It’s Another Saturday…#13

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64 Responses

  1. Soulskey says:

    Babes, you r too good jare, I want answers from ezinne too jor.

  2. Sandra says:

    Ehm aunty , you better hold the cane , cossssss!!!!! We want more !
    We want more !
    Infact please wrap it up now and just make it a book please.

  3. seyifunmi says:

    Sally but why this twist and heart breaks? Pls don’t beat me oooo

  4. Feyilag says:

    waoh!! tnk u 4 d bonus update ma,i cant wait til saturday 2 get answers 4rm Ezinne too

  5. wumi says:

    Don’t I just love sally? Kiss, kiss for you. Let me go and read now.

  6. Bee says:

    Before I read, lemme quickly say ‘Thanks a lot Sally, just what I needed!!’

  7. Peachesgurl says:

    Omg!!! It’s jazz working ooooo. There is no ezinne. My honey is in trouble. Chai!! Aunty Sallu, thank you for this episode sha. But…;)

  8. AOS says:

    You are just too much madam, waiting patiently till saturday but it should be long please…..*wink*
    Jide if u know what’s good for u better let your head straight n follow Honey before I help her go Benin Rep or Togo for original voodoo.
    Honey is going to cry on Saturday now, oh love…why thou like this love…
    Great job madam, KIU….*xoxo*

  9. chinny says:

    Wow! Ezinne for where? Jazz done dey work for Jide o. Choi!

  10. Nene says:

    Yippee!! was hoping for a midweek fix! Thank God Jide found it! I hope he throws it away fast! Feel so sorry for Honey… She doesn’t know what’s about to hit her!

  11. Bman says:

    Wow! I’m so much in love with your writing :). I haven’t commented in a while. I’m counting the hours and days till the next episode. Meanwhile, today’s episode is short o *runs away*

  12. mide says:

    speechless, suspense dey kill me o. bt ma frm long to short biko relief my pain. can’t wait still sat

  13. adeola gem says:

    Your head dey there ojere Ms Sally. Honestly this came as a surprise! Thanks loads, may God bless you and enlarge your coast. I so pity honey…i suspect a big break btw her n jideofor. Oh tarela! You are such a kill joy. I even suspect she has hands in ezinne’s where about. And now she is planning evil for Mary just bcos of a guy that’s not into you- Na by force? I tire o. Abeg Ms Sally, don’t break my heart o. Let honey’s sacrifice not be in vein…team jidehon😊

  14. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    After You nah You….if he remain nah still You. Sally mama Ooo
    This wan use style short shaa,buh I still like am like that..Abeg make Jide drop Ezinne issue jaee-she has her reasons for what she did buh me no wan even hear am rara…Jiney is the formula and formation wanna see happy Ooo…plus dis suspense sef ehhnn fit give Heartattack…

  15. sandra says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn. …. sally again i don’t even know what to say. I feel like slapping real sense into jide rite now bcos he has lost it clearly.

  16. Temi says:

    Choi! Warrisdis nau? Tarela’s voodoo in action or is Ezinne truly alive. Jide take ur time o, don’t loose Honey..thanks Sally for this jara

  17. kennu j says:

    i knew this would happen when jazz don enter am

  18. Mariam says:

    I’m ready for the cane. I WANT MORE!!!!!! Wow Sally you just left us hanging by the cliff. Looking forward to the next episode tomorrow *batting my eyelashes. Thanks for giving us this bonus.

  19. Jumes says:

    Sally, you and all ds ur pleasant surprises ehn. Pls Jide should get his shit together.

  20. Aminat says:

    Hian! Dis z nt not fair oooooo… mind z up like dis oooo. plz we want more

  21. Unique Ell' says:

    Well done ma’am sally! Waiting patiently for Saturday!

