It’s Another Saturday…#7

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  1. bee says:

    Happy birthday Kayla… now let me read this episode. 😀

  2. kenny says:

    Happy birthday in advance to Kayla,u shall grow and glow in God’s grace and love.Jide jst settle down wit one Babe now and stop complicating matters for women.

  3. Kemi says:

    Happy birthday Kayla! God bless you honey. May you grow up to be a beautiful and talented woman even more than your mum.

    This episode is touching, kai! What is it about this Jide guy? I hope they all find love and peace.

  4. Mariam says:

    Happy birthday Kayla love. May God Almighty bless and keep you! Sally I just started reading this series today and as usual I thoroughly enjoyed it. May Kayla continue to bring so much joy to you guys!!!!!

  5. Akakan says:

    Happy birthday beautiful Kayla, the world awaits your imminent greatness… I had a smile plastered on my face throughout the whole episode, can’t wait for next Saturday… ermmm please when will Boys with Toys be ready

  6. ola says:

    Eyyyyah.. …does we love doesn’t alws love us d same way..ds just life

  7. Nwanne says:

    Happy birthday Kayla. Here’s to many more years of laughter, joy and growth. Sally, how are you and the little one?

  8. bee says:

    Amazing episode thank you Sally. I’m voting for Jidechi and Honey to end up together sha

  9. Mary says:

    Happy birthday darling Kayla. May God grant u good health,long life and peace of mind thru ur years!Sally,this episode was just bad ass abeg!So emotional!

  10. Chreez Chreez says:

    Sally I’ve hidden my arrival all these while cos I wanted to show here first, and seriously, it’s another Saturday is the bomb, it’s so beautiful. But Kayla is more beautiful. I pray that as she climbs the ladder of her life, good things would continually seek her. And God bless your pen, Sally.

  11. rs says:

    Happy birthday miss kayla!! Make sure you have a fabulous 5th birthday.

    Thank you mummy kayla for this thoroughly enjoyed it.

  12. scribbledheartbreak says:

    Happy Birthday Kayla, May the best things in life walk hand in hand with you;May God love and blessings never depart from you..
    As for Jide ehnnnn…him mata sef tire me Ooo-and now he has kissed Honey again..I wonder wetin she go dey think..

  13. neymar says:

    Happy birthday Honey! Plenty more yrs dearie. Thumbs up Sally! U rock, hugs!

  14. miss B says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Kayla, God bless and keep her for us

  15. Sade says:

    Happy birthday princess Kayla, you will fulfill purpose and destiny, may you continue to grow in God’s grace.

  16. Olamide says:

    Hmmm. Jideofor is in a mess! Hope he gets out in one piece. Thanks Sally. Happy Birthday to Kayla. She’ll continue to grow in wisdom, stature and in the knowledge of God. Among her peers, she’ll stand out. She’ll always be a source of joy to her parents, siblings and the society. Pls, give her a big hug for me.

  17. Olaedo says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, Sally! I look forward to Saturdays here 🙂
    Happy Birthday to precious Kayla.
    May God bless her always.
    May He hold her and lead her through the path He has set before her.
    May her day be full of love, warmth, kisses and everything beautiful.

  18. Esson says:

    Happy birthday kayla…. I pity jide my man… He should better find a way out oh

  19. omotola says:

    Happy birthday Makayla darling…as your days increase,so shall ur strength be. Stay beautiful hun .
    Wow!!! that was very intriguing. sally, this talent of urs is purely divine,u leave ur readers yearning for more every time. Thanks for always been there to deliver. God bless and increase u.

  20. Funmilola Adekola says:

    Happy birthday Kayla! Enjoy life dear! Don’t mind uncle Jideofor jare!

  21. Nike says:

    Happy birthday Kayla…..Thrive in Jesus name.

  22. Vivian says:

    Happy Birthday Kayla dearie. Grow in wisdom and knowledge. Grow in health and beauty. Grow to write like mummy and even better!

  23. Chinyere says:

    Happy birthday Kayla, may the Good Lord continue to bless and kerp you safe. You are a blessing to your family, generation and the world

  24. Dara says:

    Happy Birthday Kayla, the Lord keep and bless u. Make God help Jide o

  25. omowumi says:

    Happy birthday Princess Kayla. May you flourish and be the joy of many generations.

