It’s Another Saturday…#4

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  1. Kemi says:

    First to comment, Yipee! I have been refreshing this page since morning. Let me go and read now

  2. seyifunmi says:

    It’s really another Saturday! Jide should just tell emeka about tola Jo.

  3. gbemmy says:

    This is really captivating! But d issue is getting complicated

  4. Oyin says:

    Oh lord! Jide’s mum is so my mum. She did this to my elder bro. Dashed him a wife and thyre so hapi together. Sumtimes it works. Jide shd jus try Honey. She sound like a noice girl. I think I now understand why he sleeps around
    As for mex, he’s worst than jide. 2girls at the same time. He shd jus marry dem both
    Sally, episode 5 nko? Hehehehe

  5. Cynthia says:

    hahaha…I no fit laugh…where did you get all this name ma…yazmin,jidechi
    I really love this episode.
    Good job ma.

  6. Olamide says:

    *in davido’s voice* See gobe, omo see gobe!

  7. Marvey says:

    Ghen Ghen, Jide will here it.

  8. Debola says:

    wow… i love this episode. i felt like I was watching a movie and I didn’t want it to end. welldone Sally

  9. gift says:

    Sally sometimes when we don’t comment its just cos we’re wowed beyond expression,i love Jides mum bought honey Aidy, looking forward to d families dinner

  10. bee says:

    Can’t wait to see where this is heading to. Well done Salls….

  11. kevwe says:

    Jidechi, prodigalize…. Lmao..i practically laughed all through My read..good one Sally

  12. doyinsola says:

    I like honey….so sweet.

  13. wumi says:

    Laffing at the brothers conversation. Nothing like family…the joy, pain, love, sacrifice. Thanks for this Sally.

  14. rad says:

    Hian!!! Emeka is way worse than Jide. Why would a mom so nice have children like “Olajideofornna” and Emeka??

  15. Aramide says:

    Wowww,,,jide’s mum is so so funny. I hope saturday dinner goes well…gud work sally

  16. tola says:

    Sally is bae mehn!!! always dere to deliver…nice read it was,i was glued to my fon all tru ….God bless u hun

  17. bunmi says:

    oh my!…this family is drama-filled,chai!…fingers crossed, waiting for the d-day.

  18. anthony says:

    i just love the way the conversations between characters in your stories flow. Thats the best part of your storytelling Sally. Saturday’s drama will probably help Honey get over the butterflies Jidechi has unleashed within her. Plus how come their dad is afraid of Jideofor? Is it because he’s so unpredictable? Or because he’s a lot more like young Lawrence? I’d like to know that part of the story. And Yazmin’s dad is a mexican warlord? Kai! I dunno why every Emeka i know and have come across has a penchant for attracting trouble to themselves. Bring on YazChi biko.

    • Sally says:

      Your comments always puts me in stitches. You’re quite an interesting mind the way you think far.
      Thanks for reading

  19. ty says:

    Amazing story today. Cant wait for next week. I wonder how jide will get out of the mess. He should just confess. Lol. Thanks sally

  20. anthony says:


  21. ayo says:

    see gbege..

  22. Adedunmola says:

    But d papa bad sha, still want to knack d woman with arthritis, una wan kee pesin?

  23. oke says:

    I missed you sally it feels good to be back I love this story sally you rock. genius

  24. imotolab2014 says:

    Oh boy,,, dz story ehn….. Yaz gini???? I think I knw y jide is nt interested n honey. She s d one to steal his heart!!! HONEY. Mumc ehn…chai she can matchmake for America. Mex d mixer!!! Naija to mexico. I troway salute give u. Great job as always, aunt sally

  25. imotolab2014 says:


  26. Sally Bonn says:

    I think scratch that, I love this story. The names too or is it because I have a lot of relatives who bear the igbo names used in this story. Now I am going to camp here. Nice one Sally, ur runaway namesy is back

    • Sally says:

      Only you know where you ran to, Sally. Good to see you here, sha. Don’t miss in action again.
      Of course every Igbo person can relate to these guys lolz

  27. onyinye says:

    Sal gini? U av delivered a good episode dis very saturday!! Can’t stop laughing @ Yaz gini? Hahahahahaha!

