredible work. Plz I couldn’t read episode 6 and I stopped at 14,plz can I have them mailed to me? God bless yuh.

  38. Wendy says:

    Can u pls continue dis series? am hooked & nid 2 continue it.

  39. roy says:

    Please, Please and Please continue boys with toys. Its been a while after the last post. If u can restart immortals code then I believe we can put an end to boys with toys. Love your work always sally.

  40. chi says:

    Am so glued to this Series…Wooooow, when is d next Episode out o

  41. chi says:

    Can u pls continue with this Series,or Is der a link to go read it up?Abeg I tk God beg u..i even now dream abt it…

  42. miss buba says:

    I just discovered your blog and I have vowed to devour every single post on it.
    You are an awesome writer. But is this d last episode for boys with toys? Please tell me you have a 15 16 17 etc……. With love from Jos.

  43. Marion says:

    Hi sally this is ur number one fan, great series as usual. Please where are d remaining episodes.

  44. modupe says:

    i am a lastma here ooo, am even surprised at myself that i just read boys with toys….biko, Sally bia, where did i go…and when would you have the strength to contunu this story….an

  45. Homojem says:

    Pls Sally, where are do remaining episodes na?

  46. olamma says:

    it’s very unlike you aunt Sally to keep us in the dark like this. You didnt finish the story. #crying


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