  26. Haryoka says:

    Happy birthday kayla wishing you long life and prosperity dear

  27. Dupe says:

    Before reading at all, happy birthday Kayla,may u continue to grow in grace and favour of the Lord, many happy returns baby.

  28. Anthony says:

    Hian! Sally and her love-triangles, there is God o. And we thought Emeka’s trangle was bad.Two apples cannot just decide to fall far from the tree, it can’t be coincidence. Someone should put Dee Lawrence on a barstool biko.
    Meanwhile there is no such thing as an INNOCENT KISS. It always messes something up.
    Happy birthday Kayla dear, be HAPPY.

  29. Dupe says:

    Well well I do not blame Jide for having a friendship/sibing love for Mary, the feelings one have for a lover is different and friendship love cannot be easily converted. Mary should just take heart and move on or better still the bride maker should help make her a bride.

  30. Folakemi says:

    Happy birthday Kayla. May God bless you and always be with you.

  31. Rafiki says:

    Happy birthday Kayla, I wish you more radiant and beautiful years ahead

  32. Nene says:

    Honey is in love sha!! Wonder how long it would take for Jide to fall!!

    My niece’s name is Kayla and she’s 5 too!! Happy birthday darling Kayla. Wishing you the very best and a life filled with love and joy!

  33. omotee says:

    Happy birthday kayla. May the Lord keep you always and may you fulfill your Gods given destiny in Jesus name. Beautiful episode mummy karla. By the time cupid is true wit our man jidechi he ll be dazed. Hmmmmm I wonder wats going on wit mex and his 2 babymamas. Welldone Sally. Luv u

  34. moni says:

    hapi bd Kayla dear!WULLNP& all God wants 4 much luv.tnx ma 4 d amazing episode,God bles u

  35. toyenlon says:

    Happy birthday Kayla, God bless and keep you. Nice episode, kudos to you.

  36. Marvey says:

    My Kay baby, happy birthday darling. I miss your hugs and kisses. As you grow, may the hand of The Lord continually rest on you and bless you.

  37. brytnex says:

    Happy Birthday Sweety pie, Kay!

  38. Toyin says:

    Happy birthday to you Kayla
    all glory to God
    long life is your portion
    happy birthday to you.
    Hip hip hip
    Loads of love Kayla on your special day.

  39. sandra says:

    Dis is coming late…buh happy birthday princess. U will grow in wisdom, statue, fame and become all God made u to be…Btw am so in lov wt dis series rite nau…Ur sure d best sally

  40. Pelumi says:

    I read this for an hour…reliving every word,action,expression. I smiled,I laughed, and I did the ‘awwwww that’s so sweet’.
    At a point, I started getting weird looks from people around….*who cares?*
    In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The characters have become a part of me. Reading this makes me sooooo happy!!! Weldone Sally. …great job!

  41. Pelumi says:

    Oooops sorry kayla,

    Happy birthday darling princess Kayla!. May you grow in grace and wisdom. You shall always be a source of blessing and joy to everyone around in Jesus name. Have a blast and save me some cake…*mwah*

  42. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Happy Birthday 🎂 🎁 to our princess. Sorry this came late.

  43. sleek damik says:

    wow…Jide brace up for the drama ahead and PLEASE do not let honey go

  44. sleek damik says:


  45. Gloria A says:

    Blown away by this episode, beginning to love this Honey lady, but I hope she takes it easy with Jide, eagerly waiting for the next episode….. happy birthday Kayla baby, may the Lord God bless u real good

  46. AOS says:

    Happy Birthday Kayla….WYLLNP Dearie.
    Mummy K where is d birthday cake?

    Honey n Jide should get married please. Keep It Up Mama…*xoxo*

    • temidayo says:

      hbd honey!!! *not jideofor’s honey* grins. wishing u more of Gods grace and favor….. can jide nd honey like to get married.. awwwwww so swit was smiling all tru d episode. but sha i pity mary ooo. shit appens baby jst take heart. a vry good job madame God bless u.

    • Sally says:

      i ate all the baiday cake. no mind me jare
      thanks, sweetie

  47. jumes says:

    Jide o! Poor Mary. . . Poor Honey. Well done Sally. Pls wish your baby d happiest birthday in ariars. . . sorry it’s coming late.