  28. Leon says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode.

  29. oke says:

    Sally you are simply amazing from fish brain series to this I never got bored thank you.

  30. adeola gem says:

    Honey, jidenna, jidechi, jideofor, yazmin…only sally can do d mix…hanhan! Bae, u bad gan o. Wonder what you are cooking up for next Saturday dinner cos me I’m sure it’s action packed….honey n tola, all eyes on you. Including olajideofor’s don’t mind him hon, he’s still living in denial. Thanks Ms Sally.😊 warm rgds to ur family.

  31. Dupe says:

    Hehehe o, this is getting interesting, Jide is at crossroad, o ma se o.

  32. Seye Seye says:

    Wow wow, this thing with women seems to be running in Jideofor’s fam. Or how does one explain Emeka impregnating Tola when the other babe’s pregnancy is at an advanced stage? To make it more interesting, Tola’s put Jide in the middle of it all. One night stand and dude is neck deep. Well the family will meet and we see how it goes.
    Jide’s mom trying to match him and Honey. maybe our bride maker will make a bride out of Honey afterall. Isn’t it about another 1-night stand :D? Who the groom will be is another conjecture tho.
    Big ups Sally, I really am loving this.

  33. AOS says:

    Wow wow wow….Jidechioforne, is in big trouble, better don’t show up on Saturday if u don’t want ur mumc to be an emergency case @ d hospital or Tola n Honey tearing each other with eyes….hmmmmmm, so waiting to read next episode by God special grace.
    Emeka d sharp shooter, trouble maker, so you’ve been screwing Yaz since, Tola will skin u alive.
    Why are Emekas women-wrappers or trouble-makers generally?

    Sally Sally….the almighty writer, whose writing is always smooth n easy to read, the ever flowing writer…..*xoxo bae* I Lurv U Scarra. How is your family doing? Take care n have fun aiit.

  34. omotee says:

    This one nagombe. I bet emeka is not responsible for tolas belle. And Jidechi is not attracted to Honey cus thins will be different wit her as he he will fall for her for life later. Sally u are d best. So real. Like I know all d characters personally. Well done babe

  35. CHINNY says:

    cant wait for saturday. Guess your muse for their papa na Anambra Igbo man.

  36. aideyan daniel says:

    long and interesting – those 2 words dont usually go together but you have managed to marry them this time. welldone

  37. bhymxy says:

    Wow! wow!! wow!!!
    sally you’ve really made my day.
    haven’t really been constant on social media lately coupled with the fact I haven’t been receiving updates which made me feel you’ve not been making any post until I decided to open the blog and trust me sweets,I wasn’t disappointed. I was too excited and had to start my read and all through,I was glued!

    thanks and God bless you real good. my warm regards to Zane and his big sis and give them both a kiss for me. expect me to show up at your doorstep real soon #muchlove!

  38. Ritzy... says:

    Ok…..u have come again oh. And am hooked as usual. Awesome storyline, just a few typos. I know it’s coming late but WELCOME BACK 😆

  39. hinnymi says:

    Now I have to leave a comment…
    This is the best episode of any series I’ve ever read…can’t believe I actually read the funny lines dramatically….love me some Mommy jor….Chukwuemeka d badoo of life!!! Picturing Yazmin’s dad as Rodrigo from “Fearless Heart”

  40. i_the_word says:

    aaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Man, best episode! Need to see what happens next! lol Jide is so in trouble. Saturday is going to be a blood bath

  41. Stanley_michaels says:

    Who’z this sally person self? Mehn I swear you killed it. This the first episode am reading, just came across it and am frantically looking for previous episodes… am mentally acting the movie in ma head.. lol
    well done!! good job here!!

  42. yougeecash says:

    El Oh El.
    I’m just laughing here. E be like season 2 of Simply Complicated.
    I’m so glad I get to binge on this and not wait every weekend like the others. Teehee.
    Love the way your mind works Sal. Brilliant plot!


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