  22. ritzy says:

    Awwwww…I would have showed my Oliver twist side but ill just say thank u. But Sally make sure jide burns d voodoo dolls oh…I need tarela out of this story as fast n painful as possible. in other news. ..u can just give another midweek gift tomao, n make it two pages😆😆😆😍

  23. Morain says:

    Chai! If not that there’s a clear instruction that says we shouldn’t say “pim” about this episode, I would have just screamed “PIM!” now now. Thank u though. God bless u!

  24. bisi says:

    Haha…. dis is over short nau…..

  25. temidayo says:

    Awwwwww tnx madame…we d union members shw our appreciation 4 diz.. Nw jide is begining 2 scare nd annoy me leave ezinne nd let her be abi is dt 2 hard or is dt au d jazz was meant 2 wrk cuz 1 cnt say wif sally ooo.honey shld do nd cme bak mayb dt wil brng hm out of diz nightmare. Tnx once again madam u rily r d best.

  26. nneka says:

    Pls let me call u so u can gist me what happened with Ezinne.

  27. Ifedami says:

    I’m always an Oliver Twist, I want more, thanks tho….

  28. Dayo says:

    Thank you madam Sally for the bonus.. saturday where art thou

  29. Kany T. Dahl says:

    As usual, Salz wows us with another wonderful episode(vexing ‘cos there were no kissing scenes) in the middle of the week.

    Thanks plenty. Wish you and your family good health.

  30. Tee says:

    thanks Sally , I just had d urge to visit the blog I didn’t know a pleasant surprise was awaiting me. more grace and inspiration. I’ve been a ghost reader tho #coveringmyeyesandrunningaway

  31. Rholly says:

    Thanks sally you’re the best….. I’m not finding this funny at all jideofor (are u on cheap drugs or what ?) Ezinne is a forgotten issue and it had better be, honey darling I’m afraid of what awaits 😭😭😭😭….

  32. CHINNY says:

    Its Ezinne for sure. She had plastic surgery. Sat hurry and get here! Thanks Sal

  33. brytnex says:

    Thank you Salz ! But I got to confess, you just killed someone here. Can’t wait for Saturday though.

  34. bisi says:

    Thanks Sally for this episode….you are just too wonderful. Much love

  35. Shubi says:

    Sallywoowoo……pim! Hehehehehehehehehe

    Seriously is this Ezine person dead or alive #tellusready

    Love that ur using pics for visual effects

    Seriously though am already on pins n needles for the next episode.
    Have i told u lately ur the bees sneeze 😘

  36. Aramide says:

    Sally thanks for dis episode,,,,Pls make the drug from jide eyes clear oooo cos i no want heartbreak for my honey. Can not for saturday to come

  37. imotolab2014 says:

    Erm erm erm… sally, iz like u will bring d cane ooo. Me m even ready gaan bcos…. Its dz episode is long-short. Chaiii. Ooooooohhhhh dz tension nowwww…..thanks ma. Just can’t wait

  38. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I don’t know how I got disconnected from Moskedapages oh! So, I started reading the Episode #1 on Monday and planned to stretch out the episodes till Saturday, but I couldn’t help myself and I finished Episode #12 on Tuesday. Sally is using Tarela’s jazz to keep us hooked, but I don’t mind at all oh! Hehe.

    Episode #13 is relatively shorter than the previous episodes sha! Sally dey try – if I’m being told my stories are short, I’d probably short-circuit because I know it’s not easy to keep the ink flowing.

    Jide dey take style resemble me except for the facts that he’s unable to let go of Ezinne and a “mummy’s boy”.

  39. Pgent1 says:

    bro jide has been jazzed…….he needs to be spiritual minded, the plot is becoming interesting, kudos to you Sally

  40. Did you just leave us in suspense? I assume not…one day left to saturday

  41. toyenlon says:

    Wow! Jide is definitely in trouble. Waiting anxiously till saturday.

  42. anthony says:

    lemme borrow that your cane SallyNne biko, i need to flog some sense into JideDaffodils. Warrisdis??? Mary should alert his mum before he goes disappears down that Ezinne path again. The Jazz is already taking effect, Jide not believing in its potency doesn’t nullify anything. That shit is as real as Ebola.
    P.S: if Jide doesn’t want Honey again, just forward me her digits biko. Overtaking is allowed!