  48. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Happy Birthday Kayla…sorry this is coming late.

    Another wonderful episode @Salz…wishing I was the one that kissed Honey.

    • Sally says:

      Hahaha! all you men that read this particular post will soon explain to me what was running through all your minds cos allof you are just exposing yourselves

      Thank you, Kany

      • Kany T. Dahl says:

        Salz, it’s your fault na. The way you described the kiss was out of this world.

        Sorry for the unlike on your reply, was trying to click on reply.

  49. Atoba says:

    Happy birthday in arears, Kayla. I apologise for the delay. May God bless and keep you. make you a blessing to your parents, your community and your world at large. May you grow in grace and strength. The number of your days you will fulfill and your peers will marvel at the glory of God revealed in you. Happy birthday darling, long life and prosperity.
    And Sally, this was touching. It felt very real (especially for me)

  50. Cheekoh says:

    O yes! It will lead u to the altar Jide!!!!! Enjoying this Sally dear

  51. CHINNY says:

    Happy Birthday Kayla dear. May you like Jesus and Samuel grow in stature and wisdom and in favour with God and Man.

    Jide always having woman gbege, yet he won’t learn.

  52. 'Bimbola says:

    Happy birthday Kayla 😘 God keep you in his grace.

  53. knonye says:

    Happy Birthday to Kayla!!! Was. Super excited. When I got your notification today. So glad Jide did. Not shag Mary. I’m all for #teamHoneyofor *whoop*. Big ups ma’am!

    • Sally says:

      I’m glad i briefly enjoyed this comment plugin for awhile. I got to see all your gorgeous faces.
      Knonye, you make sense die

  54. Onyinye says:

    Oh Sally, I have a confession to make. Am an ardent reader of everything u post here but I just never comment. I just don’t take it seriously, even Linda ikeji ploy of plenty money didn’t get me to comment more. But once in a while I read something I just have to comment about. I already love this book. Hope u finish it here. Thumbs up Sally. Ur doing a wonderful job.

    • Sally says:

      *Singing in Obiwon’s voice* Onyinye! You came and stole my heart away with your comment!
      i feel special

  55. hinnymi says:

    Happy birthday Kayla, you shall continue to grow in God’s wisdom and do exploits.
    The picture illustrations makes this series more interesting…love me some crazy friends…. More ink to your pen Sally

  56. Isaacola Newnaija says:

    Happy birth date Kayla, mmm Sally, youu evoke some sleeping emotions this morning. Good one as usualm thank God am out of the house before reading this. I would have definitely go late to work this morning…

    • Sally says:

      I’ve been waiting to reply this comment.
      *clears throat* i hope you sha went home early that day. It’s never too late. 😀

  57. Seye Seye says:

    The fact that I don’t always want to read at once and enjoy all the ‘sweetness’ at once made me miss the chance to wish Kayla happy birthday. Kayla darl, keep growing, keep glowing, keep shining; God bless you dear.

    So my Olajideofor puts himself on the spot again. Is it the charm that wins these women over easily. Maybe he could make brides out of them. Little by little, he’s letting his guard down. Thoroughly enjoyed episode like the others, and I made sure to not finish reading at once. Don’t blame me, the story too dey engaging.
    Thanks Sally, God bless you

    • Sally says:

      i think it’s the charm. I dunno how it works for the babes sha
      About making all of them brides, not a bad idea

  58. Bisi says:

    Happy birthday princess Kayla. God bless your new age. You will be a blessing to your generation IJN. Good read Sally,You are just too much.

  59. Funke says:

    I’m just reading this, and all I can say is “WOW”! This is just……………………….

    I’m short of words. Keep it up.

    Btw Happy Belated Birthday to the birthday girl.

  60. lizzie says:

    So av been kinda busy for a while which explains y I’m just reading this episode.happy belated birthday kayla darling.u shall live long to fulfill all ur purpose in life in jesus name.amen.nowlemme go back n read.God bless u sally

  61. Shubi says:

    Happy birthday darling Kayla, may you grow to be all God has purposes for u to be. Sorry am late to the party Sallywoowoo but am here and am loving it! 😘😘😘😘👏🏾👏🏾🎉

  62. yougeecash says:

    Happy very belated birthday to Kayla.
    I’m simply in awe Sally. Your writing is dope.
    No sleep for me this night o


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