  43. anthony says:

    lemme borrow that your cane SallyNne biko, i need to flog some sense into JideDaffodils. Warrisdis??? Mary should alert his mum before he goes disappears down that Ezinne path again. The Jazz is already taking effect, Jide not believing in its potency doesn’t nullify anything. That shit is as real as Ebola. well done ma’am.
    P.S: if Jide doesn’t want Honey again, just forward me her digits biko. Overtaking is allowed!

  44. wasmakelly says:

    wow!! great bonus, and afta reading we have 2 be in suspense. sally 4 ur information sum pple r high bp patience oo. lwkmd. but saturday is just around d corner.

  45. amadex says:

    thks sally for ds piece bt ds suspense too much jare.

  46. Bimz says:

    Thank you for this mid-week bonus. You rock Salz!

  47. Bejide says:

    Anty sally u go hear more than pim its too short but thanks nd pls make it two episode on saturday

  48. cleo says:

    thanks Sally. Is that Ezinne? Will the vodoo still work? Is Honey and Jide over? Many questions on my mind. Weldone Sally

  49. erin says:

    I’m a ghost reader,but I ve to confess.sally,ur a blessing to dis,thumbs up

  50. rad says:

    I love you Sally, thanks for this bonus episode. What’s Jide waiting for to destroy the voodoo stuff? Abeg Honey come get ur man,now!!!

  51. rad says:

    Did Jide really see Ezinne or was he hallucinating?

  52. Dan Auta says:

    Iff hear say I no want more. pleaseaunty Sally gimme 50 strokes of ur cane in exchange of 5 more episodes of this classic movie.

  53. bee says:

    Salllyyy… wow. I didn’t even realise I had gotten to the end of the episode. Thank you thank you thank you… can’t wait till tomorrow

  54. mayor says:

    So wey is d cane cos this is unfair suspense, please start flogging ooh Maka na e speakikwe itinyekwam… confuse with this suspense filled episode all d same God bless u plenty sally

  55. Essence cj says:

    Can we be bound by the same things we abhor? Am sure voodoo doesn’t have a strong hold on d one that does not believe in its potency. Waiting for outcome. Tnx. I need a detailed process and requirements on how to buy d suspense filled ‘boys with toys’. I need to know y u gave d beautiful story that funny name and most importantly see how ‘Guru’ dealt with the other guy. My best character is Guru.

  56. Oyenike says:

    Hello madame Sally,this is just to say thank you for the extra episode and to say that we await the fantastic one we know you will unleash tomorrow.
    Love you.😘

  57. omotola says:

    I luv u sally, u r just one of a kind #nohomointended. ..patiently waiting for the next episode , God bless u .

  58. Adeleke Julianah says:

    There’s limit to what the mind can take.
    I feel for Jide.
    Why are these two women bent on destroying him
    Tarri, with her crazy obsession.
    Ezinne, with her disappearing and appearing act.
    What’s with them naa.
    Wonderful job Lady Sally.
    Keep ’em coming.

  59. jumai says:

    Thank you madam sally

  60. Seye Seye says:

    Phew, I really feel sorry for Jide mehn. The kind of obsession some people have ehn! I’m trying to figure out if the dolls were actually destroyed or not as that will give the voodoo full effect.
    So much for “ghosts of girlfriends past” sha, this Ezinne ish nor be small thing o. Lemme jejely goan see how every go pan out in episode 14.
    Thanks Sally, bless up

  61. Another beautiful installment…Jide is tethering on the edge of insanity… i hope he can be rescued

  62. itheword says:

    This jide nigga is acting up. Dude, calm down! Dead people don’t walk, unless they’re not dead. Besides, everyone says the babe was horrible to him. Why is he so obsessed with her?

  63. Yettie says:

    I believe ezinne is alive ooo,but right now na the jazz dey work on jide…..nice one Sally


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